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Choosing a Home Theater System

Watching movies is a neat escape from the stressful lifestyle we live in. Watching movies in a wide screen and surround sound take you far away and into the movie scene you are watching. You watch it as if you were there in the movie scene. Of late, we can only experience this escape in a cinema. However, modern technology may be able to provide this same sight and sound experience right in your own living room. We will discuss the basic components of a home theater system in this article. Read on to understand how these basic components can deliver the best cinematic experience to a home theater system.

Home theater experts state that the most important consideration in setting up a home theater system is the size of the room where you will set up the home theater system. The most important component of the home theater system, which is the television, is dependent on the size of the room. Although, the recommendation is 27 inches television set at a minimum is necessary for your home theater set up. It is also a recommendation that a flat television is good for a home theater system because it exhibits fewer glares and produces a crisper image. Another major component of a home theater system that depends on the size of the room is the speaker. The number of speakers for your home theater system is dependent on the size of the room. You may add up to six speakers from the basic three speakers if you want a more lifelike sound. Adding a subwoofer may also be good to achieve a complete surround sound like in the movie theaters. Three speakers should be the minimum; you may go up to six if the room is big.

Another major for your home theater system is the DVD player. It is a recommendation that DVD players with progressive scan will be the best choice. This is because progressive scan produces sharp and flicker-free pictures. This however points back to the choice of television unit; you may need to check if the flat television set supports progressive scan signals. You may also acquire a five-disk carrousel DVD player. This will avoid having to stand up from your seat to change discs every so often. A minor consideration is the power rating that will determine how loud your speaker can be. Of course, almost all these depend on the size of the room to where the home theater system is going to be set up. Small room requires from few types of equipment, bigger rooms may require more and adding home theater furniture to your home theater system may be best. A bigger room thus requires more investments. A smaller room might require fewer but of good quality equipments to avoid the too basic feel of the home theater system.

Finally, you may acquire a beautifully designed home theater system if you consider hiring a home theater expert. If you can afford this, it will be best for you because the home theater expert will be able to effectively design and set up your home theater system. Your home theater designer may also add some features like home theater seating and other home theater furniture to be able to give the complete home theater package that closely resembles a real movie theater. Having the finest and high-quality home theater system will give you the most sought after set up that you could flaunt and enjoy to the max.

IT Service Agreements: When To Offer Them

Right after emergency service calls is a good time to offer IT service agreements. You’ve just saved the day and you’re at the high point. Customers have to like, know, and trust you. After an emergency, they love you! They love you because you saved the day; they now know you of course because you just spent the last 16 hours working non-stop to solve this problem; and of course they trust you because you delivered on what you said you could do. Future Damage Control Once you fix an emergency, they’re very receptive to talking about how to prevent this kind of panic from happening in the future. Then you can give them a proposal that will include the ongoing maintenance by your company in the form of IT service agreements. So that’s a great time to ask for the service contract. Offer IT Service Agreements after Conducting IT Audits After IT audits, customers are wondering what do to next. If they have agreed to an audit, they are more than likely looking for someone that they can call on a regular basis. They want someone who’s going to look out for their needs, who’s going to take a long-term approach to making sure that everything they’re buying fits well with their existing investments, and that it makes sense for their business and fits in with different things going on in their industry. For someone to sign IT service agreements, they need to be a paying customer of yours. Once they become a paying customer of yours with an IT service agreement, they’re essentially more of a client, because they’re beyond just being a transaction-oriented customer. They’re in it for the long haul, with a long-term client relationship. The Long Range Option Another option is a slightly longer sales cycle that can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. In this case, your customer realizes that they are not happy with their current technology provider. Perhaps, they’re not delivering as promised; the response time is starting to slack off; they feel they’re padding the bills; there’s personality conflicts; or changes in priorities. A lot of different things can happen and they’re actively shopping for a new consulting firm, a new technology provider to work with. In those cases, usually the natural step is after you’ve walked out and you have tons and tons of notes and lots of things is to propose to them that you come back and do IT audits. The IT audit is a great segue into proposing IT service agreements. Copyright MMI-MMVI, Small Business Computer Consulting .com. All Worldwide Rights Reserved. {Attention Publishers: Live hyperlink in author resource box required for copyright compliance}

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Choosing A Graphics Card

To the uninformed consumer, buying a new graphics card can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of different aspects to consider when buying a new card, and we've composed this article to help you find the graphics card that best suits your needs and your budget.

- The first major thing to consider when purchasing a card is the type of chip that you want. The main two companies that market graphics card chips are Nvidia and ATI, and pretty much every graphics card available features a chip from one of these two manufacturers. The chip of the card is of utmost importance; different graphic cards with the same type of chip often feature similar performance levels.

- Next, you're going to want to consider the amount of memory that your future video card will have. The more RAM that is in a graphics card, the more it can process, giving it more speed and smoother transitioning.

- You're also going to want to consider the possible multimedia applications of your future card. TV-out is one type of feature incorporated into graphics card that is commonly sought-after. TV-out compatible graphics cards allow you to hook your computer up to your television, allowing for the viewing of movies and other general purpose features shown on your TV screen. Another feature that is gaining popularity in the graphics card world is dual-head support. Dual-head support allows for you to use two separate monitors side-by-side with your windows toolbar stretching across the two screens.

- When it comes to spending money, you can get a sub-par graphics card for less than $70. However, those who are looking for a decent graphics card that can hold its own for a few years to come, you're probably going to want to spend around $200. Top-of-the-line graphics cards are available and are priced upwards of $600. While the chips are cutting edge, they're usually not too much more noticeably efficient than those priced slightly lower. Performance will increase, without a doubt, but you won't see the same kind of effects as opposed to buying a $300 chip over a $150 one.

Now that you know more about graphic cards, you can more easily find one to suit your needs while sticking to your budget. Only buy the features that you find necessary; you can spend a lot of extra money unnecessarily by being coaxed in by bells and whistles.

IT Service: Handling Prepaid Blocks of Time

Title: IT Service: Handling Prepaid Blocks of Time Word Count: 368 Summary: IT Service can be billed for in several different ways. Selling pre-paid blocks of time are one option for providing IT service. Keywords: IT service, IT-service, IT services, IT-services Article Body: The prepaid block of time is different from the service agreement. The IT service agreement is specific about the kinds of things you will do – maintenance, upgrades, etc. The prepaid block of time is simply that – time. For example, the customer recognizes that your normal hourly rate is $100 an hour. In return for prepaying 20 hours of time, they’re going to get a $10 an hour discount. Get Your IT Service Agreement in Writing You may still want to have some sort of agreement about having a single point of contact, software licensing, and the confidentiality clauses. In general, though, it’s just a matter of saying that we normally charge this. In return for the customer prepaying X number of hours, they’re going to get this discount, and then it’s a matter of setting up your accounting. Most importantly, you need to be able to generate a renewal notice when they’re pretty close to using up their time. Obviously the huge advantage is you’re getting the cash flow upfront and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on a receivable. The disadvantage is it’s not quite as recurring as the retainer-based agreement because you’re selling a fixed priced with a definite beginning and a definite end to IT service as opposed to more definite long-term possibilities. Make Sure You're Providing Valuable IT Service The best thing to do is to make sure that you set them up on some kind of proactive regimen and that you’re in touch with them on a regular basis to make sure that you’re taking care of their ongoing security. You need to make sure the backup is running properly and the relatively small things that are happening in the office are documented and prioritized so that you can fix them. Don’t allow the prepaid time block to get you into the mode where it’s more of a one-shot deal with IT service. You want to make sure that everything you do is setting things up for long-term relationships. Copyright MMI-MMVI, PC Support Tips .com. All Worldwide Rights Reserved. {Attention Publishers: Live hyperlink in author resource box required for copyright compliance}

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Choose New or Used Xerox Parts and Get the Famous Xerox Reliability

It’s difficult to imagine running your business without a copier, printer or all-in-one machine. From self-employed individuals to the largest multi-national corporations, we all need to manage documents. If your business only uses the most reliable equipment, then it probably has a machine from a trusted manufacturer, like Xerox.

But, even print and copy machines from Xerox occasionally require maintenance. When they do, it is important that you or your service provider use genuine Xerox parts to keep your machine operating reliably at peak performance levels.

You purchased, rented or leased a Xerox because you knew it was the most reliable machine on the market. Down time is costly, especially when it means you can’t move certain documents when you need to, so you chose a machine that would have the least down time.

You choose Xerox parts for the same reason. You might be able to find cheaper parts, but are they really cheaper? Not using Xerox parts might save money in the short-term, but you run the risk of increased down time, which could easily cost much more than the price of a part.

But, why are Xerox parts better? It’s not enough to assume that parts made by a manufacturer are automatically better for their machines. Xerox achieved its reputation mainly due to its innovations and strict adherence to superior design and manufacturing standards. Xerox manufactures every replacement part to those same standards – generic parts manufacturers do not.

Xerox knows that their equipment and parts are highly sought after. To keep their good reputation, they developed strict standards for reconditioned Xerox equipment and parts. The result, you can trust used parts and equipment that have been reconditioned to Xerox’s standards to give like-new performance for a fraction of the cost.

