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Download free ipod music-the legal way

A lot of people know where they can download free Ipod music, but the problem is that it is not legal. The world governments are becoming ever more efficient with tracing illegal downloads, so to avoid potentially serious consequences you will need to find out how to download free ipod music-the legal way!

Download Free Ipod Legal Music-Tip 1-
Use a download site that is genuine. Don't use a P2P site which is full of popups etc, Use a reliable site that gives you unlimited downloads at high speed. It is not easy to find a genuine site like this, so if you do come across one, make sure you stick with it! Later on in this article I will give you some help with finding reputable sites..

Download Free Ipod Legal Music Tip 2-
Never get sucked in by hype. Whenever a site seems too good to be true, you can be sure that it is too good to be true. You will find a lot of P2P sites which claim to offer a lot of “free” downloads, but when you actually go to download something, the site will be very slow, and the chances are the download won't be what you wanted. P2P sites are used by a lot of computer hackers who try and spread viruses. What they do is upload any file, put the spyware or virus in it, and pretend that it is something in high demand, so that people download it. On top of this, some of them will still ask you to pay for a download, despite claiming that they were supposed to be free!

Download Free Ipod Legal Music Tip 3-
Never do anything illegal. It is getting easier all the time for law enforcement officers to trace exactly what people are downloading. Everybody likes to receive stuff for free, but you have to consider what is worth risking, just to get the last episode of the OC?

The good news is that we are starting to see sites appear which give you a fast, safe way to download a lot of films and videos, directly to your computer, so that you can transfer them to your Ipod.

The only small downside is that you will probably need to pay a small administration fee to access a site like this. It is only a small downside, as I think $20 to $50 is a reasonable amount to pay for unlimited downloads for the rest of your life. They need to charge this as it goes toward the upkeep of their servers, and this allows them to offer this range of high speed downloads in the first place.

I mentioned that I have done some research for you, and I've sourced a few of these amazing sites for you. You can see how to get to them from the blue links below. Pretty soon you'll realise that downloading free Ipod legal music is a lot easier than you might have thought!

Senin, 29 November 2010

Download Free Iphone Movies

If you are among the thousands of people looking to download free Iphone movies, hopefully this article will be of some use to you. The Iphone's popularity already seems set to eclipse that of the Ipod. Apple cemented their place in history with the Ipod, and by all indications look like they will be even more popular due to their latest breakthrough, the Iphone.

For reasons as yet unknown, it's not currently possible to download movies or anything else directly onto the Iphone itself, instead, you will first need to download them to a computer and then transfer them across. This means you will of course need to have the use of a computer, and also an internet connection. Any fairly modern computer should be fine, and as far as the internet connections goes, the usual rule still applies – the faster the better!

The toughest thing about downloading Iphone movies is knowing where to get them from. True, you could get them from Itunes, and Apple are rumoured to be working on a native version of Itunes which will work on the Iphone itself and allow download of media while on the move. This will be pretty cool, but just like regular Itunes will probably cost you a fortune.

To combat this cost issue, many people currently use the file sharing or bit torrent sites to get their downloads from. This can seem good, as it's very cost effective, but unfortunately you are breaking the law when you use these sites. That's not even the worst part, torrent sites like this have no way of monitoring who uploads what, which makes them a real hacker's playground. This is bad news as it means that sites like this are often the first places to begin the spread of new viruses and malware etc – the hackers simply upload their latest virus and name it as something currently popular. The downloader has no way of knowing what they are getting until it's too late.

Not all sites are like this though, over the last year or so a far more healthy alternative has made itself known. There are now a few sites around where you can join their membership for a small fee and then get unlimited access to their downloads. These sites prove far safer and offer excellent value, and would definitely be recommended for their high speed and wide range.

This article should help you stay a little safer when looking for movie downloads for your new Iphone. Happy downloading!

Minggu, 28 November 2010

Download Free Games & Movies For Iphone

Yes, you really can get free downloads of games and movies for your Iphone. If you're one of the lucky folks that has got in early and nabbed an Iphone already, you are definitely going to want to know how to get your hands on some of this free media.

Before you can download anything at all for your Iphone however, there are a few things you will need. You can't currently download directly to the Iphone, for one reason or another, so these items are a must.

The most obvious is a computer. It's pretty hard to access the internet without one and also you will need to store the downloaded stuff somewhere before you transfer it to the Iphone, right?

Secondly, you guessed it, some form of internet connection. This is probably the easiest part, as if you have a notebook or a laptop you can probably just sit in your local Starbucks and piggyback their wireless connection or something. As always, the faster the connection you can get, the better.

Lastly, and this is the thing most people forget about – you need to have the space to store all the stuff. The iphone may be pretty advanced but it's not bottomless – and it sure fills up fast once you have access to some free downloads.

Once you have all this stuff, (and let's face it if you are reading this article the chances are you already do) you'll need to find somewhere to download the free games and movies from. Most people at one point or another have used a file sharing or bit torrent site to get downloads, but it may surprise you to know that this is against the law – it's illegal to download things from websites like that in the most case, unless you already own a copy of whatever you download. Odd but true. Always check the laws and regulations in your own area.

There are a whole host of download sites for you to choose from these days, and they mainly work by charging you a one-off admin fee which then gives you lifetime access to their download libraries. The libraries are huge, with some having over 100 million files for you to look through. This makes it very easy to find your favourite TV show, or pretty much anything else you may be looking for. These sites are definitely recommended to get your free game and movie downloads from.

This article should give you a great idea of how to safely go about download free stuff for your Iphone.

Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Download Dvd To Ipod. How It's done

If you want to avoid the incredibly high download fees that are charged by some websites, it may be a good idea to download your own DVDs to your Ipod. You can, if you want to, carry aroungd your entire DVD collection on your little Ipod, so you can watch it whenever you choose. The tips in this article will help you to do this

Download DVD To Ipod-Step 1-
You should start by getting hold of some software. The software you need is called a ripper, and it will rip the contents of the DVD, and change them into a format compatible with your Ipod. You have a bit of choice here, with programs available by, for example, Imtoo and Xilisoft. Use the search engines to get what you need, and make sure that the software you choose can convert the files into MP4 format, the format of your video Ipod.

Download DVD To Ipod Step 2-
Now that you have got hold of the software, just follow the developer's instructions for ripping the content from your DVD. Save the file to a place on your computer so it is easy for you to find it, and don't forget that the content of the DVD will need to be set up before you do the ripping, so if you need something like subtitles, make sure that is set up first.

Download DVD To Ipod Step 3-
Once you have the ripped content on your computer, you can use the software that you have to change the content to the MP4 format. More often than not content that you rip from DVDs will be in AVI format, which is not compatible with an Ipod, and therefore you need to convert the file.

Download DVD To Ipod Step 4-
Once the content that you have ripped is converted to MP4, you can open Itunes and upload the file. This is a different process for different versions of Itunes, so you might like to update to the latest version of Itunes before you follow the instructions. As soon as Itunes is pointed at the content you want to transfer to your Ipod, you can download it directly to the Ipod as usual, and watch it whenever you want to.

There you have it, simple instructions for downloading from DVD to Ipod in only four easy steps! Hopefully you found this useful, and helpful in transferring your DVD collection to your Ipod. If you want to get some free Ipod downloads, you can check the link at the bottom of this article.

Jumat, 26 November 2010

Download Anything Now-A-Days!

Can you imagine what we will be downloading in another twenty years? I mean who would have ever thought that you could record sound with digital quality fifty years ago? Now we routinely download whole albums worth of music in a couple of minutes to ipods that hold thousands of songs in the space the size of a zippo lighter!

What I wonder is what will we download in the future? We can get degrees on line now, which means that we are actually downloading our future doesn’t it. Sounds kind of funny, but true to say that in the future we will be downloading our future. Will we download our jobs? I mean more and more people are working at home aren’t they? I could see the next wave of employment being over the internet where you never actually see your boss or maybe you will see him in downloaded form. That would be kind of weird wouldn’t it? It would be cool in the sense that you could be dressed however you want and you could be making funny faces at the boss and you wouldn’t even have to be behind his back… …that is unless you were being downloaded by your boss simultaneously. Weird!

