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Which computer printer technology would you go for?

A computer printer is a device that produces human readable text or graphics in electronic form. The following printer technologies are found in modern printers • Toner based printers: Toner based printers are very similar to photocopiers. They refer to the method used to adhere to the media. They are known for high quality prints, high print speed and low cost per copy. The most common example of toner based printers is laser printers. Their cost effective benefit has made them dominant for home and office applications. Another fine example of toner based printer would be LED printer which uses an array of LED’s instead of a laser to cause toner adhesion. • Inkjet Printers: Inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers but they are expensive to run as their cartridges need to be frequently replaced. Inkjet printers are widely used at homes and by small business users. They have an excellent all round printing capabilities from black and white to color prints. Inkjet printers ensure high resolution photo prints offering high quality photographs. Inkjet printers are comparatively much slower than laser printers. Another disadvantage of inkjet printer is that the pages take a long time to dry before they can be actually handled. • Impact Printers: Impact printers rely on a forcible ink to transfer ink to the media. They are similar to typewriters and have a limited capacity for reproducing text. A daisy wheel printer is a specific type of printer where the type is molded around the edge of a wheel. Impact printers are basically of two types’ letter quality printers and dot matrix printers. • Line Printers: Line printers print an entire line of text at a time. These printers were the fastest in impact printers and were used for bulk printing in large computer centers. They were never used with personal computers due to their operating system. They have now been replaced by high speed laser printers.

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Which is which; Cheap Laptop or Cheap Desktop?

Should you buy a cheap laptop or a cheap desktop? You may find yourself asking that question many times while shopping for a computer. This guide offers you the pros and cons of owning a laptop versus a desktop pc. 1. Processing speed Comparing processing speeds, laptops usually lag behind their desktop counterparts. With the rapid advance in microchip technology, the gap between them will become smaller. 2. Wireless. Most laptops especially those with Intel mobile chips come with wireless capability out of the box. This means you can get online from any location at home easily without ugly wires if you have a wireless network setup at home. Desktop pcs do not typically provide this capability out of the box although that may change in the near future. 3. Memory. Memory chip tends to be more expensive in Laptop than desktop pcs. If you buy a laptop with less than 512MB ram, be prepare to pay more for memory upgrades than you have to with a desktop pc. 4. Graphics Display Because of the size of a laptop, most business or entry level laptop use integrated graphics with limited ram. This means most laptops even some expensive ones cannot run graphics intensive applications or 3d games as well as a desktop pc. With a desktop pc, you can buy a dedicated graphics card just to serve a graphics intensive application. 5. Portability. Portability is why everyone wants a laptop these days. Because of their size and weight, it is easier to carry a laptop around as opposed to a desktop pc. 6. Screen Display. Everyone buy laptop for their portability so laptops usually do not come with screens as big as their desktop counterparts. The screen technology used is usually not as good as those used by desktop pc. Furthermore with a desktop pc, you can always upgrade to a bigger and better screen whereas for laptop you are stuck with the same screen display for the whole lifespan of the laptop. So whether you should buy a cheap laptop or a cheap desktop, ask yourself what are your needs? If you want to be able to use a computer wherever you go, then you are looking at a laptop to fulfill your needs. However if you do not require the portability of a laptop, play a lot of 3D games, graphic intensive applications, if you care about upgradeability to prolong the lifespan of your investment, then desktop pc is a smarter choice for you.

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Whiteboards - 24 Square Feet Of Planning Surface To Play With