Iphone Software Downloads

Apple have continued along the lines of the Ipod, this time with the Iphone. This latest evolution of Apple technology works as a cellphone, music player, movie player and will even give you internet access. The Iphone really has given people a taste of the technology of the future, especially taken into account the software downloads. Apple have recently decreed that they will not be allowing any third party organisations produce software for the Iphone. Instead they intend to create all software themselves, and the third party guys are going to be limited to the production of peripherals. Be that as it may, the Iphone software has already been compromised by enterprising hackers, and it's now possible to buy software over the net which will allow the Iphone to be used on cell networks other than the ones intended by Apple. This is a mixed blessing for Iphone owners, as it does allow greater freedom with price plans etc, but Apple have already unequivocally stated that these adjustments will instantly invalidate the warranty on your Iphone. Apple are expected to announce an update to the Iphone software over the next few month. It is thought that the main purpose of this update is to close the backdoor which the hackers have been using to unlock the firmware on these early versions. The other main feature of the update is expected to be compatibility with the Itunes software, enabling Iphone owners to download media directly from the internet, something that has been possible with other cellphones for some years now. Apple have announced plans to continually update the Iphone software and interface, and to make these updated available regularly, as a free download over the internet. It's thought that the main reason for these frequent updates is to keep the hackers out of the system, but in all likelihood it will only result in a similar situation to Sony's PSP, with certain models being more sought after due to having hackable firmware. This has resulted in a game of back and forth between Sony and the hackers, and is probably the kind of scenario Apple will find themselves in over the coming months. For any Iphone owner, life will only get more exciting as more and more exciting software developments are announced and implemented for this amazing piece of technology.

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Checklist On How To Revive A Dead Computer

Copyright 2006 Otis Cooper

Its not something we like to think about but your computer will fail, if you keep it long enough.It may be a simple problem,such as the floppy drive not reading the disk to a major system crash.

Because computers are run by operators,User Error is the most common cause of computer malfunction.When the user is at the computer,he or she may add or delete certain files.Or he/she may remove or exchange certain hardware features.

When we look at user error,we must remember that since we're human,the user error may be easy to solve by simply asking the last user if he/she installed any software,re-configured any software or hardware settings,etc.

A large percentage of computer malfunctions are due to environmental factors such as power surges caused by lightning, resulting in overvoltage.

Another cause for failure may be room temperature being too high or low,as well as dust,dirt,or sunlight.If you're in business and heavily dependent on your computers,such fators as room temperature,sunlight and protection against power surges is of the utmost importance and simply cannot be overlooked.

The most common pc problem is when you can't access your PC at all.When you turn on the power switch,NOTHING HAPPENS.

Here is a quick checklist of troublshooting procedures you should follow if you encounter this problem .We also have videos you can download from the Internet should you need assistance in just how to perform these procedures:

Try the Power Switch a second or third time.If nothing happens..

Check the wall outlet for power.If the outlet has power.

Check the power cord itself from wall to computer.

Check the Power Supply inside the System Unit.

Replace the Power Supply rather than trying to repair it.

If the system make those click noises,but the screen is blank, check the Monitor.

If the monitor proves to be good,check the Video Card,even in a new system.

Another big headache you will most likely encounter if you're a regular user of your computer system,is the fact that Windows will fail to load or the system's POST will fail to run.Download the file below to learn much more about the Power On Self Test.Don't forget those preventive maintenance procedures that can be done often to keep your PC running at peek performance.

Running such Windows ultilities as Scandisk,Disk Defragment,and Disk Cleanup will help your computer performing at its best.Using a can of compressed air removes dust that could build to the point of causing a short.

If you get the computer to boot but it does not want to read from the hard drive'the Master Boot Record on the hard drive may be corrupted or even missing.To verify that the master boot record has not been damaged...

Boot from the floppy disk that contains the FDISK program and type the command " fdisk mbr " to restore the master boot record onto your hard drive.

Is Your Data Encryption Really Secure

How Do You Know Your Data Encryption is Really Secure ---------------------------- There are various types and methods of data encryption. Some of the most popular forms of data encryption include single file encryption, folder encryption, volume encryption, whole disk encryption, and of course email encryption. The Windows XP operating system has the ability to perform file and folder encryption. There are 3rd party tools, like PGP Desktop, which can perform whole disk, logical disk, file, and e-mail encryption. If you routinely deal with confidential or sensitive information, or if you are concerned about private information falling into someone else's hands, encryption may be the way you want to go. However, there are a few things you should be aware of so you don't have a false sense of security. First, What Is Data Encryption -------------------------------------------------- Throughout ancient and modern history people have come up with ways to mask, hide, and verify that information is secure or valid. For instance; the ancient Babylonians in 4000 B.C. used something call intaglio, a process in which images and writing were carved or etched into stone that identified certain Babylonian merchants when they were trading. Each trader, or merchant, had a specific intaglio to make his mark, this way his customers would know that what they were purchasing belonged to, or was produced by, a specific merchant. This is a bit different then encryption, more like today's digital signature, another process typically part of data encryption. Encryption today is much more advanced and complex. It is used for everything from securing military secrets to keeping intellectual property confidential. There are various forms of encryption techniques, some stronger or more secure than others. In it's basic form, encryption can be thought of as the masking, or the scrambling of original human readable information. The person who is masking the information must provide the person he is sending the information to with some sort of key that allows them to unscramble the information so they can make sense of it. For instance; I use encrypted e-mail messages so I can correspond with my customers on a regular basis. I do this because during certain types of projects my customers and I discuss private information such as security holes discovered during security assessments. This type of information is obviously not something we would want to fall into someone else's hands. Most Data Does Not Start Out Encrypted So Be Careful ---------------------------- The primary reason I am writing this article is to point out a couple specific issues with data encryption. During a recent discussion with a friend of mine he told me that he was using Windows XP folder encryption to secure some of his confidential information. He asked me if I thought this was a secure method of storing important documents. My response was yes and no. The data encryption used by Windows XP is relatively secure, but the issue is that the majority of the data that is now encrypted in the folder did not start out that way. Let's take for example, a word document that contains your personal financial information. You may have written this document so you have a central location where account numbers, social security numbers, and other private and individual identification information is easily retrievable. After you are finished writing the document, you then transferred it to your secure encrypted folder. Since it is now in a secure folder, only you are able to access it because only you know the pass-phrase that was used to generate the encryption key. For the most part, this assumption is correct. While you were writing that document, you probably hit the save button several times. Or if you are like me, many times. I've lost lengthy documents several times in the past and have trained myself to hit the save button pretty frequently. Every time you hit the save button, a new temporary version of the file is created. This is typically saved in the c:\documents and settings\"profile name"\local settings\temp directory. This is done for recovery and undue purposes. For instance, if you make a mistake while writing the document and need to undue your actions, one of these temp files may be used to undue the action. Also, if your system or application crashed while writing the document, you can recover it from the temp files stored in this directory. You may have had to go through this before and it works very well. Now that you have finished your document and copied or moved it to the secure folder, your document is secure, right? Wrong. Chances are the temporary files in your temp directory are still there. Even if you were to delete them, there is a significant chance they can be recovered using open source or very inexpensive undelete or data recovery software. If someone where to get hold of your computer, hard drive, or gain remote access to your system somehow, there is a significant chance the unencrypted original version of your document can be located. So what can you do to make sure that your encrypted version of your file and data is the only version. There is not a clear or 100% secure answer to this question but I will share with you how I deal with the issue. Changing The Location Of Unencrypted Temp Files ---------------------------------------------------------- The primary way applications like Microsoft Word determine where to store temporary versions of your files is by looking at two user environment variables. One called "tmp" and one called "temp". They can be accessed by right clicking on "my computer", choose properties, then choose the "advanced" tab and click "environment variables". Here you can edit or change the default location for temporary files. One thing I have to point out is even though a large number of software packages use these locations for temporary storage, it will be hard to determine if they all do or if they save temp files in other locations. You will have to do a little investigating to determine where various applications store their temp files. On my system, I have changed these variables to point to an encrypted disk where I store my encrypted data and files. This way, I can be reasonably sure that temporary or working versions of the files are also encrypted. Encrypted Files May Not Stay Encrypted When Copied or Moved ----------------------------------------------- Another thing you should be aware of is what happens to encrypted files or folders when they are copied or moved to another location. If a file or folder that has previously been encrypted is copied or moved to another Windows NTFS partition or volume, the encryption is preserved (under most circumstances). However, if you move or copy the encrypted data to volume or partition that is not NTFS, the file is automatically decrypted. Also, just because a file is encrypted on your hard disk it does not mean that this file will be encrypted when you e-mail it to someone. E-mail encryption is a totally different procedure. Also, keep in mind that encrypted files are decrypted when they are transmitted over a network connection. Make Sure Deleted Unencrypted Files Are Really Gone --------------------------------------------------- Because data that is deleted from disk may be recoverable for quite some time, I use another procedure to limit or reduce the risk of this possibility. As I mentioned earlier, data that has been deleted can in many cases be easily recovered using off the shelf software. In order to be reasonably sure deleted data is not easily recoverable, you need to write over that portion of the disk where the file and it's fragments were located. Actually, you most likely need to do this multiple times just to be sure the data is unrecoverable. The PGP Desktop software I use to create encrypted file systems, send encrypted e-mail, and create encrypted zip files also has a tool called "Wipe Free Space". This tool will write random patterns of data to all space on a drive that is flagged as free. You can tell the software how many times to perform this procedure but the default it usually three passes. My primary system performs this task every night. This way I can be reasonably sure the unencrypted versions of my encrypted files are not just sitting around waiting to be recovered. Conclusion ---------- If you are concerned about keeping important data confidential, file, folder, or disk encryption is a good solution. If configured properly you can be reasonably sure that your private information will remain private. Just remember that most data does not start out encrypted and that remnants of the original information may still exist in an unencrypted state. There are many options with regard to data encryption; Windows XP native file and folder encryption, open source encryption solutions, or commercial encryption solutions such as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Do some research up front to determine which may be the best method for you. You may reprint or publish this article free of charge as long as the bylines are included. Original URL (The Web version of the article) ------------ http://www.defendingthenet.com/NewsLetters/IsDataEncryptionReallySecure.htm

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Checklist Before Starting a Home Based Business

When you are looking for a home business opportunity, it is important to make sure that you are aware of all that you will be required to bring to the equation. This can help save you a lot of confusion and money by avoiding opportunities that require too much from you to get started. Here is a checklist of thing that you should consider before selecting a home business opportunity.