Seriously though we download our airline tickets and our boarding passes. Will we be able to download our passports in the future too? That would be pretty convenient wouldn’t it? Or would it? Would it open up all sorts of doors to identity theft that are currently closed in the non-digital system. We are all starting to learn about how dangerous it is to talk with people that we don’t see. For instance all of the men who stalk young children on the internet, that would never have a chance if the children could see them. Makes a case for the utility of judging by the outward appearance doesn’t it? I mean we all do it every day with each encounter that we have. We are simply playing the numbers really because we have to. Sure there are exceptions, but a terrorist is more likely to look Arab than another ethnicity isn’t he (oops, it would have been more correct to say he or she wouldn’t it?).

Probably the coolest thing that I have heard about recently that you can download is your TV. No more need for TIVOS right? Well sort of. If you download the program you are forced to watch the commercials, albeit less of them and from only one company per show. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? I sure think they do in this case but as we have seen, not always – do they?

Kamis, 25 November 2010

Download A Free Movie For Your Iphone

Ever since it became apparent that it was possible, many owners of Apple's new Iphone have been doing all they can to download free movies for their Iphone. The general consensus is that using Itunes and other download sites is becoming too expensive, with many owners preferring to get their downloads for free. If you like the sound of free downloads, read on to find out more.

A simple Google search regarding Iphone movie downloads will soon give you an idea of just how many sites claim to offer free downloads. At first this seems great, the only problem being that a good percentage of them are not as they seem, so you need to be very careful. Follow these guidelines to help you spot which sites are trustworthy and which have ulterior motives.

Firstly, you'll need to be prepared to pay. Obviously, the fact that you may have to pay can make it seem like you aren't going to be getting any “free” movies for your Iphone, but you'll find that the most trustworthy sites will charge you a membership or admin fee to give you access to their downloads. This isn't as bad as it sounds, as you are usually only looking at around $30 - $50, and in most cases this will cover you for life. You will literally be downloading things in two years time from that same membership fee. It's easy to see the value when you think of it like that.

Secondly, avoid sites with spyware/adware. It can be easier said than done, so make sure you have reliable and up to date security software, this is essential, and also a good tip is to avoid any sites with those annoying popups etc. You'll often find that the sites with popups and things are the very same ones that will install spyware etc, so try to avoid these sites for maximum safety.

Thirdly, be sure to avoid the torrent or P2P sites, also known as file sharing sites. These first came into popularity five or so years ago, and should be avoided for a couple of very good reasons- first of all, downloading stuff from sites like this is illegal in most territories, so check your own local laws first. Second of all, these sites can be a real haven for hackers and spammers etc. All the files are uploaded to the sites by other users, and mostly there is no supervision which allows them to upload whatever they like. This means you could be happily trying to download the latest Brad Pitt movie only to find that the file you download contains nothing but a nasty virus!

If you have an Iphone, you'll already know what an excellent device it is, and hopefully this article will allow you to get even more enjoyment from it. Thanks for reading.

Rabu, 24 November 2010

Download Free Ipod Song

Downloading free Ipod songs is not as simple as you may have first assumed. When you first begin to search for free stuff to download to your Ipod, you feel like there are all kinds of websites just waiting to cater to your every need. Sadly, some of these free sites may wind up with you in trouble with the law, and also there is a good chance of damaging your Ipod too. Check out these tips to stay safe and legal!

Tip 1
Try and stay secure. It's very easy to get carried away when looking for free stuff to download, and some of the more unscrupulous sites will rely on this and use their downloads to infect your computer with spyware and viruses etc. When you use these sites quite frequently you will find that the things you download are not what they claimed them to be. This is because people upload their viruses and spyware and change the names to a popular file, in the hope that someone will download it by mistake.

Tip 2
Try not to break the law. No matter what people say, it is illegal to download from the torrent sites like that. It can be quite obvious as some of them look very shady, but then others try very hard to give the illusion of respectability. The authorities get a little bit better at tracking downloads like that all the time, so the risk of illegal downloads is more each day. Do you really want to end up in the slammer just to get a free song?

Tip 3
Take the time to find a legal site. The hardest thing about trying to find a free Ipod song download site is finding a reliable site that you can trust and is 100% legal. The main problem is that the illegal sites don't really like to admit that they are breaking the law or that they operate in a grey area-that would get rid of their visitors pretty sharp, and most of them use their visitors to make money by clicking ads or something like that.

Thankfully there is a much safer option these days. Lately there have been more and more of a new kind of download site emerging. These sites have excellent collections of Ipod songs, games, movies, anything you want really, and the downloads are all very high speed and in very good condition. The catch is that you have to pay an admin fee before you can get access, but it's usually not too much, maybe $20 or $40 or so. The fee then usually entitles you to a lifetime membership, allowing you to download anything you like as often as you like! Believe me it's easy to get $40 worth of free downloads once you get access to the inside of the sites!

Hopefully I've made you think twice before using the shady download sites that are all over the web-follow my tips and make sure you stay safe!

Selasa, 23 November 2010

Don't Throw Away That Laptop, Get A Replacement LCD Screen

Many people are paralyzed when their laptop computers are broken or damaged. They are willing to do almost anything or pay any price to get the offending piece or part replaced so that they can get on with their lives.

One part that is especially vulnerable on a laptop computer is the screen. An LCD screen, the type of screen that is used in most laptop computers, is very vulnerable to scratching or other damage.

Fortunately, a damaged LCD screen is not the end of your laptop. Replacement LCD screens can be very affordable and the turn around time to getting them fixed can be very quick if you know where to go and what to look for.

The first thing you will want to do when you are looking for replacement LCD screens is to not panic. Many people get too upset when their computers aren't working and then they set themselves up to get taken advantage of.

Investing even an hour or two into finding the right price and an honest repairman could make all the difference in the quality of repair that you get.

However, that extra hour or two that you should spend shopping for replacement LCD screens usually won't get your computer back to you any faster and may end up costing you time.

Look for local places with good reputations. Call around and ask about pricing before you show up. You may also want to call friends, family, and acquaintances for recommendations.

Actually, the ideal time to locate honest and good computer repair people is when you first get your new computer. After the warranty runs out, you will need to take care of problems yourself.

Ideally, you should do the research on where to get replacement LCD screens and other parts and repairs when you first get your computer. However, if you didn't do that, all is not lost. You can still quickly determine where the best place to go to get replacement LCD screens with just a couple of simple tips.

There are many stores that offer great prices on the internet for replacement LCD screens. However, unless you are sending your computer back to the manufacturer for a covered repair, sending out your laptop for repairs like getting replacement LCD screens is ill-advised.

With the mail, you are only lengthening the amount of time you are without your computer. Secondly, replacement LCD screens are a common repair and don't require sending it to some company far from where you live.

Also, you run the risk of losing or damaging your computer while it is being shipped. Lastly, what do you really know about the company where you are mailing your computer?

It could be a scam of some kind and taking action would be very difficult and expensive. Staying close to home is usually a much better and quicker policy.

Senin, 22 November 2010

Does Your Business Need CCTV?

Is your business suffering from crime, or are you worried that you haven’t done enough to protect it? There are many different security measures you can take to ensure that your business, your stock, your employees and your customers are safe, and one of these is by installing a CCTV system.

We’re used to seeing CCTV operations in our streets and in our shops, perhaps even in the place where we work, but would you put it in your business, and if so, why?

Peace of mind

Whether you have been the target of vandals or have experienced robbery or attacks, you need a security system that gives you peace of mind. Whilst a CCTV system can’t always stop an attack, it can be a deterrent and it can provide valuable evidence that helps to identify the perpetrator, or to give the police a better idea about what took place. The knowledge that a CCTV system could make a would-be burglar change his or her mind or capture their face on tape if they decide to go ahead is the reason that many people invest in CCTV systems


Unlike many other security measures, CCTV is adaptable. This means you can start off with a small, relatively basic system and add cameras and monitors as and when you need to. You can decide to have static cameras in strategic places and remote-controlled cameras elsewhere. A good CCTV supplier can help to tailor a package that fits your needs.

Protects your staff and your customers

Your staff may have been subject to attack or verbal abuse, and your customers may not feel safe in your store and so your sales drop. A visible CCTV camera helps to protect your most important assets – your employees and your customers. For example, a monitored system could pick up the signs of trouble before anything actually occurs and staff can take immediate action.

It’s worth considering whether you and your business could benefit from the installation of a CCTV system.

Minggu, 21 November 2010

Does the American government see its citizens as its children?

In Americas 230 year history the government seems to have forgotten that there job is to run the government as the people see as best and not the government telling the people what is best for them.