1. Do you need to get a license to run the business? Many states require that businesses get a license before they are allowed to open. This includes home businesses in many locations. Check with your local government agencies to see what you will need to have in place to start your own home business.

2. Do you need a zoning permit? If you have a home business opportunity that requires doing actual business with the public, you are going to need to make sure that you will not be in violation of any zoning laws. Most cities have very strict residential zoning requirements and it is not hard to violate them. Make sure that the type of business you want to start will be acceptable to run at your current location.

3. How much equipment will you need to buy? You’ll need to know exactly how much money you’re going to have to spend to get your business operational. While some home business opportunities require just a computer, others may need a special printer, extra software, additional gadgets or even heavy equipment. This can add up in a short period of time. Make sure that you are aware of all the expenses that you will incur before you start up.

4. Do you have enough space in your home to devote to your business? Running an informational company is one thing, but if you are going to be stocking products in your home, you’re going to need enough space. For tax purposes, you’re also going to have to have a room that is completely devoted to your home business. This means no kid’s toys, or anything from your normal family life can intrude on this room. If you don’t have this kind of space you may need to add on to your home to accommodate your business.

5. Will you need to purchase any insurance? If you are doing business with the public at your home, you will need to get liability insurance. This will help protect you if anyone falls on your property or injures themselves in anyway. If you will be storing products, you will need to have them insured in case there is a flood or they get damaged in any way.

Lastly, you may want to consider business protection insurance that will help you in the event of any copyright infringement claims or other common complaints. Don’t forget your own health insurance, or any insurance that you may need to provide for employees. This can add up quickly and increase your overall start up costs.

Internet Fax Services – Why, How And Where?

Internet fax service is the latest buzz. More and more businesses and individuals use it but most of them do not talk about it. Find out the answers to the crucial questions: Why you should begin using internet fax, how it is done and where you should get the internet fax service. Why should you begin using internet fax service? 1. Internet faxing safes time – Think about all the time you or your secretary have been spending by standing near the fax machine waiting for faxes to arrive or trying desperately to send faxes. With internet fax services, sending and receiving faxes become much easier task that will require almost no time at all. 2. Internet fax services save money – Did you ever check how much money you spend on purchasing and maintaining your fax machine, fax papers and ink? Well, it can reach to a sum of 100 USD and more. With internet fax , you will have no expenses besides a small fee to the internet fax service. How does the internet fax service work? The internet fax enables you to send and receive faxes using your email. You get a local or toll free number which will be your virtual fax number. You can add this fax number to your business card and give it to your business partners. Whenever a fax is sent to this number you receive an email right to your inbox with the fax as an attached file. The same way, you can send faxes as an attached file in an outgoing email. Where should you get the internet fax service? There are several internet fax service sources in the internet. The prices are pretty much the same but some offer better services and wide selections of programs so you could find the best one for your needs. The best way to start will be signing up to an internet fax service with a free trial.

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Check List for Linux Security

Check List for Linux Security

Linux is an amazing operating system considering how it was originally created. It was a modest program written for one person as a hobby – Linus Torvald of Finland. It has grown into a full-fledge 32-bit operating system. It is solid, stable and provides support for an incredible number of applications. It has very powerful capabilities and runs very fast and rarely crashes.

Unfortunately Linux machines are broken almost every day. This happens not because it is an insecure operating system. It contains all the necessary tools to make it very secure. But the truth is. It hasn’t become significantly more secure with the increase in popularity. On the other hand, our understanding of the hackers methods and the wide variety of tools and techniques available contributed to help system administrators to secure their Linux computers.

Our goal in this article is to list the most critical situations, and how to prevent an invasion with simple measures.

1- Weak passwords – By far the first and most used method used by hackers to try penetrating a Linux system is cracking a password, preferently of the user root. Usually they will target a common user first, and then, using his/her access to the operating system, try to get a privileged access cracking the root password. Good password policy, and good passwords are absolutely critical to the security on any computer. Some common mistakes when selecting a password:
A- use “password” as password.
B- use the name of the computer.
C- a well-know name from science, sports or politics.
D- reference to movies.
E- anything that is part of the user web site.
F– references associated with the account.

The latest version of Linux offer shadowed passwords. If a cracker can see an encrypted password, crack it would a simple task. So, instead of storing the password in the passwd file, they are now stored in the shadow file which is readable only for root. Before a hacker can crack a password he needs to figure out an account name. So, simple accounts names must be avoided as well. Another security measure is to apply a “no login” to the account in the passwd file. This must be done to all the accounts that don’t need to log in to the system. Examples are: apache, mysql, ftp and other.

Limit which terminals root may log in from. If the root account is allowed to log in only in certain terminals that are considered secure, it will be almost impossible for a hacker to penetrate the system. This can be done listing the allowed terminals on /etc/security. The login program will consider insecure any terminal that is not listed on this file, which is readable, only by root.

2- Open Network Ports

Any Linux default installation will provide the Operating System with tons of software and services. Several of them are not necessary or even wanted by the administrator. Removing these software and services will close the path to several attacks and improve security. The /sbin/chkconfig program can be used to stop services from automatically starting at run levels 3, 4 and 5. Log in as root and type /sbin/chkconfig --list to view all the services set to start automatically. Select the ones you don’t need and type /sbin/chkconfig 345 name_of_service off. You must do that to all services you don’t want to keep running. Also, the xinetd server can be used to disable other services as well.

3- Old Software Versions

Everyday vulnerabilities are found in programs, and most of them are fixed constantly. It is important, and sometimes critical, to keep up with the changes. There are mailing lists for every Linux distribution where one can have security related information’s, and the latest vulnerabilities found.
Some place to watch for security holes are:
· http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/redhat-announce-list
· http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/
· http://www.mandrakesecure.net/en/mlist.php
· http://www.suse.com/us/private/support/security/index.html
· http://www.freebsd.org/security/index.html
· http://www.linuxtoday.com/
· http://www.lwn.net/
It is crucial to insure that the security released patches are applied to the programs as soon as they area available. The hacker community will be aware of the discovered holes and will try to explore them before the fixes are applied.

4- Insecure and Badly Configured Programs

There are some programs that have a history of security problems. To name a few IMAP, POP, FTP, port map and NFS, are the most known. The good thing is that most of these programs can be replaced by a secure version like spop, sftp or scp.

It is important that, before deploying any service, the administrator investigate its security history. Sometimes simple configuration measures can prevent serious headaches in the future.

Some advices regarding a web server configuration are well worth to mention:

- Never run the web server as a privileged user;
- Do not keep clients’ confidential data on the web server – Credit card numbers, phone numbers, mailing addresses, must be recorded on a different machine.
- Make sure the privileged data that a user supplies on a form does not show up as a default for the next person to use the form;
- Establish acceptable values for data that is supplied by web clients.
- Check vulnerabilities on CGI programs.

5- Stale and Unnecessary Accounts

When a user no longer uses his /her account, make sure it is removed from the system. This stale account won’t have this password changed periodically leaving a hole. Publicly readable or writable files owned by that account must be removed. When you remove an unnecessary service make sure you remove or disable the correspondent account.

Security Resources in the web

Bugtraq – Includes detailed discussions of Unix security holes

Firewalls – Discuss the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of firewall systems.


RISKS Discuss risks to society from computers




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Cheat Codes: Ethical?

The main purpose in this article is to evaluate the ethics of cheat codes to decide whether or not this is something that we want to promote in this society. So first what are cheat codes? Well for the purposes of this exposition I will define a cheat code as any sort of input that one can use in a video game whether it be on a computer or a dedicated gaming system, in order to advance further than they would normally in the game by their own skill. These codes will advance them to new levels, or give them better equipment whether it be a vehicle or a weapon that will help them (give them a better chance) to beat the level or the game depending on what the code is.

How do people get cheat codes? Well depending on your definition, some cheat codes are built into the game. Others are sold on the internet by the company that produced the game, and others are found in publications that are put out by the video gaming industry as yet another source of revenue for an already fantastically successful mogul in entertainment.

Are they ethical? Well they are called cheat codes and the name seems to confer an unethical method to be successful in a game. They are allowing you to get beyond place that you deserve to get according to your skill and therefore are not teaching the valuable lesson of hard work equaling reward. One might argue that it is just another reflection of the society’s addiction to instant gratification. However since they are actually produced by the programmers of the game and sold for revenue by them one can hardly call their use unethical by the standard of morality that condemns the use of something if it hurts another. It really is hurting no one at all.

I therefore propose that cheat codes no longer be called that but rather bonus secret codes. This still gives them the mystique that is critical for their marketing and no longer makes the player feel good about something that at least in the name is wrong. There is no problem with people marketing and desiring these codes and actually it can often make the game interesting when you come to a standstill and need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My other point is that video games aren’t necessarily good for the mind and if a cheat code causes the game to take less time to play than I am all for it.

How to identify Spoof/Phishing emails - Protect yourself from identity theft.

What is a spoof email? Spoof emails (sometimes also called "Phishing") are emails that pretend to be from a company or bank. The most common often come from eBay, PayPal, Barclays Bank etc. These emails will then contain a web link, if you click on this link then you will be taken to a login page and asked to enter your details. Most of these scammers go a long way to try and get your details, most spoof emails contain links to identical websites and users are tricked into entering their personal information. If you submit your information through one of these spoof websites then the fraudster has all of your details and can commit crimes using your identity. How do they get my email address? You may wonder how the scammers got your address or knew you were a member of a particular bank or institution. Often it is just good luck on the part of the scammers. They normally do not target individuals, but send out thousands of scam emails to randomly generated email addresses, in the hope that just a few will be successful. They also trawl the web for valid addresses they can use, and swap this information with each other. If you have ever posted on an Internet forum or published something on the web, there's a good chance your address is out there somewhere just waiting to be found. If you have fallen victim before, your address is normally added to a list of 'easy victims', and you are likely to then receive even more scams. How can I identify these emails? Here are 4 simple tests that you can perform on any email you suspect is a spoof. Your email can only pass the test if it passes ALL FOUR of the tests. If your email passes all of the four tests then you can be 99.9% certain that it is a genuine email. If your email passes all four of the tests then we would also advise you to check the "Other Tips" section just to double check that your email is genuine. If your email fails If your email fails JUST ONE of the four tests then the email is a spoof and shouldn't be replied to and should be deleted immediately from your computer. Even if your email fails the test, I would still advise you to check out the "Other Tips" page for more good ways to spot a spoof email. If you are still in doubt Unless you are 100% sure that your email is genuine, DO NOT click on any links within the email. Contact the company in question (See the "reporting a spoof" page) and ask them to confirm if the email is genuine or a spoof. Test 1 - Who is the email addressed to? Have a look at how the email addresses you. Most spoofs will say something along the lines of "Dear eBay user". This is the very first thing you should look for in a spoof email. Any email that doesn't address you by your name is a spoof. Ebay, PayPal and banks always address you by the name you registered with on their site, they NEVER send out emails saying "Dear valued customer", "Dear member" etc. If your email isn't addressed to you personally then it is a spoof! If your email is addressed to you then move onto the next test to see if it is a spoof email. Some more advanced spoof messages have started to include your name or email address instead of the generic "Dear member" or "Dear user". So even if your email were addressed to you I would strongly advise you to carry out the 3 other tests. Test 2 - Where does the link go? Most spoof emails will contain a link telling you to verify your details. You can quickly tell if your email is a spoof by hovering your mouse over the link. When your mouse is over the link, look in the bottom left hand corner of your screen and you will see the "link destination". The destination of a spoof link will usually look something like this: "http://slp.clinker.net.mx/.sh/.a/index.htm?SignIn&ssPageName=h:h:sin:us" Compare this with a real eBay link: http://k2b-bulk.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyeBaySellingSummary And you can see the difference. You can easily check if you email is a fake by looking at the first part of the link destination, if the destination is a combination of numbers (102.382.54.23) or a link like the one in my spoof link above then the chances are that your email is a spoof. Any non-spoof link will contain the name of the company in the first part of the link, eg: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk http://cgi.ebay.com http://cgi.paypal.com Please note: Some spoof links will contain the words "eBay" or "PayPal" in the final part of the link. These are also spoofs! All real emails will only contain the company name in the very first part of the link; after http://. If you still aren't sure if you have a spoof email, move onto the next test. Test 3 - Who really did send you the email? This test may seem a little confusing but don't worry it isn't as difficult as it looks. What we are going to do is find out where the email came from. Most people don't know this but you can trace the origin of your emails in most mail programs. To do this we have to view the "FULL message header", here is how you do this in the following email programs. If your program isn't listed here please contact your email provider for instructions: Hotmail 1. Click on "Options" 2. Click on "Mail display settings" 3. The 3rd option can be used to display the header settings, select "Full" from the check boxes 4. Click on "OK" to save your settings Outlook Express 1. Right click on the email and select "Properties" 2. Select the "Details" tab Now that we can view the message headers, here is how you identify a spoof: Look in the part of the header that says "Received From". If the email has come from anyone other than the sender it's a spoof. I had a spoof email and performed this test and notice that the email had been sent from a Yahoo account. Obviously a real email from eBay would not have been sent from a Yahoo address! Test 4 - Click on the link Only try this if your email has passed the previous 3 tests. Some spoof emails have been known to contain viruses that are activated by clicking on the link. Please ensure that you have a good virus scanner installed on your PC before proceeding. If you have important data on your PC you may also wish to backup that data on a removable backup device. When you click the link in your email a web browser will open and take you to what looks like a legitimate login page. There are two ways to identify a spoof login page, and I will show you both of them! Have a look in the address bar at the top of the login page. Have a look at the http:// part of the URL. Any genuine login page from eBay, PayPal or your bank WONT start with "http://" it will start with: "https://" The "s" in https:// stands for "secure" and is there to show you that you are about to submit data over a secure connection. Any page not starting with https:// is a spoof. The second difference between the two pages is the padlock icon in the bottom right hand of the screen. Notice that the spoof login page doesn't have a padlock, and the genuine eBay login page does. This padlock appears to show you that you are about to submit data over a secure connection. If your login page DOESNT have a padlock icon in the bottom corner of the screen then it is a spoof! Other Tips for spotting Spoofs 1. Punctuation Read your email carefully and look for any spelling mistakes. You can be sure that any genuine emails wont contain simple spelling mistakes. 2. Adverts? Real emails from eBay don't contain adverts for burger king! 3. Hotmail identity check A new feature in hotmail now warns you if a senderID could not be verified. Any spoof email will contain this warning. (please note that recently I received a genuine email from eBay that contained this warning, so don't judge an email purely by this method) 4. PIN number Any website asking for your PIN (personal identification number) is a spoof. Do not enter your PIN number! If you have entered and submitted your PIN then contact your bank immediately. 5. Popup boxes Some spoof sites will include popup message boxes like the one below. Genuine sites don't use popup boxes telling you to enter details. 6. False sense of urgency Most spoof emails will make you think that your account is at threat if you don't act quickly. This is not the case. 7. eBay Messages Any genuine email sent to you from eBay will also appear in the "My Messages" section of eBay. To access your eBay messages, login to ebay and click on "My eBay". On the left hand side of the screen you will see a "My Messages" link. Click on this; if the email you received in your inbox isn't listed there then it is a spoof email. 8. Ignore the email address Ignore the email address that the email was sent from. Almost all spoof emails will appear as if they are from a genuine address. Some of the emails I receive are "from": service@paypal.com memberservices@paypal.com awconfirm@ebay.com safeharbour@ebay.com operator_862736743@halifax.com 9. Download the eBay toolbar The eBay toolbar is a great piece of software that can be used to spot spoofs. As soon as you enter a spoof website from eBay or PayPal the toolbar will give you a warning telling you that web page is a spoof. The Ebay toolbar is FREE to download. Dan Thompson has been creating websites for over 7 years. You can visit his website and receive 6 free e-books, check out the website on http://www.elpassobooks.co.uk

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Cheap web hosting with good uptime and support

I having not one, but two web hosting plan that is priced below $50 dollars per year. Ya, that is $3-$4 dollars per month hosting plan. With php, mysql, host multiple websites, emails, ftp, crons job and many other features that makes these the complete hosting package. And with good customer support, and live chat support as well. Couldn’t belief they are selling it at this incredible low price.

I am talking about hostnine shared hosting and hostican shared hosting. Hostnine shared hosting start with $3.95 and the basic plan will allow multiple domain hosting. Get hostnine coupon from http://www.hostninereview.org/hostnine/hostnine-coupons and will get your 50% saving from your first bill. I paid around $40 dollars for the one year plan. For this august, its giving me 100% uptime and no downtime. I tracked using serviceuptime.com monitoring services.

For the hostican hosting base-host and tera-host, you can get the coupon from http://www.hosticanreview.org/hostican/hostican-coupons and apply it to get $50 dollars discount from your bill. I paid only $45 dollars for the hosting. This hosting is giving me very good uptime as well.

Next time you look for cheap web hosting with quality in it, you will know where to start looking. And I glad I found them as well.