The most recent example is the Internet gambling Ban signed into law last week by President Bush. The bill makes it illegal for banks and credit card companies to transfer money to casinos for the purpose of wagering on sports or games of chance, like roulette, blackjack and poker.

These games are harmlessly enjoyed regularly by millions of Americans everyday, but some people become addicted to these games so the government is telling all of its citizens that no one is allowed to play these games in an online casino.

This is not the first case of the government going against the wishes of the people, in the early 1900’s the government decided that the consumption of Alcohol should be banned, because some people were developing health and mental problems related to drinking too much. So rather then educating the people on the ill effects of prolonged Alcohol abuse the American government banned Alcohol.

But instead of reducing the consumption of Alcoholic beverages it increased, and because the government was not allowing the production or importing of Alcohol, organized grime got into the moonshine business, and eventually the Government saw the error of their decision and repealed the law.

Another great example of a failed policy to protect the people is the war on drugs that the government has been aging since the early 1980’s Billions of tax dollars a year goes into the war on drugs, but what are the results?

The price of drugs has risen, and to support their habits many drug addicts have had to commit acts of robbery and murder to get their drugs.

The American prisons are packed full of people whose only crime was possession of these illegal drugs.

Instead of being an industry that is regulated and controlled you have people selling these drugs to kids in school playgrounds, and shooting each other to protect their territory.

Had the government decided not to criminalize drugs but make it a heavily controlled industry, they could use the tax money for social programs like schools ad to give Americans universal health care.

Please do not misunderstand me I am not in favor for legalizing hard drugs, but the current system is not working at all, but I am all in favor for legalizing online casino gambling.

If I choose to play some hands of blackjack or poker from the comfort of my home what rights does the government have to tell me not to, and what sense does it make that I can not play in a casino over the internet, but I can drive down the street to the local casino and play there.

To enforce this ban millions if not billions of dollars of software and computer hardware will be needed to monitor all of the banks transactions and that money will come from taxes instead of the government taxing online casinos or even having all the online casinos government controlled then they get all the profits to be used to improve the lives of the American citizens, millions of which are bellow the poverty line if not homeless.

The American government needs to start re-thinking its policy of treating its citizens like small children, or the American people need to demand a new government.

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Does Internet security software really work?

In the recent years there has been many Internet securtity tools to hit the consumer market that claim to be providing excellent protection against online threats such as phishing sites, Trojan horses and viruses. Amongst Internet security packages there are Norton Internet Security, Webroot Spy Sweeper, McAfee Antivirus and many more. Are those products really so efficient in fighting threats and safeguarding our personal information from being stolen?

With the introduction of the Norton Internet Security 2007 that comes with a new interface and a lower price the private user may expect they get a comprehensive online protection and personal information safety whilst banking or shopping online.

These Internet security tools, and Norton Internet Security in particular, come with a bunch of smart features that can give you an additional protection against even unknown, or unrecognized threats by using behavior monitoring algorithms. But, many average users who never stray far from mainstream Web sites will find most of features of the internet security software available today unnecessary - it's like purchasing a BMW to drive it only to church on Sundays.

For example McAfee internet security tools still feel heavy and clumsy even if its new version, failing to find the happy medium between features, ease-of-use and performance.

On top of that, many applications do not play well with other security software you might already have installed on your PC. These are third-party anti-virus, antispyware and anti-adware software you purchased from other vendors that apps that may have been serving you well so far and there's no reason why you should stop using them.

Therefore, I recommend to have a look at the features first, before any purchasing decision is made – if you decide you don't need a BMW to drive to church once a week, a lighter, much more user friendly internet security software, such as ZoneAlarm Internet Security 7, may be a better choice.

Today, there are a few types of risks that may affect your PC's security while you surf the Web and install downloaded software: viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, worms and rootkits. Thes programs can install on your computer when you download software from untrusted sources or visit booby-trapped websites often referred as to phishing sites.

On top of that, malware often spreads itself by sending bogus e-mails to everyone in your address book. But not only pirate copies of software can contain dangerous code - viruses often come from unsuspecting sources; even some Sony music CDs inadvertently inflicted viruses.

All antivirus software packages available today is especially to deal with these threats by scanning downloaded files, running applications, scanning incoming e-mails, attachments and some of them can even scan instant messages blocking and deleting incoming malware. Security researchers say antivirus software has become essential, but it's no longer enough because you come across dangerous sites every day you surf the Web that can use smart techniques to launch an attack on your PC.

Some of the malicious software is designed to steal sensitive information such as login credentials, passwords, personal information and even credit card numbers. Hackers keep inventing new ways of stealing information penetrating your computer or hijacking keystrokes you type while you shop or bank online.

While online identity theft has become a growing problem, protecting your computer from these kind of threats is essential. Any chunk of information you keep on your computer or send over the Internet may be to cybercriminals. This is why you need strong Internet security protection – an anti virus, a firewall and an anti-spyware software.

Research show, that most security and privacy threats come from adware, spyware and phishing. Security engineers admit these types of threats are amongst the fastest-growing threats to PC and personal security on the Web today. The major problem is that these applications are tiny programs that can be transported over the Internet and installed on the victim's computer in seconds and can not be detected without a proper anti malware program working in the background.

Some spyware and adware can be moderately not harmful, gathering information about what sites you visit or what you do while you work on the PC, however, there are still very dangerous spyware out there that can be used for example to connect your computer to a world-wide network of infected machines – a botnet – that cybercriminals often use to launch DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

An article called "State of the net 2006," issued in the September 2006 by Consumer Reports cites alarming statistics showing the damage caused by viruses, spywae and advare to computers owned by individuals and businesses. The magazine reports that nearly a million people replaced their computers in the past six months because of spyware infections.

Charles Brooker is IT security advisor and software tester at Norton-Soft – Information Source about Norton Software

Jumat, 19 November 2010

Does A Mother Board Still Exist?

The answer is yes, and I am going to explain what a mother board is in this article so you can understand not only that they exist but also in what capacity that they exist. A mother board (or mobo for short) is the main circuit system in a complicated electronical system like a computer which is the most common thing in which they exist. It is the command station, if you will, and if you are going to add anything on to the system it will have to go through and be compatible with the mother board.

Since a computer is the most common location for a motherboard we will choose to describe the mother board as it relates to the computer. Usually it will consist of a processor (i.e. intel Pentium, or athalon, etc.), and a main memory, and then the circuitry that make it the main board.

Other names for the mother board of a computer include the main board, or the logic board, or the system board. It is the brain or the central nervous system of that machine what ever it may be. Other components of a computers hardware such as the monitor, or drives, or the keyboard, or the video card, or the modem (you get the idea but I need more words to give this article the proper length that is required) will be attached into the main board via wire connections. These devices need to be compatible with the system board if the user who installed them wants these devices to work on that computer. These devices are (in our previous analogy) the peripheral nervous system or the PNS that relays information to and from the CNS.

The reason that most people don’t know much about the mother board is that they only worry about it when they are looking to buy a new computer. And even then it is not in the terms that are being explained here it is merely in terms of the components of the main board. How fast is the processor? How many megahertz? How much memory capacity does it have? How many gigs? This is a sad fact because the mother board is perhaps the most important part of the computer and works so well that it never even crosses the mind of the user normally. Yet it gets no credit where credit is due!

Kamis, 18 November 2010

Document Shredders And Their Features

Why should I get a document shredder? How much should I spend on a document shredder? What features are available and what is the best document shredder for my type of business? These are some of the questions I will answer for you in this article.

First, why should I have a document shredder for my business or for my own personal use? The answer is easy. Every day more crime relating to stolen or found documents is occurring. Fraud, Identity Theft, Corporate Espionage, Con Games, and Forgery are some of the examples of crime that can happen to anyone, any time.

The information contained in your documents may not seem like the stuff in spy movies, but the threat to you individually as well as to your business exists. Your documents contain a lot of things you take for granted. Sensitive information about upcoming plans, stock options, and other business related material can be a bonus to thieves. Thieves, to steal your identity, can use your personal information like mother’s maiden name, social security number, credit card and pin numbers, birth date and more.

There are many reasons why document security is important. There are other aspects to document security that are important as well, but in this article we will remain on the topic of document shredding.