How to get Online Gambling legalized in the USA

For many people the several hors drive to the nearest casino just is not realistic because of their busy lives, in California last week a man was arrested for locking his kids in the car while he went into a casino to gamble, but he would have been able to sit at home and watch his kids if he could have logged into an online casino. But the law is reversible. Now is the time when politicians who have been eyeing the ultimate seat of power will start declaring their intention on running in the next presidential election. This is where the American people have the power. Now is the time to start protesting the Unlawful gambling act. Thru protest at the candidate’s rallies you will tell them this is an issue that is not going away. The issue of online gambling managed to get the American people to put the Democrats into power in congress, and now it can do the same for the highest political office in the United States. When ever a presidential hopeful is appearing in your area you should hold a rally outside where ever it is the candidate will be appearing. Try to locate the entrance and exit they will use and make sure t have people with signs and chanting slogans. By making Online Gambling a hot issue the candidate will have to address it. If a candidate can not get votes they will not win so if they think they can win by getting the gambling vote they will take up your cause. Besides protests, I also recommend Letter writing campaigns: letter writing campaigns are a great tool it allows you to tell your leaders how you feel and gives them a good sense of how strong the American people feel about the subject. Petitions: petitions are much the same as letter writing except that instead of thousands of letters the receiver of the petition only gets 1 letter with the names of all the signatures on it. The internet is a great tool for protesting, it allows you to pass your letter or petition to people not only all over the country but the entire world, and can also help spread useful information about protest marches by being accessible to everyone with an internet connection There are also several myspace pages dedicated to trying to get the laws changed thru protest. The Angryonlinegambler is one such page. He not only offers an online petition but also a message board for people to leave messages about gatherings, and rants about how the government is making the wrong decisions. It is also important to highlight the benefits to legalized online gambling Millions of dollars a year could go to the American Government from taxing American player’s winnings, and if American land based casinos were allowed to get into the action then the government could make hundreds of millions for schools, and to further the war on terrorism. Legalized Online Gambling in the USA would create hundreds of thousand if not millions of much needed new jobs in the customer service industry in the United States and would there for benefit the government.

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Cheap Jet Ink Cartridges – What You Need To Know

There are a few things to consider before you purchase cheap jet ink cartridges. Cheap jet ink cartridges may be bought from online dealers on the internet.

Cheap jet ink cartridges mainly come in two forms – remanufactured cartridges and compatible cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are recycled OEM cartridges that have been disassembled, refilled and reassembled and tested. Once the recycling process is complete, the remanufactured cartridges are put up for sale. Compatible cartridges are third-party cartridges built by various manufacturers who make cartridges for different types of printer models. Of the two options available remanufactured cartridges do not have incompatibility problems.

You can save a lot of money if you buy cheap jet ink cartridges. Online sellers offer huge discounts on purchases and you may be able to save more than two-thirds of the original price. It is advised that you visit four or five websites and choose the cheapest option.

Many people are skeptic about buying cheap jet ink cartridges. But there is no need to worry if you are buying from a reputed dealer. Online sellers are able to give discounts because they don’t have to spend money on retail store expenses such as rent and electricity or paying the salesperson at the store.

Quality of print is a concern for many. Remanufactured cartridges can deliver results that could match any OEM cartridge. Compatible ink cartridges are also good. Users say that there is no difference between an original cartridge and a cheap jet ink cartridge as long as printing is restricted to plain black text. However, if your printing job is related to photographs and graphics then OEM cartridges are a better option. If you have to take printouts in large numbers make sure you gather information on the number of printouts the cheap jet ink cartridge will be able to deliver.

How to Find a Good Inexpensive Hotel

When going on vacation somewhere you have never been it can be hard to find a good quality Hotel working on a budget. So here is a guide to help you find a good place cheap, so you don’t have to worry about where you will stay. In my life I have done a great deal of traveling, and I have many nightmare stories about the things that have happened to me in some of the cheap hotels I have stayed in. I remember once I was ok a ski trip and half the floor in my room actually dropped about 6 inches. I woke up and my head was lower then the rest of me and was confused for several seconds before I managed to come to my senses. Lucky for me the room was on the first floor. On another trip, the police raided the hotel looking for illegal immigrants, and there was noise all night long. It was probably quiet the next night, but I did not stick around to see. Finding a good inexpensive hotel should not be a gamble. The best way to find a good hotel is to go to a place you have been before, but assuming that is not an option the next best thing is from someone who has been there. If you know someone who has been to the same vacation spot as you are planning on going, ask them about the place they stayed, the worst that can happen is they tell you they hated it or that it was too expensive. But what if no one you know has ever been to where you are going to be? Unless you like to gamble, you can't just make reservations anywhere, if you are looking to gamble on something play blackjack or poker in a casino, but don’t roll the dice with the place you are going to use as your home base for your vacation. Use the internet to look for hotel reviews. There are many websites that have reviews from people who have stayed in the hotel. Now one mans hell may be another mans heaven, but at least this way you can see that 5 people stayed there and said it was fine and two said it was not good maybe these 2 people were the exception. Or maybe the two that did not like the hotel were in town for business in an area popular with tourists. This can be an annoying situation when everyone around you is partying and you are trying to sleep, this is one of the reason why no business is conducted in Daytona Beech during Spring Break. Talking with a travel agent is always a great way to assure your happiness with your lodgings, and helps keep the gambling in the casinos and out of your room. A good thing to do is to make sure to ask lots of question on the phone with any hotels you are considering staying in.

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Chase the hot Myspace layouts on the Internet

Since Myspace is one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet, make sure, they are the hot favorite of visitors. There are an incredible number of features that can be brought on the Myspace account. There are hot favorites as well as those used in a traditional manner. However, it is imperative for the users to go in for pretty layouts that can host a number of features.

Look for free layouts for the Myspace page using the search engines Google and Yahoo! The search will throw up hundreds of pages. There will be a plenty of options for people to download the layouts. They come in all kinds of styles. All the colors featured in the rainbow and attractive new colors are also included in the layout. Go through the options carefully before downloading and installing the layouts on the account since they are flexible.

A good way of accessing layouts is to look for the search engines on the Internet. Popular search engines such as Yahoo! and Google drive a lot of Internet traffic for the users. Therefore, the Myspace page should have better features and profiles that can drive more people to the account. The most preferred route to attract more visitors to the site is to have an attractive background to the Myspace web page. The attractive layouts can be designed by the user of Myspace on their own by employing the desktop tools. However, these will be basic layouts and cannot be upgraded to a higher level. Besides, they cannot be changed whenever desired. Once the design of the layout is frozen, altering will take time. However, the updates will be minimal and rich features cannot be added to the layout. Eventually the traffic to the site could be less than the desired level. The best way to ensure that the layout is done in a professional manner is to employ the tools available on the Internet.

Hot layouts of the Myspace page are available on the Internet. Use the popular search engines such as Google to seek out the layouts. Type the words Myspace layouts in the space provided for search. It will throw up a number of pages that will have links to the layouts of the Myspace page. There are two categories of links. The first category of links provides connectivity to layouts that is available for free. The second category of links provides connectivity to layouts that is licensed. They can be accessed against payment of certain fee. The layouts come in various shapes and colors that can be chosen by the user.

The hot Myspace layouts are in great demand. They are also based on various themes and subjects. Most of the Internet sites offering the hot layouts are updated on a daily basis. The downloading of the hot Myspace layouts is easy. Either you can download the layout as a whole or seek out the codes. The codes are very important while installing the layout. Any mistake could upset the page. Therefore, the codes should be downloaded carefully.

History Of The Computerflip-Flops - A Basic Counter

Flip-Flops - A basic counter We looked at the Binary system, and basic computer logic elements, in previous articles, "It's a binary world - how computers count" and "How computers add - a logical approach". Now we can combine two parts of these articles to look at a counter. Another common logic element in a computer is a counter or timer. This can b to count items going past a sensor on an assembly line, or possibly a count-down timer. For example, if you have a late model washing machine it will have a simple computer using a count down timer to give 10 minute wash cycle, etc. There are several types of counter, nearly all of which use a basic element of electronics, the Flip-Flop. And you thought they were rubber shoes English people wear to the shower or the beach. (At this point Australians say "I thought they were called thongs"). OK back on topic. The flip-flop is as old as electronics, and is a classic example of the binary system. It has two possible stable states, A or B, and can be 'toggled' from one state to the other, just like a 'push-on, push-off' switch. It was originally made with two vacuum tubes (or one, for example a double triode). It normally has two outputs, one being the complement of the other. That is,if one output(A) is a logic 0, the other(B) is a logic 1, and vice-versa. The input, or Toggle(T) is at logic 0 until a pulse from a sensor, for example, comes along. This pulse takes the logic state to 1, then back to 0. The toggle effect, causing the Flip-Flop to flip, is actually the CHANGE from 0 to 1. In logic terms the flip-flop is made up using AND and OR gates, in logic cicuitry it is just a 'black box' labelled FF. Several FFs may be grouped into yet another black box, a counter, timer, or multivibrator. We can make up a Truth Table, which we have used before. If you recall, a truth table tells you what the Output will be for all possible Inputs. TRUTH TABLE for Flip Flop - Toggle (C)hange,- Outputs A and B. INITIAL STATE T B A 0 1 0 'A' output is 0 PULSE #1 T B A C 0 1 'A' output is 1 PULSE #2 T B A C 1 0 'A' output is 0 Now we string some flip-flops together to make a counter. Say we have a sensor on a beer bottling machine, which has to count 5 bottles before switching the feed, we need to count up to 5, or 101 in Binary. We will need 3 flip-flops, for binary bits 0,1 and 2, corresponding to decimal bit value of 1,2 and 4. We will take the A output of the 3 flip-flops to a decoder black box, which we can use to detect when we get to 5, then switch the feed. The B output of flip-flop 0 is passed to the toggle input of flip-flop 1 via an AND gate, so the next pulse from the sensor (which goes to all 3 flip-flops) at this AND gate will toggle the flip-flop, depending on the value of the B output, 0 or 1. Similarly the B output of flip-flop 1 goes to the toggle of flip-flop 3 via an AND gate. Our 3 Flip-Flops now come up with a truth table like this:- INITIAL STATE FF2 FF1 FF0 TBA TBA TBA 010 010 010 'A' outputs 000 - 0 PULSE #1 FF2 FF1 FF0 TBA TBA TBA C10 C10 C01 'A' outputs 001 - 1 [The (C)hange flips FF0 (always). FF1 & FF2 are blocked by the AND gate which needs a 0 input from the previous FF 'B' output AND the pulse change.] PULSE #2 FF2 FF1 FF0 TBA TBA TBA C10 C01 C10 'A' outputs 010 - 2 [The (C)hange flips FF0 (always). FF1 flips beacause the 'B' output from FF0 is a 0 when the Pulse arrives. FF2 is blocked as before.] PULSE #3 FF2 FF1 FF0 TBA TBA TBA C10 C01 C01 'A' outputs 011 - 3 [FF0 flips, FF1 is blocked again,as is FF2.] PULSE #4 FF2 FF1 FF0 TBA TBA TBA C01 C10 C10 'A' outputs 100 - 4 (FF0 flips, FF1 flips, FF2 flips.) PULSE #5 FF2 FF1 FF0 TBA TBA TBA C01 C10 C01 'A' outputs 101 - 5 count complete! [FF0 flips, FF1 and FF2 are blocked.] This counter can count up to 111, 7 decimal, it then resets to 0. A couple of interesting points to note are:- 1. FF0 flips every pulse. FF1 flips every 2 pulses. FF2 flips every 4 pulses etc. These facts can be used to make up a divider, which can be cascaded. For example the 4 pulse output can go to a second counter which also gives a 4 pulse output, totalling 16. This can be expanded to make up a decadic counter by decoding a count of 1010 (10 decimal) and using this to toggle the next counter, etc. What about 60 and 12 for your digital watch? 2. Look at the 'B' outputs from the counter. In sequence the values are:- 111, 110, 101, 100, 011, 010 (7,6,5,4,3,2 decimal). See the pattern? That's right - a countdown timer! We'll be using this in a later article.

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Charging up Myspace backgrounds with features

Myspace defines anything and everything a person desires to convey to his friends and communities online. Therefore, the Myspace background should be very attractive and visually appealing. There will be hundreds of visitors to the Myspace page each day depending on the content carried in the page. One way of attracting visitors and gaining more hits to the Myspace web page is to ensure that there are attractive features on the site. The site can be improved by adding a lot of colors and distinctive features identities. One of the most popular formats adopted these days is to improve the background of the Myspace web page. It is preferred by most of the Myspace owners and is often depicted in a very colorful format.

The web page is decked up with colors and themes and backgrounds that add value to the Myspace member's profile. The background should depict the attitude and the choice of the Myspace member. It can be achieved by doing many adjustments to the Myspace page. The web page can be adjusted by adopting some tools on the Myspace page. The tools are available on the Internet. The major among them is the background adjustments, which should be carried out by using the tools. The background adjustments have to be carried in accordance with the web page guidelines and rules. The Myspace background and themes are widely available on the Internet for use. Check them using the search and engines and download them. The background is available in two formats. They are paid backgrounds and free backgrounds. The paid backgrounds have a rich background and a number of features. The free backgrounds are also attractive and brightly colored, but have limited options.

The free background of the Myspace page comes in all shapes and sizes. They can be installed as a web page as whole or installed in the form of tiled. They can also be used in multiple formats. Check the Internet site offering the Myspace backgrounds. The backgrounds come in all colors of nature, the natural colors and various shades that go well with the web page of the Myspace. There are artificial and synthetic colors that can be added to the web page. Visitors to the site will be provided with a set of tools using which the colors can be decided. The color mix choice will be given to the users. They can mix the colors of their choice that go well with the web page of the Myspace. The colors can be mixed using the tools provided. The next resultant colors are thrown up on the web page. Click on the particular color that goes well with your preference. Then, bring it on to the Myspace page by dragging it using the tools provided.

Take care to ensure that the layout is not spoilt while developing the background. There should be adequate space to highlight the features and programs hosted on the background by the account holder. The features should be in the form of icons on the background to provide the desired result. The colors of the background and the icons should not be contrasting.

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Cell Phone Etiquette You Need To Know

Owning a cell phone can be a lot of fun. It’s portable, convenient, and is comforting to have when driving alone late at night. But now that there are millions of people who own cell phones, proper cell phone etiquette is becoming a concern.

Owning a cell phone doesn’t give a person a right to be rude or inconsiderate of others. It may be okay to take your phone with you and have it on while you are in business settings, with the exception of business meetings, but it’s not okay in some social settings.

People in a movie theater aren’t going to appreciate it if your cell phone is ringing during a movie. They’ll be even more annoyed if you answer it and talk during the movie. A nice leisurely dinner at a restaurant can be ruined if someone at the table next to you has their phone on and is taking calls. I’ve even been in church near someone who apparently thought it was okay to take a call during services. I was close enough to hear what was being said and it definitely was not an urgent call.

Yes, sometimes it may be necessary to have your cell phone on even if you are in a restaurant, theater, concert hall, or meeting. In those situations, put the phone on vibrate. If the phone goes off, discreetly check to see who is calling. If it is necessary to talk to the caller, excuse yourself and go to a quiet area out of earshot of the other diners, theater patrons, etc and return the call.

In some parts of the world wireless phone jamming devices have been installed in public places so that your phone just won’t work. In many other places, signs are starting to pop up telling people to turn off their cell phones in both public and private buildings. Not turning off a cell phone can even cost a person money. In New York City, there’s a $50 fine for breaking a bylaw that prohibits the use of mobile/cell phones at all indoor performances.

A person can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. If people demonstrate consideration for others there won’t be the need for more jamming devices, more “no cell phone” signs, and more laws being passed to fine users who don’t obey the “no cell phone” rules.

Make sure the voice mail is set up on your phone. Encourage people to leave a message for you if you are not able to answer the phone. Then return the call as soon as you can. But make sure to return the call. Just as it is inconsiderate to take a call in a restaurant or theater, etc. it is also inconsiderate to not return a call in a timely manner.

How Can You Use Myspace Layouts?

The Myspace community has offered various creative options to all its users. The most important of them all is the choice for various Myspace layouts, which come in hundreds of themes as well as colors. This is one of the most exciting options of the site too. This is the only social networking site that has so many creative options. Besides having various sites that are dedicated to the purpose of the Myspace layout, there are several designers who offer their services for free. These designers keep updating the various layouts, so that users may be given various options to choose from. The sites and layouts are available in plenty, and there would be no need for users to hunt for too long for what they want. The only drawback about using these Myspace layouts is that there will be so many to choose from that it will take a while. To make things simple, all one has to do is use a different Myspace layout every week or as one pleases. This will also make the profile better, as the look and feel of it keeps changing instead of being monotonous. This will naturally excite a lot of readers. Readers will be there to find people for their groups and other activities, and they will use the search option to find people with similar interests. This way anyone could visit a profile, so it is essential that all users take some care about the way they post their profiles. You will never know what interesting options may come up from such situations. The use of Myspace layout is not limited as for one there is the exciting variety to choose from. Besides the categories and themes that are versatile, the use of these layouts is very simple. All designers will post a code for each layout, and all the user has to do is copy paste the code from the site to the profile home page. Nothing could be easier than this. Because the procedure is so easy, people who use this site may use as many Myspace layouts as they want. Depending on their requirements they may change it as they want, and quite often if they please. You will find just about any category of layouts that you might be looking for. Because this is not restricted to one designer, there is the variety that will keep your interest piqued all the time. The use of Myspace layouts also talks about how interesting the user will want to be about his profile. All the layouts can be previewed before posting it. This is of course one of the best options about the layouts. The users may preview as many as they want, and they will then be able to decide if that is exactly what they want or not.

Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

CD/DVD Burning on your Personal Computer

Recently CD’s and DVD’s have become very cheap, both in respect to the disposable media and the burning hardware. Buying a CD or DVD burner has become an affordable solution to making back-ups and a lot more.

CD media and burners have been around for a very long time. They have become very affordable for many. CD’s have a capacity of 750mb and re-writable ones can be bought. CD burners have dropped dramatically in price. So much so that they have become an absolute standard for any new computer. Some computers have multiple CD burners to make burning multiple copies of data a lot easier.

DVD media and burners were released a while after CD’s. They cost more than CD’s but also offer better features such as 4.7gb of storage space and compatibility with DVD players. DVD burners and media cost more than CD’s but the price gap is slowly closing. Most new computer will have DVD burners or at the very least DVD readers.

Using removable media for task such as back-ups, movies or music has become very popular with consumers. It’s simple, can be taken anywhere and is very affordable. In the case of back-ups it’s a viable solution to making off-site back-ups of important data and documents.

These two technologies have become a part of everyones lives but may soon become obsolete. In the near future different technology standards will be released. Sony is set to release the blu-ray technology that’s set to change the way we exchange data. It will have at least double the storage space of DVD’s and products such as the Playstation will incorporate this new standard.

The second is HD-DVD. This stands for High Definition DVD. This will have an even sharper image than the current DVD’s and will also have a lot more storage space. Deciding when to embrace these new technologies will be up-to the consumers.