How much you should spend on a document shredder depends on your business. How many documents you need to shred daily, the size of the documents your business uses, how sensitive the information in the documents is, and more are factors to consider when choosing a document shredder. That little desk model document shredder that you saw at the office supply store might not be adequate to your needs.

The DOD, (Department of Defense), has standards for the destruction of sensitive documents. This is the top of line for document shredders and probably a bit much for your business. I include this information to show you the wide range of document shredders that are available for your own document security.

The largest of these that shreds a high volume of documents into very tiny pieces can run upwards of $20,000. The small ones you see at your office supply store can run as low as $30.

One of the features that create this disparity in cost is durability. How many documents can it shred before needing maintenance or a replacement. One made of plastic parts will not last under heavy use, while one made of durable metal will. Obviously, if your company does not shred but a couple of documents per day, a cheaper document shredder might work for you.

How secure are the documents you will be shredding. Some document shredders only cut the document into strips of varying width, depending on the document shredder you choose. High-tech thieves can piece together uniformly shredded documents. If the information is worthwhile to them, they can retrieve it. If your company really wants to destroy sensitive documents, you need to consider a document shredder that cuts the paper up into bits, rather than just strips. These document shredders are more expensive, but a lot more secure.

Also, some of the better shredders not only shred paper documents, but also CDs, Plastic Film, Key Tape, ID Cards, Video Tapes, Floppy Discs, Microfiche and other classified media. If your company also has sensitive material stored on these other forms of media, you may want to purchase a document shredder that does more.

Dust creation is another factor, especially for those who are shredding a high volume of documents and other material. Some document shredders have an internal vacuum to dispose of dust, so if your business does a high volume of document shredding, you may want to ask about this feature.

Noise is another factor to consider with any size shredder that you plan to purchase. Try before you buy is a good thing to keep in mind. If it is noisy, you will be happy you tried it out before you started using it in your office.

How difficult is it to clear paper jams? How safe is it? Is it easy to put your fingers into the area where the blades are? How easy is it to take apart and clean? These and more are questions you should consider when choosing the document shredder your business will be using.

Rabu, 17 November 2010

Do You Need Bluetooth?

When buying any digital electronic device, whether a cellphone, PDA, or notebook computer, it is important to check the specifications to ensure that it will serve your purposes. Bluetooth is becoming an increasingly popular offering in personal electronics, but do you need it?

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless PAN (Personal Area Network) transmission protocol standard. In layman’s terms, Bluetooth is a technology that enables a device to communicate and share data with other Bluetooth capable devices – cellphones, headsets, PDAs, notebook computers, desktop PCs, computer peripherals, printers, cameras, and others – through radio wave transmission (so there is no need for wires) at a range of around 1, 10, or 100 meters, depending on the class of your Bluetooth device (Class 1 has the longest range and Class 3 the shortest).

If a device has a Bluetooth chip, it can communicate with other devices that have a Bluetooth chip. Users can share pictures, movies, datasheets, documents, and all sorts of information among them as long as their devices are in range (they do not need to be in direct line of sight). For instance, a Bluetooth-capable digital camera can communicate with a Bluetooth-capable printer for direct printing. Likewise, a Bluetooth-capable cellphone can be connected to a Bluetooth-equipped headset so that a person can take and make hands-free telephone calls.

Bluetooth can be used for internet connectivity as long as a Bluetooth-enabled computer is in range of a Bluetooth modem. Bluetooth devices can also form a small wireless network (called a piconet) of up to 8 devices. For security, devices can be paired and transmissions encrypted. So that it causes only minimal interference, Bluetooth periodically changes frequency channels.

Bluetooth uses the same radio frequency that 802.11 Wireless Networking does, but it is much simpler than 802.11 technology, negating the need for complex network configurations. Bluetooth also has lower power consumption, making it more economical, though its range is shorter.

You Need Bluetooth

If you wish to have an extremely basic home network, Bluetooth is for you. There are no wires to trip you and there are no complex configurations like network permissions or addresses to deal with. Piconets are temporary, so a new device can immediately join or leave a Bluetooth network with nothing more than a simple device discovery. It is important to note, however, that piconets are no substitution for a traditional home network (whether through Ethernet or 802.11 Wireless), which are much more reliable and offer much more full-bodied security options.

If you have a notebook computer, there is a good chance you will want to have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can take advantage of the many Bluetooth-equipped peripherals, thereby eliminating the need for bulky wires. You can also easily synchronize data between your handheld devices and your notebook computer. Moreover, if you are fond of sharing data with other handheld device users, you definitely need to have Bluetooth for easy and convenient data sharing.

You Don’t Need Bluetooth

It is important to note that Bluetooth can present a security risk if you store sensitive information on your Bluetooth-enabled device. If you are traveling with sensitive information on your computer, cell-phone, or PDA, it is wise to disable Bluetooth temporarily to prevent data theft or exploitation. Please also note that some corporations and government entities disapprove of Bluetooth and similar convenience-based additions, so please check with your employer if you intend to use your Bluetooth-enabled notebook for business.

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Selasa, 16 November 2010

Do You Know The Power Of Multimedia Production Is Yours?

First multimedia, is mostly referring to software programs that incorporate written info with pictures and sounds to create a very appealing and stimulating "production" if you will. The idea of multimedia production is that the more stimulating something is (i.e. the more senses that you involve) the better the message will get across to the receiver and will "stick."

There then obvious areas where multimedia production would be very useful including School, job training, fundraising, political campaigns, marketing of any type, museums, art, etc. Basically anyplace that there is any sort of message that the bearer thinks is not only worthwhile pondering but also valuable to remember.

Until now this type of thing was only for the technologically savvy "children of the computer age." Just like with most other things today however this form of enhanced communication is available via automated tools to the general public. In other words the "children" that understand the technology have created ways for the rest of us to get in on multimedia production without having to go through the pain of learning the intricacies of computer programming of the various media types or the complicated science that goes on behind effective communication.

You might think, wow these are great guys! They are doing something to advance society without expecting to be rewarded with anything but a pat on the back. And...I guess this could be true, but the vast majority of these guys who have developed these multimedia production tools are getting very rich from there sale.

This brings up another useful caution: because people see how popular and profitable it is to develop a multimedia production tool they too want to get in on it. So there are several options too many out there on the market. I say too many because probably half of these products are not worth the couple hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you get a good tool, the investment of 200 to 300 dollars is nothing compared to the amount of money you will be able to generate from the sale of your multimedia product.

So how do you decide? Well, just like anything, go about this important purchase with a touch of cautious and a lot of common sense. Do a lot of research online, in technology magazines, on forums for multimedia production. Look at product ratings on review websites. Talk to friends and other trusted advisors. Look only on pages (or in stores) that are well known and respectable in order to take advantage of the fact that they would not want to tarnish their name by selling an awful product. Lastly take advantage of the common guarantees that allow you to try the product with full refund if not satisfied. Now start looking and have fun!

Senin, 15 November 2010

Do We Rely Too Much On Electronic Parts?

Just an innocent question and one that I don’t have any for sure answers to but one that deserves at least some thought. I am thinking them number one because my lovely brother-in-law has me writing these joyous articles for him as his employee and also because electronic parts are one of the most frustrating parts for me of the technology boom that has happened in the last 100 (but way more quickly in the last 30) years.

What frustrates me so much about electronic parts? Well for one thing I don’t understand them and don’t have the power therefore to fix them or to at least know what needs to be fixed, what kind of effort it will be, and maybe most importantly how much it should cost to fix it. It is this way with any system that you don’t understand and it frustrates me to no end because people who do understand can’t be trusted oftentimes and we end up paying for being ignorant.

Electronic parts also have a habit of breaking at the worst times, and the more we rely on them the worse it is when they unreliably quit working properly. They are so unexpected because often they go from working fine to not working at all. There is no way to do preventative maintenance as a result and so you are always blindsided and left stranded especially if it doesn’t happen during convenient business hours.

Another aspect of these frustrating little tools we call electronic parts is that they make the products that we buy that contain them very unreliable from one product to the next. What I am referring to I will try to explain by example. You see right now I am trying to make a wise purchase of a PDA phone and am having trouble as I am getting mixed messages over all on the reviews of the different phones. The problem is that people have such different experiences from one phone to the next in the exact same line and model. This I attribute mainly to the unreliability of the electronic components.