How Did MySpace Layouts Become Popular?

MySpace has many users and it is the largest networking community on the Internet. Because many users are joining every day, the interests of people will vary. They will prefer to look at various MySpace layouts. Many groups have been formed in this community all based on themes. They could be music related or science related. Some users will mention their interests in a way that visitors will be attracted to their profiles. Their main goal will be to form groups with people who have similar interests. So to make their profile more interesting they will access free MySpace layouts when they want. They will apply these to the profile and they will make it more interesting. MySpace layouts became very popular because of the number of users. Although there are millions there are thousands joining every day. Thus the default settings are becoming boring for everybody. The features are also very different from other networking sites. Thus using various layouts became a kind of a norm among users. MySpace layouts also became popular because it offers various themes. The themes are of various categories and they are arranged accordingly. The layouts are extremely popular because they are free of cost. Besides being free of cost they are available on hundreds of sites. All they have is one simple code, and users just have to copy and paste onto their homepage. Because of these features, MySpace layouts became highly popular. They can also be changed often and can be chosen according to the interest of the users. There are no technical complexities with the use of these layouts. The use is very simple and also exciting at the same time. It is exciting because users can find almost any theme they are looking for. If anyone is a movie fan they will find movie-based layouts, and if they are music fans they will find themes of music bands. So because members can find any theme with various looks MySpace layouts became popular. They are also being updated every day and designers are coming up with new designs almost every day. Members will never get bored as they have a variety to choose from. So every week they may also change the layouts as they please. Since the community is huge all members will use various layouts. So very few may be repeated and this will make it more interesting for people who are reading more profiles. The popularity of MySpace layouts grew because you can relate any kind of theme to the content of the profile. If you want to promote your interests you can accordingly choose the layout. The layouts are also easy when it comes to navigation while picking them. They may just scroll down to a category and pick one that is appealing.

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CD Burner: The Day The Music Burns

Before, owning a copy of your favorite artist would only mean buying either from a local music store or online music sites. And a copy with an average of 16-18 cuts would cost you at least $10. If you think this is reasonable, then consider yourself lucky. However, if you are one of those who cannot afford buying copies of their favorite artists and still would want to listen to them, all you can do is to wait until your local radio stations play their songs. If you have the computer and the Internet connection, you can go to online music sites with free radio like the Launchcast, Shoutcast, Live365, and MSN radio and hope that the song will be played.

Today, with several music download shareware programs it is possible to get your favorite song directly from other users without actually buying from them. These programs let you store the songs you have downloaded to your hard drive or transfer it to your portable MP3 player.

But for you who would like to keep a complete collection of the song by actually storing it to a disc for archiving or play it to your vehicle of home entertainment system, there is one piece of computer peripheral you need: CD burner.

If you know how CD player looks like (and I’m sure you do), you would recognize the CD burner.

CD burner comes into two forms: the “independent” and the “attached”. The independent CD burners or writable CD drives do not necessarily have to be permanently attached on the CPU. It could be connected through a USB port with its own power source. The other type of CD burner is the one that is attached to the CPU just like the CD ROM we know for quite some time.

Remember the times cassette players were only meant to play cassette tapes? Then came the cassette recorders that enabled users to copy the content of cassette tapes to a black one.

The same concept applies with the CD burner. It could copy from one CD to another or from a hard drive to a black CD and vice versa.

But to actually use your CD burner, you have to have software. Some of these softwares are available and downloadable for free online. Examples are ISO Recorder, DeepBurner, Burrrn, Windows Media Player, Xduplicator, Cheetah CD Burner, and more. Other CD burner softwares could be purchased. While those for free have the same burning capability, those that are sold give more features and flexibility.

CD burners are not limited to audio copying. It also can copy document files, programs, games, videos, MP3, WMA, and WAV files. Not only that, CD burner with DVD burning capability enables you to copy you favorite DVD collection to another CD if in case you would want to share it to a friend or keep it in case your original DVD is lost. You can also burn a DVD movie after you downloaded it through the Internet so that you could watch it on you television or your home theater.

Although many would argue that the release of the CD burner provides venue to produce uncopywrited CD’s whether audio or video, there is no question that CD burner brings the production technology within the reach of the consumers. And soon, as technology still progresses, there would be technology more advanced to cater the needs of music and video collectors and enthusiasts.

Getting The Most Out Of A Tablet PC

What is a tablet PC, how is it different from a laptop and is it the right computer for you? To find the answer to these questions lets take a look at tablet PC’s and how they work. Tablet PC's were originally designed to put mobile computers in the hand of people working in the field. The people using them spent the majority of their time away from a desk and wouldn’t have access to a keyboard or mouse. Users would make entries via stylus or digitizer. The lightweight and highly portable nature of these types of computers made them perfectly suited to field technicians and health care workers. These original models are known as slate tablets do to their distinctive one piece design. The entire computer screen and all was encased in one small unit, usually weighing 4 pounds or less. All of the units came with ports for connecting an optional keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD drive, printer, monitor or other computer peripherals. By choosing not to include all of these peripherals computer manufacturers were able to shave off pounds and lengthen the battery life considerably. Many people were attracted to these new tablet PC’s but still wanted a traditional keyboard setup. Manufacturers responded to consumers demand and the convertible tablet PC was born. A convertible tablet PC looks very much like a small notebook computer. Aside from the monitor it functions exactly like a traditional laptop computer. The monitor is attached on special hinge that allows the monitor to swivel, making it an extremely powerful tool for small customer presentations and demonstrations. The monitor is also capable of swiveling completely around and lying on top of the keyboard with its screen facing up. This gives it the appearance of the traditional slate tablet PC. Convertible tablet PC’s traditionally have a larger viewing screen, larger hard drive, larger battery, and other accessories. These extras make it a much more powerful computing platform, but they also make it heavier and more expensive. Is a tablet PC the right PC for you? The real question is how portable does you’re computing lifestyle have to be? Do you spend a lot of time outside of a traditional office environment? Do you need to use a computer to record or makes notes while you’re walking, or moving from place to place, if so a tablet PC is the perfect choice for you? For salespeople or business men who spend a lot of time traveling a convertible tablet is probably a much better option. It gives them more power, and more features, with a more traditional computer setup. © Copyright TabletPC.6LN.com, All Rights Reserved.

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CD – DVD Duplication Helps Keeping Your Originals Intact

You know, the use wears even the hardest things; time wears even the stones. So, you guys always strive to keep your deary and delicate things, such as your favorite CDs & DVDs, intact. You always want your favorite collections of original CDs & DVDs stay with you forever, don’t you?

Surely, you can keep you original CDs & DVDs in top state for long. CD DVD duplication can really help you keeping your favorite and original CDs & DVDs undamaged for years. DVD CD duplication can really help you increase the life of your dearie and original CDs & DVDs.

CD duplication is the process that let you create duplicate copies of your original CDs, which you can use in routines; this helps keeping your originals safe, which always stay with you as backup data. CD duplication allows you audio cd duplication, music cd duplication, movie cd duplication, data cd duplication, etc. Similarly, dvd duplication allows you to create the duplicates of your original DVDs.

Actually, cd dvd duplication is often slanged as cd dvd burning. CD DVD duplication is very easy and cheap procedure. You just need CD DVD burner to carry on your cd dvd duplication successfully. You can easily do cd dvd duplication right on your PC, if you system is equipped with the drive required for cd dvd duplication.

You can easily create duplicate copies of you original CD music, pictures, movies, data files, mp3 files, etc. thru cd duplication, and dvd duplication can facilitate you to burn dvd movies, burn copyrighted dvds, burn copy protected dvds, burn avi to dvds, burn mpeg to dvds, burn audio dvds, burn video dvds, burn mp3 dvds, burn dvd to dvds, burn dvd to cds, etc.

You can find a number of cd dvd duplication software online – cd duplication software, dvd duplication software, cd burning software, dvd burning software, free dvd duplication software, best dvd burning software, free dvd burning software, cd dvd burning software, dvd movie burning software, top dvd burning software, data dvd burning software, cheap dvd burning software, discount dvd burning software, download free dvd burning software, etc.

However, you may not get the commercial quality cd dvd duplication. You may have glitches in the process of your cd dvd duplication that may lead to failures and frustrations. Sometimes you can’t prevent “coasters” (failures in cd dvd duplication), even if you are pro. Sometimes, you cd dvd duplication process becomes rather frustrating for you. It’s rather frustrating when you do everything well, but you end up getting rather poor quality.

But, you can stay away from these unnecessary brainteasers by just hiring professional cd dvd duplication services. You can find a number of cd dvd duplication services, cd duplication services, dvd duplication services online offering you services including short run cd duplication, bulk cd duplication, short run dvd duplication, bulk duplication dvd, professional cd duplication, etc. You can also find cd dvd duplication companies offering cheap cd duplication, discount cd duplication, mini cd duplication, fast cd duplication, cheap dvd duplication, discount dvd duplication, etc.