So what are we to do? Well maybe technology should be developed that does give us warning before a part actually fails. Some sort of easy to read meter that gives you a chance to get your car in for a change of the electronic parts are failing. This would make all the difference I believe. The other part of it would be to have more regulation over the parts makers so that they would be forced to produce parts more reliably so that you could be more confident when you buy.

Minggu, 14 November 2010

Do We Really Need Ink?

You might not think about it on the pages of your books, or newspapers, but without the ink, there wouldn't be anything but blank sheets of paper. Ink can be taken for granted, but its value is beyond question, and sometimes very evident.

The original inks in the dawn of what we know as 'printing' were composed of simple elements. Natural products like nut shell oils and the defensive liquid of the squid made useful dyes that were funneled into the old 'nib' tips of pens long before the ball-point and felt tip revolutionized handwriting. These days, inks have chemical additives meant to protect the ink from smearing or fading away, as technology aids the printing process. From the gigantic volume of glossy advertising reaching your mailbox, it seems that ink is being poured onto reams of paper each day in vivid, eye-catching combinations, and in recent times people have begun to see ink prices climb.

Did the ancient traders of the natural inks and dyes charge an arm and a leg for those useful fluids? In any case, the problem of affordable ink is growing, particularly since household printers became common. It seems like every house has a printer, but everyone complains of shelling out the money to refill this amazing machine with the simple stuff that it needs to print on paper. The fine machinery of the modern printer is useless without ink.

Owners of these dormant machines have several options. They can buy the new refills, which are sometimes exorbitantly expensive, or they can buy another printer. In a surprising number of cases, people have found new printers at prices below those of ink refill cartridges. This has a lot to do with the complexity of marketing, but it also underscores how important and valuable ink is in printing.

Now some companies have come up with another choice; users can refill the ink cartridge itself at a discounted rate. Dealers apparently buy ink in bulk and dispense it efficiently. New problems of consumer demand necessitate such complexities. Cartridges, for example, are made with built-in sensors that can indicate an empty cartridge before all of the available ink has run out.

Another innovation is soy ink, which is a more natural alternative to petroleum-based inks that aids in the recycling of the printed material. Alternative inks like soy can make the pricing of ink more flexible and give the consumer more choices in a market that has become considerably complex. Gone are the days of standard refill containers and easy office stocking. These days, it pays to consider your choices very carefully when it comes to that crucial liquid packed into a vial, bottle or cartridge. Ink has definitely become a valuable commodity.

Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Do the world’s poor children really need a $100 laptop?

The chairman and founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab recently launched the $100 laptop to the world’s media. Is it necessary?

MIT rolled out a non-profit association, called One Laptop Per Child, to design, manufacture and distribute laptops that will be provided to various governments at cost price and issued to children by participating schools on a basis of one laptop per child. These machines will be rugged, Linux-based and so energy-efficient that hand cranking alone can generate sufficient power for operation.

The internet connectivity question is addressed in a few different ways, including the use of Wi-Fi, WiMax, 3G and satellites, as well as fibre, coaxial cable and plain old telephony. Competition, deregulation and the fact that the developing world is now the only new telecommunications market, will all perhaps contribute to wider reaching availability, greater bandwidth and, most importantly in these countries, lower connectivity costs.

The solution offered is a $100 laptop: a durable, versatile machine at a price the developing world can afford. The fact that this has been achieved is actually a remarkable achievement, the very notion of which until very recently was shunned by industry leaders as impossible.

The strongest argument in favour of this cheap laptop idea rests on the laurel that the greatest assets of a people are its children, and so the highest social priority is on the education of these children. Throughout disease, natural disasters, war and poverty, education features as the primary solution to the problem.

Most educators would argue that effective learning stems from a fundamental level of personal curiosity about a subject, and in a sense the ability to self-teach. The key point here is not so much what each child knows so far, it is rather the perspective that they can bring to bear on a problem. It is well known from case studies that network learning, augmented by technology, computers and Internet connectivity, bears heavy fruit in academic terms.

The economics of a $100 laptop base around the following: Around half the purchase price of a new laptop is taken up by the cost of sales, marketing, distribution, and of course the ever shameless profit-margin. By sidestepping the entire retail market and distributing directly to governments in the absence of profit-driven aims a huge chunk of the price per model is evaporated.

Physically the most expensive aspect would be the display. The use of an MIT technology called E-Ink that offers the potential to be as low as 10 cents per square inch and offer daylight readable clear resolution is promising. The processor, memory and power can be stripped down, as the functionality of the machine need not be so advanced beyond surfing, email and word processing all as open-source, slimmed down software that takes up little computing resources.

It’s now without doubt that the $100 laptop will happen. As to whether it’s a good idea? Everything about says yes, although the sociologists have yet to gather their argument on this one it seems.

Jumat, 12 November 2010

Do MySpace Layouts Really Make A Big Difference?

Many millions of users use MySpace, but there are many users who want to know if the layouts offered will make any difference. For one, the MySpace layouts offered on various sites are supposed to be offered for the basic interests of all members. Besides the interest, it is the purpose of making the profiles more attractive.

All members must believe that using different MySpace layouts will make a big difference. This is because they need not look monotonous among all the other millions of users. They can also show what they are interested in as there are many themes available. Not only that, the whole profile will get a new look. It is always important to make the profile interesting.

As many users are part of this huge site, they will also expect variety. By looking at variety, no one will feel the need to go to other sites out of boredom. MySpace layouts are also of various categories and they will be listed accordingly, so that members will find it easily. Using these layouts will also speak about the profile a great deal.

Whatever reason, you are a member of the site, and using good layouts will speak volumes about your presence. If you are trying to talk to a specific target of people, you are bound to find them, if you use the right theme. If you are fans of some actor, and want to form a community, you can easily do so by using the layout of that actor.

Since the use of MySpace layouts are also very easy, there is no harm in using various ones every now and then. The layouts should definitely make a big difference, as they will be of various categories or themes. They should not be compromised, as they are available for no cost, so members might as well make use of it. For every member the use of such layouts is important.

All members are sure to have different information, so obviously the use of MySpace layouts will offer mileage to present the profiles in many ways. People can talk easily of what they want. If the information is for simple causes, then simple layouts can be used. If they are entertainment based, they can use flashy ones. Thus very easily the genre can be classified.

MySpace layouts are a very big boon to the members of the site, as they often tends to use variety because of the various numbers of users. Keeping the variety required in mind, most members should pick and use the layouts on an unlimited basis. This way, every week there will be various themes if the member wants. The usage of layouts is extremely easy as well, as there is nothing to do except use the code on the home page.

Kamis, 11 November 2010

Do I Need Website URL Monitoring

Competitive doesn’t even begin to describe the online market today. Most every major company has taken their business to the World Wide Web. With so many different options standing before a consumer, how do you guarantee yours is the one that is chosen?

People in today’s world are extremely impatient. In our fast-paced environment, time is everything. Spending their hard earned dollars for top internet performance, any given individual will not be inclined to wait around for your website to load. Instead, they will find another avenue that can also suit their needs. This adds up to lost business if your website is found lacking.

With URL Website Monitoring you can check the performance of your own website as well as your competitor’s. Other companies are working just as hard to better their internet services constantly. Being able to compare the results will give you an idea of where you need to improve to stay current and competitive. The ability to run a report of where your company is lacking compared to others is a great tool to have in your bag at the next meeting.

Website URL Monitoring also allows for a worry free environment while you concentrate on other pressing issues. Instead of babysitting your website 24/7, put your time to better use in forwarding other aspects of your business. One great advantage of Website URL Monitoring is that you will be notified of any downtime issues or interruptions associated with your services. It also makes certain that every redirect is working around the clock. This takes a great worry of your shoulders and allows freedom as well as peace of mind.

The question isn’t whether or not your company needs Website URL Monitoring, its how can you get along without it? Take a step and be ahead of the game when it comes to your online business. Your time is important and Website URL Monitoring will ensure that time is respected.

Rabu, 10 November 2010

Do Computer Repair Classes Make Sense For You?

There is a lot to know if you plan on repairing computers for a living. Even if you simply plan on moonlighting with a computer repair business, the amount of information you are expected to know can be daunting. Computer repair classes may make sense for you if you have both time and some money to invest in some training.

The first thing you'll want to determine is what kind of training you will need. Do you need advanced training or are you looking for simple techniques? Knowing what kind of training you need can reduce the time it take you to find the right class for your training needs.

How much of a budget have you set aside for training? Most computer training takes money. The more advanced the training, the more money it will cost. The cost will also depend on whether you follow a course of study. For the computer repair industry, compTia's A+ certification is the one most recognized. Most computer training centers will offer a course on A+ certification.

Other training that makes sense for a computer repair technician includes computer networks including compTia's Network+, Microsoft's MSCE certification and CISCO certifications. You could also benefit from computer security certification like compTia's Security+, MCSE security, Cisco security and even an ethical hacking cert like CISSP training.

Know what you plan on focusing your energies on. If you plan on working for someone else, know what area you plan on concentrating on. If you plan on owning your own business, you should also know what your area of concentration is going to be. Don't take the MSCE certification if you intend to focus your business on Linux based products. While this may seem obvious to some, I've encountered people who were confused on this issue.

Bottom line, choose a computer training firm that has been around a while and is known for their thoroughness and expertise. There is nothing worse than paying big bucks for computer training that fails to prepare you properly for the field. Do some research, ask some people in the industry. In the end, if you've done your homework, you'll be fine.

Selasa, 09 November 2010

Disposable Cameras - A Cheap And Cheerful Alternative

Traditionally, cameras were quite expensive and were used only during special occasions, and mostly by males in a family. With the introduction of cheap and lightweight disposable cameras a cultural shift began, where all members of the family were able to take snaps. Because of its rising appeal, many companies like Canon, Nikon and Konica started producing new models. To stay in race, Fuji introduced new advanced features to its model like waterproofing, inclusion of a flash and panoramic photography. Kodak's one time use camera was based on 110 film while Fuji's QuickSnap always used 35 mm from the beginning.

The single-use camera or disposable camera resembles like an easy box camera, which is sold with a film roll already installed in it; so that you are ready to use. Usually they use focus free lenses. However, some times disposable cameras are equipped with integrated flash unit. Waterproof versions of disposable cameras are also available in the market for the purpose of under water photography.

Internally disposable cameras equipped with a 135 film or APS cartridge. On the other hand, some disposable cameras are equipped with an actual cartridge to load the film normally. Otherwise, the film is just wound only on open spool. Some of the disposable cameras are recycled, means reinstalled with the film and can be resold. Disposable digital camera is a latest innovation. These types of disposable cameras use digital technology, and cameras work in the same manner as the film cameras. Normally single use camera represents a return of brownie camera from Kodak. They are especially popular at situations where a reusable camera can be damaged or stolen.

If you buy them in wholesale you can buy them at the lowest rates. Look for sales and specials too. A disposable camera without flash can be bought just for $2. Disposable cameras are very cheap so there is waste of time to look for a cheaper one, but you there are some wonderful deals over there. And it is very important to search a good deal when you wish to buy in bulk amount especially packages that are designed for wedding seasons, graduations, and family reunions. On these occasions you can buy a disposable camera at the lowest cost.

Digital Disposable cameras are available in markets, but are controversial due to their expenses of the process particularly compared to general digital camera and due to poor quality images. These are very popular with tourists, and are helpful during under water photography.

Senin, 08 November 2010

Discover How To Easily Optimize Windows For Better Performance

“My system is too slow.”
“Look how much time it takes to install things.”
“My system slows down while playing games.”
“My software doesn’t function correctly.”

These are some very common statements uttered by PC owners. You might be among one of these. Well if you are, here are some basic tips which can help you optimize the performance of your system by optimization of your operating system.

Windows system optimization is the most basic tool which can maintain the performance of your system. You might be spending hours trying to adjust your CMOS settings, RAM frequency and even the registry setting of the windows. Well its time, you use some windows providing optimization tools for better performance of your system.

Disk Errors
Disk errors are most commonly prevalent in a majority of computer systems. And this is the most overlooked problem even by computer professionals. You often escape the disk error scanning which pops up after a bad shutdown. Well if you keep on escaping the disk error scanning, chances are that your hard disk would develop bad sectors. These bad sectors would initially hamper the proper functioning of your system and then can even lead to hard disk crash.

You should make sure that you allow the disk error scanning option to run and correct any of the disk errors on your hard disk. Once in a week you should also go for the thorough scan disk option which scans the hard disk for errors and corrects them. You should check all the partitions of your hard drive. You can access this option by right clicking on your hard drive partitions and selecting scan disk from the tools options.

Temporary File Cleanup
Cleaning the temp folder in your windows is very essential to get rid of all the unwanted files. These files are the left-overs of the programs which you have uninstalled from the system or other unwanted files. If you do not delete the contents of this temporary folder, the files could gather up to 100 MB of practically no use. You should delete these files as it would help in saving the hard disk as well. To delete these files select the Run option and type %temp% and press O.K. After it displays all the files, select all and delete them.

If you browse the internet with the help of explorer, the temporary cache files should be deleted from the temporary internet folder as well.

Files which are stored randomly on your system tend to slow down its performance. Your system looks for the fragments of randomly distributed files from everywhere and eventually become slow. To bring back all the files of all programs together, use the windows de-fragmentation tool. This tool joins all the loose files and optimizes the performance of your window.

The Paging File
The paging file is widely known as the windows virtual memory file. This file is used by the system when the windows run short of the actual RAM. Windows keeps on increasing and decreasing the size of the page file, which in itself is not very efficient. This affects the accessibility of fragmentation of your files. You should rather define your own paging size. Select the minimum and maximum size of the virtual memory to be the same. A preferable size is about the double the RAM you have.

By following these basic windows optimization methods you can maintain a good performance of your system.

Minggu, 07 November 2010

Discount Toner Cartridges:Low Prices, High Quality

Just because someone says cheap toner, that does not mean cheap quality. In fact, you can get toner at a much cheaper price without sacrificing the quality and quantity of print you've become accustomed to... It's not that hard.

Did you know most people pay seven times as much for their laser toner cartridges as they do for their laser printer? If you purchase name brand toner cartridges to replace your original toner cartridge, I'm talking about you. Either you do not know about discount toner cartridges ore you don't understand exactly how they can help you reduce your printing cost.

A discount toner cartridge is a cheap toner cartridge. Sometimes it's called a compatible toner cartridge. Whatever the case, they are cheap to buy, but they produce both quality and quantity of print pages.
A discount toner cartridge is made from all new parts. It is made to the very same specification for your laser printer. These toner cartridges are as good or better than your original cartridge. They will have the best warranty in the printer industry.

Many people think a cheap discount toner cartridge will void their printer warranty. It won't. Besides, it is against the law.

Others think a cheap toner cartridge will somehow damage their printer. In reality, there is very little a toner cartridge can do to damage your printer. Although it is very unlikely, a toner cartridge could leak. If so, simply clean the printer and replace the cartridge... By the way, a discount toner cartridge is normally guaranteed for at least one year. If you had a problem, which isn't likely, you would get a replacement toner cartridge at no cost to you.

Some printer owners feel the quality of print won't be as good. I've never had the problem in over fifteen years. The quality and quantity has been exceptional.

Still others feel that a cheap toner cartridge won't print as many pages. My experience has been the opposite. I've actually been able to print more pages per cartridge using discount toner cartridges than I could print with my original toner cartridge. (See the home page for details.)

Honestly, I was hesitant to buy a discount toner cartridge. I though it would be a lot of hassles. My experience is that reputable discount toner companies provide high quality printing. I have never sacrificed quality or quantity.

However, you need to learn for yourself. It only takes five minutes. Check out several reliable online printer companies. There are many listed on this site. Be sure to include the companies our Editors feel are the best suppliers of discount toner cartridges.
Once you visit a few sites, compare a few prices, check the product warranty and money back guarantee, you’ll quickly learn that cheap toner doesn’t mean cheap quality.

Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Digital Voice Recorders - A Very Useful Device

Digital voice recorder is a small hand-held portable device, which is used to record voice memos into the memory chip, and play memos back. It can be used to record conferences, conversations or lectures. Any standard Digital Voice Recorder can not be used to record music as their sampling rate is lower than what is normally required for good quality musical reproduction.

Digital Voice Recorders are available in various capacities depending upon the length of recording time, which depends upon the internal memory. Another factor that effects the maximum recording time is quality setting of the recording. Digital Voice Records give a superior quality setting for absolute clear recording with lower quality setting. Lower setting uses lower sampling rate, and that's why less memory. This results in leaving more space for other recordings. As a result poor quality setting will permit maximum recording hours, while good quality setting will just allow few recordable hours.