Get The Facts About Wireless Laptops

Laptops give you unbelievable portability for all of your computing needs, but as the need for communication grows more each day you need a computer that will keep you in touch. There are many options for portable computing. Laptops now come in many different sizes to match your specific needs. Large or small screens are the biggest factor affecting the size of a laptop. Extra options like media drives and larger batteries will add overall weight to laptops. The current trend for any traveler is to get the smallest computer that will get the job done. Airports have wireless internet access available, so a wireless network or wi-fi card is a good option. Large screens used to be popular but strict travel regulations have caused many people to get smaller screens. This will make the computer easier to deal with at security check points. Major reasons for the trend in “less is more” with laptop computers, is that they have become simply more of a tool and less of a novelty. Most basic computers are very capable in running any business application and have the necessary options for general use. Basic laptops have also dropped in price dramatically. The options have become the expensive part as competition grows fierce to have the lowest priced computer available. People are now buying computers more frequently with less options because it is more cost effective that buying the newest technology. Fast processors and large hard drives start out very expensive and quickly become standard features on basic laptops. You can keep more up to date by getting a new laptop every two years instead of getting the newest technology and trying to make it last for 4 years. Anyways, most laptops show a performance loss after about two years if the hard drive is not defragmented and formatted. It may not sound cheaper to buy a computer more often, but it also what you buy. Doing a little shopping around and assessing what you really need in a computer can save you the money that you need to buy one more often.

Gmail is Still Beta for a Reason

I think it was the threat of a Gmail revolution that prompted Yahoo to increase the storage space parceled to its free email accounts last year. (Yahoo’s paid email at the time, of course, gave storage to spare. It’s an example of how the whiff of corporate competition can benefit end users or consumers.) Who remembers rummaging through our Yahoo email accounts deleting emails only weeks, if not days, old? I think Yahoo copied their color coded warning system of diminishing storage space from the easy-to-comprehend terror levels issued by the federal government. Gmail’s arrival, though, changed this – we were ready for something better. Its search-based organization, something we like to see at ConductSearch.com, figured to be a natural step for email world to take. I believe that something better came, too. But, something that I’m unlikely to avail myself to because I, like most, am not ready to forego the free, web-based email I am comfortable with for Gmail’s blessings. Gmail, like Google, was marketed beautifully from the outset. How did they manufacture buzz? By attaching a sense of exclusivity to a Gmail address, that’s how. That’s no small feat considering that Gmail doesn’t cost anything. But, they used the invite system and people, exercising the herd mentality as we’re wont to do, were all over it. Web geeks were all over Gmail and invites for an address even made it to eBay. I have no doubt Google’s marketing department loved that; they might have even put them up for auction themselves. When the hubbub died down a bit I got mine from a friend who works at Google. I admit to all (and to Mike) that I felt sheer gratitude for the address. The marketing worked. That’s about when the magic ended for me. For starters, it seemed as if Google couldn’t let some standard features be, like…freakin’ folders! I had a chat with ConductSearch.com’s IT director who, like me, had and disregarded his Gmail account, as did others around the office. The latest numbers show that Gmail accounts handle less than 4% of email volume and I believe this number is generous. The number one reason for discontinuance was forgetting passwords. In other words, there was nothing compelling enough to get a Gmail account and keep it. I also learned that others, too, didn’t like the way Gmail “revolutionized” email. Perhaps this progress was a little forced. Granted, you can go on any techie board and read how people love Gmail, how effective its spam filters are (might have more to do with that Gmail < 4% penetration), how the flow works, etc. Ah, rubbish. For starters, email is, to me, about communication. And it’s a slower form of communication than IM, so I don’t need it to be cutting edge, just convenient. I want my email ordered. Before computers, when we were waist high in paperwork (I still am, amazingly) we needed folders and labels. Naturally, as email evolved an organizational system of folders and labels by subject or sender was produced. And, hey, look what else developed – trash cans, just like in real life. Love throwing away that clutter. Well, Gmail trashed the perfectly good email format where trash cans and folders ease the burdens of Inboxes. Gmail even makes it tough to delete useless email, too. Google intimates that deletion of email is a non-priority because users are given so much storage space. Baloney. It’s an irksome element and on some level I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m served text ads in my own inbox. People shouldn’t wonder why Gmail is still ‘Beta’, though some joke that Google forgot to take down that label. It’s not a coincidence; Google took a shot at revamping email as we know it and it didn’t work – yet. Unfortunately for Gmail, Instant Messaging has stolen much of their potential thunder and as convergence continues between voice, text, and video – revolutions within a confined space, like email, will not be forthcoming. I do believe, though, that Google has a longer-term plan for Gmail. All the applications that Google develops (admittedly, almost none of it is original or innovative – Google calendar, picture sharing, the free word processing download, to name a few) leads me to believe that Google is trying to integrate an all-involved interactive experience for the web user. I’m pretty sure that Gmail will someday be seamlessly integrated with instant messaging and document sharing within a Google-server based operating system that will free users from any web-borne virus or malicious hacking. Would be an impressive corporate application, would it not? It explains, to me at least, Google’s giant server complex being built on the Columbia River that’s been the source of so much speculation. Jeff Conduct Director of Marketing ConductSearch.com http://www.conductsearch.com t: 1.888.99CS.NYC e: marketing@conductsearch.com

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CCTV: An Introduction To CCTV

What is CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an installation of directly connected components creating a circuit which cannot be viewed by anybody outside of the circuit.

This is different to a terrestrial television broadcast system which anybody with an antenna and reception equipment can view.

Who needs a CCTV system?

CCTV systems can be found virtually everywhere in these days. They are no longer considered an expensive luxury item, especially when you consider your increased level of security.

CCTV systems can be found in both the private and commercial sector and are used for security/ crime prevention purposes and providing Health and Safety protection to the members of the general public.

You will have seen CCTV systems operating in town centres, football stadiums, high street shops, sports centres, petrol stations, on public transport - the list is endless.

A CCTV system is a proven method of increasing the level of security of your premises. Its visual appearance alone will deter a criminal from approaching or entering your property for fear of being captured and identified on the system.

CCTV solutions can be tailor made to suit individual requirements. They can be as simple as one camera and a monitor, but it is quite common to have multiple cameras/monitors and recording devices in one installation.

The Elements of a CCTV System

There are three basic elements to a CCTV system,

1. Camera
2. Lens
3. Monitor unit

The camera is the element which captures the image and transmits the picture back to a monitor. The camera needs a lens to be able to focus on the subject. There are a wide variety of lenses to suit different applications.

The monitor is the receiver unit which converts the captured image into a picture, allowing you to see it.

Colour or Monochrome?

This is a very common question, but ultimately only you can decide.

A CCTV system should be designed to suit your needs, to fit into the environment on your property. The installing company should provide guidance on the suitability of different options, features and benefits - including colour and monochrome units. It may be that you need a camera that will work in colour during the day and automatically switch to monochrome at night!


As circumstances don’t normally permit the luxury of having a dedicated person to sit and watch a monitor 24 hours a day, the image captured by the camera needs to be recorded so that it can be viewed later, if necessary.

Traditionally, this was done with a time lapse Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) which worked on the same principle as a domestic video but with the ability to record for a much longer period of time.

However, the VCR has now been superseded by the digital Hard Disk Recorder (HDR). Rather than using tapes, the HDR stores the images on to a hard disk drive similar to the way a home computer stores data.

More than one camera?!

Most systems today comprise of more than one camera, but you don’t; a monitor and recorder for each camera.

Equipment is available that will split the monitor into four separate screens displaying four cameras, or a four way sequence unit can be used which allows you to choose which camera you would like to view. Alternatively, the automatic mode it will sequence through the four cameras that are connected.

However, the most common way of controlling multiple cameras is via a multiplexer.

To keep it simple, a multiplexer incorporates the above facilities but also has the ability to individually code mark each image from each camera and because of this, a multiplexer allows all of the cameras on a system to be recorded onto one tape or hard drive unit. The multiplexer then uses these code marks to play back the recorded picture from the camera that you wish to view.

Historically multiplexers and recording units were separate pieces of equipment, but recently a number of manufactures have developed units that do both jobs.

I want……I need…....

These days, a CCTV system can be designed to fit any scenario you care to imagine, using options from the vast range of equipment available from manufactures worldwide.

For example, cameras can be internal, external, highly visible or covert. They can be static or fully controllable/movable from a remote location. You can have one camera or hundreds; you can record for one day or 21 days. With a suitable internet connection, you can even view your property when you are abroad.
Get the picture??!!!

Quality Counts

Although an avid DIY-er can buy equipment that claims to be a CCTV system from their local store, and electrical companies have jumped onto the CCTV bandwagon and will install systems too, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a specialist company.


In around 70% of cases, CCTV footage is found to be inadmissible as evidence in a Court of Law because the quality of the evidence is considered inadequate. This can result from the poor design and bad installation of the system and highlights the importance to seek professional advice from the outset

Only a specialist company who are professional in their approach and can demonstrate experience in design and installation should be approached. Most importantly, you must feel confident that the company you choose will listen to and understand your individual CCTV requirements. Their experience with lens optics and camera technology will guarantee you satisfaction with your system.

A specialist company will also ensure the best value for money , for example by using a different lens or camera mounting positions which can not only monitor the area at risk but also give an outline view of the surrounding area at the same time.

Data protection

A CCTV system must be registered in order to comply with the data protection act of 1998.

Since 24 October 2001, it has been a criminal offence to have an unregistered CCTV system that records people in a public or a private place (conditions apply).

The Code of Practice contains legally enforceable 'Standards' that must be met to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

There are also a further 30 points of good working practice which, when used in conjunction with the Standards, are designed to build and maintain public confidence in CCTV systems and to ensure that installers and users operate within the law.

The Code of Practice is available for you to view at www.dataprotection.gov.uk.