Many Digital Voice Recorder companies advertise the maximum hours a device can record. At highest quality setting, this device will show poor results. So do not go with advertisements.

Digital Voice Recorders are extremely convenient and handy. You can go with them to any lecture hall, conference hall or even to a exhibition, it will help you recording all data. The memory of Digital Voice Recorder is fixed, means memory have no moving parts. In the case of cassette recorders, you need to rewind the cassette but with Digital Voice Recorder, you are free to listen just after you had completed your recording. Here rewinding is not required in Digital Voice Recorder. Upon finishing recording, you just need to press play to listen your recorded data immediately. Search, tracking, pause, and play through any recorded files are all general features.

Files in a Digital Voice Recorder are saved with a numbering form with a date-and-time stamp. Most of Digital Voice Recorders have four to five folders where you can store your messages and memories in a recorded voice format. Digital Voice Recorder can also include important functions, which will permit you to transfer messages from one folder to another, deleting messages and splitting messages.

Some Digital Voice Recorders include USB capacity to download a voice file to the computer. Latest models include software, which can automatically convert any voice file into text. This facility is very useful for easy transcribing. Some model can use flash cards (externally) to increase internal memory. This feature is known as expandable memory.

Digital Voice Recorders are generally powered by rechargeable batteries or 1-2 AAA batteries.

Jumat, 05 November 2010

Digital Projector – Give A Bigger Picture

Digital projectors are those video projectors which are used in conferences for presentations. The digital projectors receive video signals from, usually, desktop computers and display images on large screens which can be easily comprehended by all in the gathering.

Two Types of Digital Projectors
To begin with, there are two technologies used by digital projectors, the older one being the LCD, liquid crystal display with independent transparent panels of LCD for each constituent primary color (red, blue and green.) The image transmission depends on the signal received by the projector from PC which redirects the light signals through these LCD panels and lens onto a screen. The LCD projectors look pretty similar to older slide projectors and are simple in construction and thus cost less in comparison to their successors DLP projectors. The LCD can be thought of as slides placed at the focal length of the lens making it complete. Clarity of picture in LCD projectors depends on the number of pixels it is set for. (Pixels are smallest area of data or picture holders)

DLP Projectors: The Latest of the Digital Projectors
Digital Light Processing or DLP is a technology developed by Texas Instruments in 1987. DLP projectors bring in a paradigm difference in technology in image projection to board rooms. Unlike their predecessors, DLP projectors make use of tiny mirrors or micro mirrors to reflect light images to pass through the projector lens and onto a screen. Each mirror can be thought of as representing a pixel. The mirrors reflect primary colors in rapidly rotating succession as actuated by a rotating color filter wheel. The image of rapidly changing colors ‘constructs’ images for human eye perception. The micro mirrors are collectively called as DMD or ‘digital micromirror device’.

For the sake of enhancing picture clarity, the rotating wheel is provided with a plain patch which allows plain white light. This type of DMD projectors are also known as single chip projectors. The three chip projectors are a bit complicated but offer better clarity. Here a prism splits the light from lamp into primary colors which are redirected to DMD which recombines them before projecting through the lens.

Where Is the Difference
DLP projectors are lighter and give far better pictures. Single chip resolves 16.7 colors while the three chip model does a, hold your breath, 35 trillion colors.

Commercial Models
Texas Instruments is the pioneer who owns the patent for DLP technology. Fraunhofer Institute of Dresden of Germany developed the same technology simultaneously and markets it as Spatial Light Modulators. HP, Samsung are other market leaders in both LCD and DLP technologies.

Kamis, 04 November 2010

Digital Photo Print Services Online - Is It Easier Than Printing Photos At Home?

Printing photos at home is expensive

Let’s cut right to the chase. What does it cost to print your own photos? Everybody likes the convenience of printing their own photos at home, but nobody is satisfied with the quality. I will show you that the cost is actually much higher and the quality is much lower when you print your own photos at home as opposed to having them printed by a professional developer. I will also let you know what a good alternative is. First, let’s look at the costs of doing your photos at home.

Cost of printing at home

Supplies and cost w/tax

Med. Quality Photo paper $19.66/100 sheets.

Color and B&W Ink $61.61.

Photo Printer $382.49.

Photo Editing Software $53.11.

Total cost $516.87.

Total cost per Photo $1.64.

WOW! That is expensive

Before you say I am crazy I will prove that these are conservative costs. The medium quality photo paper was priced on clearance at Office Max. The monotone and color cartridges were priced as a combo deal. The photo printer was the PSC 950 which is in most regards a cheap printer. Last but not least the editing software was not Adobe Photoshop which can cost over $500. It was a cheap Microsoft version that will do simple editing on images and video.

This is also assuming that you only print 10 photos per week, and that you only use your printer and software for two years. If we used a more realistic number for instance 10 photos per month then the cost per photo would go up to $3.04. For the ink I used 60 full color sheets per set of cartridges. I have never been able to print over 20. With other printing on that same printer I only got about 8 full pages out of the cartridges. The pictures were so bad that they ended up in the garbage. So the prices of photos can range from $1.64 per photo to over $3. Pretty costly for prints that you cannot display or hang on your walls.

Printing them online and having them mailed or picked up costs much less?

How about uploading your pictures to a professional and having them ready to pick up in one hour? Or uploading them to a professional and having quality prints mailed to you for prices as low as 12 cents per print?

Rabu, 03 November 2010

Digital Cameras - Explained

Over the last few years, the picture quality in digital cameras has becoming amazing. As recently as the year 2000, even the very best digital cameras you could buy produced grainy, poor-quality images that could never compare to what film had to offer. Today, though, digital cameras can easily rival and even exceed the quality of film, capturing pin-sharp digital images and never needing to be refilled with anything except power.

When you buy a digital camera, the most important thing you should look for is how many mega pixels (million pixels in the image) the photos it takes are. Cameras available today range from about 3MP at the low end to 10MP or more at the high end, with the price increasing steadily with each extra mega pixel.

However, how many mega pixels the camera has is not the only thing you should consider. Battery life is very important, as cameras with a short battery life can be frustratingly unusable, and the presence of various features in the camera’s software like auto focus and digital zoom should also be a consideration, as well as the camera’s ability to record non-photographic material like sound and video.

Ultimately, the best thing to do with digital cameras is to either buy the cheapest one you can find or a very high-end one – if you go for something mediocre, you will just be frustrated at having paid a lot of money for a camera that isn’t really all that great. If you are choosing between two cameras at a certain price point, it is almost always better to buy the one made by a known brand, as they will tend to have much better build quality, software and battery life, as well as being generally better-designed and easier to use.

As a final note, if you just want a cheap digital camera to take around with you and take occasional snaps of your friends and places you go, it’s well worth considering getting a mobile phone with a digital camera built in. As you take your phone around with you anyway, it’s no extra hassle to carry a camera phone, and the pictures they can take are rapidly increasing in quality, to the point where they are now where digital cameras were only a few years ago. As technology gets even better, a camera phone is increasingly becoming a very smart alternative to a digital camera for the casual user.

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Different Types Of Microscopes

Microscopes are mechanical devices used for viewing objects and materials so minute in size that they are undetectable by the naked eye. The process conducted with such an instrument, called Microscopy, uses the combined schools of optical science and light reflection, controlled and manipulated through lenses, to study small objects at close range.

The basic microscope consists of several complex and interrelated parts: a cylinder that provides a necessary space of air between the ocular lens (eye piece) situated at the top and the objective lens fixed at the bottom, hovering close to a stage containing an optical assembly on a rotating arm and a centered hole through which a light shines from a solid U-shaped stand beneath. Magnifying values for the ocular range through X5, X10, to X20, while the values for the objective lens has a broader span: X5, X10, X20, X40, X80, and X100. These values provide the observer with a spectrum of possible distance orientations and degrees of sharpness as are necessary for viewing and analysis.

Several different kinds of microscopes exist, each having particular features:

Optical Microscope: The first ever created. The optical microscope has one or two lenses that work to enlarge and enhance images placed between the lower-most lens and the light source.

Simple Optical Microscope—uses one lens, the convex lens, in the magnifying process. This kind of microscope was used by Anton Van Leeuwenhoek during the late-sixteen and early-seventeenth centuries, around the time that the microscope was invented.

Compound Optical Microscope—has two lenses, one for the eyepiece to serve the ocular perspective and one of short focal length for objective perspective. Multiple lenses work to minimize both chromatic and spherical aberrations so that the view is unobstructed and uncorrupted.

Stereo Microscope: This is also known as the Dissecting Microscope, and uses two separate optical shafts (for both eyes) to create a three-dimensional image of the object through two slightly different viewpoints. This kind of microscope conducts microsurgery, dissection, watch-making, small circuit board manufacturing, etc.

Inverted Microscope: This kind of microscope views objects from an inverted position than that of regular microscopes. The inverted microscope specializes in the study of cell cultures in liquid.

Petrographic Microscope: This kind of microscope features a polarizing filter, a rotating stage, and gypsum plate. Petrographic Microscopes specialize in the study of inorganic substances whose properties tend to alter through shifting perspective.

Pocket Microscope: This kind of microscope consists of a single shaft with an eye piece at one end and an adjustable objective lens at the other. This old-style microscope has a case for easy carry.

Electron Microscopes: This kind of microscope employs electron waves running parallel to a magnetic field providing higher resolution. Two Electron Microscopes are the Scanning Electron Microscope and the Transmission Electron Microscope.

Scanning Probe Microscope: This kind of microscope measures interaction between a physical probe and a sample to form a micrograph. Only surface data can be collected and analyzed from the sample. Types of Scanning Probe Microscopes include the Atomic Force Microscope, the Scanning Tunneling Microscope, the Electric Force Microscope, and the Magnetic Force Microscope.

Science wouldn’t be what it is today without the microscope, as this device is the primary instrument by which the world and all of its elements are measured and assessed. It is with the microscope that we take a look inside of ourselves so we can learn and understand who we are and how we work.

Leveraging Digital Information Products

PDFs, ebooks, audio files, video packages, and software programs are examples of digital information products. Like all products, they need to be manufactured, inventoried, and finally shipped to the buyer when the purchase is made.

Some advantages of digital products are that they can be stored easily on a variety of media like your hard disk, cd, dvd, or usb memory stick as well as delivered electronically anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Traditional physical products incur significant expenses in production of inventory, storage, packaging and shipping that contribute to the reduction of your profit margin especially where there is competition.

On the other hand, the main expense incurred with digital products is in production. Storage and delivery advantages provide instant fulfillment to buyers and so can realize very high margins and profits.

While competitive advantage over traditional product lines are obvious, a new form of competition is emerging in the digital marketplace. The quantitative problem being solved by technology leaves only the quality to be measured or tested.

What all publications have in common is that they contain information and the quality of that information is discovered by reading. Unfortunately, digital products can be more difficult to evaluate without a table of contents to consider. Whether the publication is free or not, evaluation can be frustrating and the wrong choice lead to wasted time, effort, and sometimes money. Although refund guarantees are included with some packages, there is no refund of your time or effort.

What instant food did for kitchen prep time, digital ebooks are doing for business building. However, quality remains in the content or use value not the package. Unfortunately, the current trend appears weighted toward excellent sales and marketing techniques not content.

The extraordinary bonus and content bundles sometimes priced in the thousands of dollars are typically offered for a low one time payment usually less than a hundred dollars and is akin to the million dollar opportunity theories that in reality is quite different. In other words over delivery claims may significantly differ from actual content value.

To help mitigate diminishing return found in the gap between over-delivery-theory indicated by quantity and under-delivery-reality indicated by quality, I set up a site at to list exceptions to help leverage time in favor of the buyer and to stimulate content enrichment.

So far, low cost or free ebooks that are not produced in pdf format tend to be at least unavailable to some operating systems and frequently of low quality, content poor, or just dysfunctional.

To achieve the best results with your online business, focus efforts on finding digital products that you can promote that are of high quality and in a professional pdf package. Alternatively, you can produce your own ebook to expand your market by using a service like that offers professional pdf packaging. After all, content now appears to be the next great opportunity knocking.

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Differences In Microphones For Your Stage Set-up

Using different types and manufacturers of microphones can make all the difference in the world when setting up a stage for your band. If you use the wrong one, you battle with feedback all night. Even if you use a feedback "eliminator", you will suffer very poor frequency response, because it is being "eliminated" as feedback, instead of the desired freguencies that make your music full and enjoyable.

Here are some things you should know, from the school of hard knocks, about microphones and their uses.

Types: There are many types of microphones available but they generally divide into three groups: dynamic, condenser and ribbon.

Dynamic microphones are the most common and the most basic types of microphones. They consist of a diaphragm attached to a coil that moves through a magnetic field inducing a small electrical signal. They operate using similar principals to a speaker and tend to have a limited frequency response, but are very rugged.

Condenser microphones have become more popular over the years because they have a very wide frequency response (tone) and are not as delicate or as expensive as ribbon microphones. They are, however, more delicate than dynamic microphones. They require a power source that can be an internal battery, an external power pack or phantom power that is provided by the mixer. They work by supplying a charge to a fixed plate that creates a capacitor. A thin diaphragm is mounted adjacent to the plate and induces voltage changes in the plate when subjected to sound vibrations.

Ribbon microphones produce sound by stretching a thin metal ribbon across a gap of a strong magnet. Sound moves the ribbon across the magnetic field creating electrical impulses. They have an excellent frequency response (tone) but tend to be very delicate and expensive. Since they are rarely used in basic P.A. systems, nothing more needs to be said about them.

Polar Patterns: This refers to the directions that the microphone will pickup sound from. Polar patterns tend to be divided into two types: omni and uni-directional.

Omni directional microphones are rarely used because they pick up sound from all directions and often pick up sound from directions you don’t want to have sound picked up from. Can you say...
... "FEEDBACK"...

Uni-directional microphones are the most common and probably total more than 95% of all microphones sold. They range from the shotgun, picking up sound from only straight in front of the microphone, to the cardioid, picking up sound from in front
of, or somewhat around the front of, the microphone in a heart shape pattern.

Knowing the pattern of a microphone is VERY important because it affects what area of sound that the microphone picks up from, as well as its susceptibility to feedback.

Sensitivity: This refers to the level of “hearing” that a microphone possesses.

The higher the sensitivity, the quieter the sounds that it will pick up. This is an important specification, especially dependant on your stage volume.

Impedance: This is important to know so that you buy the proper microphone to match your particular mixer. Although many mixers have inputs for both high and low impedance microphones, some only have one or the other. Generally speaking, if the microphone’s impedance is above 1,000 Ohms (1k Ohm) it is considered high impedance, otherwise it is considered low. Most professional microphones are low impedance and come with a cable with XLR connectors. High impedance microphones generally come with a cable with phone (1/4”) connectors. You can purchase matching transformers for 1/4" connectors that change the impedance of high level inputs, like guitars or keyboards, to low level, balanced inputs, to help eliminate ground loops and noise.

As you can see, chosing the correct microphone for your application can solve and enhance your performance and overall sound field from the stage. After all, your music, as represented by great sound, is what its all about.

LAN Service Contracts - Grab The Opportunity

If you've done a lot of research on computer consulting, you probably have information overload. In this article, you'll learn what steps to take when first starting your business of computer consulting.

Pick a Date

First, pick a definite date for launching your new computer consulting business and write it down: Launch date is ____/____/____. Why is that important? It gives you something to work towards, a concrete goal at which point you say you know you are starting your computer consulting business. Put the date on your calendar, whether it is six months from today or six weeks from today.

Narrow down your to-do lists and organize your tasks in top 10 priority. Write down everything that's floating around in your head and then go through that list and pick the 10 most important things.

Possible Top Ten Priorities

Your list might include:
· meeting with an accountant
· getting a business resale license
· opening up a distributor account
· picking a company name
· coming up with a business card
· looking through insurance options
· getting a Web site domain
· getting a business voice mail box

There are probably 30, 40, or even 50 things that are on your list. Narrow that down to the ten that you think are the most important to do before launching.

Order Your List

Once you get those 10, highlight them on paper and try to see if you can rank them in order of some kind of chronological order that makes sense to do. Just work on one or two a week. If you're a more analytical type and you think you work better on the screen, do this exercise in Microsoft Excel or do it in Microsoft Word. And then narrow your huge list down to your top 10 business priority tasks.

Develop a Timeline to Start Computer Consulting

Let's say you're launching your computer consulting business five weeks from now and you've got 10 things to do. Pick two things to do each week. It seems a lot more manageable when you put it in terms of that kind of time frame.

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