Gone are the days of the messy and chalky blackboard, both in the classroom and in conference centers. The blackboard has been replaced by the whiteboard. Users write with dry-wipe pens instead of chalk. The pens come in about eight colors. Dry wipe pens leave marks that can simply be erased using a duster or clean board duster. The pens do leave a powdery residue when the board is wiped clean. Using dry wipe pens is considerably more expensive than chalk, but much less messy. Whiteboards also make excellent additions to home offices, kitchens and garages. Jot your notes, to do tasks and phone messages on the whiteboard and they will never be lost, as pieces of paper will be. A whiteboard will allow you to prioritise all the tasks associated with running a business from home. Planning is made much easier, too. My Internet business revolves around my white-boards. Whiteboards come in a wide range of sizes, though the common sizes are 3 feet by 4 feet and 6 feet by 4 feet. Buy the biggest one you can fit on your wall space, because you will manage to fill it much faster than you think. You may have to buy from a specialist office supplier, like Viking Direct, because high street stores are often limited in the stock they carry. Interactive whiteboards are another ball game entirely. An interactive board will cost hundreds of dollars, as opposed to a dry wipe plastic board that only has a cost of thirty dollars or so. An interactive board allows users to use special non-marking pens that appear to write on the surface, but the board clears when the computer attached to the whiteboard is switched off. The interactive board comes into its own when it is used with specially designed software that allows users to project spreadsheets onto the board, then draw on the board with special "pens", that leave a colored mark on the board, which disappears when the PC is turned off. There is really no mark there at all.

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Many articles supply answers, but here I do not. Here, I ask the questions. If you want to rack your brains for finding the answers to these life conundrums. But, I warn you. Beware. These are not easy, and though somewhat hilarious and funny, they are real and true to life. Should I begin? Ok, here I go: 1) How come Tarzan has no bears even though he grows up with wolves in the jungle? 2) Why does glue not stick to the insides of the tube or can that it comes in? 3) Why do they use sterile injections when executing someone who is condemned to death? 4) Why do we press down harder and harder or the remote controls even though we know that the batteries are low? 5) Why is it that when someone hits us in the ankles with his supermarket trolley and then appologizes, do we say that everything is ok? I mean, things are not really fine. Why is it that we do not say that it hurts? 6) Why is it that whatever the color of the bath soap, the bubbles are always white? 7) Why is it that you will never find a day when mattresses are not on sale? 8) Why is it that online casinos always offer big prize money for their tournaments but never reveal the real name of the winner after the competition is over? 9) If human beings evolved from monkeys, why is it that there still are monkeys? 10) Why did the Japanese Kamikaze pilots wear helmets during the second World War? 11) Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest but, then, duck when the empty gun is thrown at him. 12) Why do banks charge a commission when you go into debt even though they know that there is no money in that account? 13) Why do people go back again and again to the refrigerator hoping that something new to eat will appear there? 14) Why do people move their vacuum cleaner over a thin thread lying on the floor, bend down, pick it up, examine it, and then, place it on the floor again and move the vacuum over it again? 15) Why do people believe it when they are told that there are more than four billion stars, but when they see a sign that says wet paint, they have to touch and check? 16) Why does a plastic bag not open at the end where you first try to open it? 17) Why do you never hear jokes about father in laws? 18) Why are there dead insects inside enclosed electric lamps? 19) Why is it that in winter we try and keep the house as warm as it was during the summer when back in the summer we hated the heat? 20) Why is it that every time you try and catch something that is about to fall off the table, you always hit something else and drop that instead? Conclusion: Life has many oddities and conundrums: some funny, some less. I have mentioned but a few. Think of more? Send them to me.

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Why Are Laptop Batteries So Bad?

If you are like most people with laptops you know that they are only as portable as the nearest outlet. The companies advertise like their laptop batteries make these machines so that they can go anywhere with you and there will be no problem but there is a problem. You only have a couple hours max of normal word processing type use and then you are toast unless you either have a backup battery or you can plug in somewhere and recharge. The other problem is that lots of places that you go and that you would love to use a laptop at aren’t able to supply outlets to everyone and so you are up a creek as they say. So my main question for this piece is why are laptop batteries so bad? To answer this question I am going to do a quick search on the internet and try to quickly glean as much information as I can in the next few minutes and then I will proceed to pack it in to the next 2 paragraphs or so. Here I go…. Well we will start with what most batteries are made of and that is Lithium Ion cells (older laptop batteries were made of nickel cadmium). These batteries have several advantages including no memory and no scheduled cycling (That does not mean however that it is a good idea to repeatedly run your battery dead). These batteries are therefore low maintenance. However because their cell oxidation can not be reversed through cycling there is a definite and short lifespan for these batteries. This turns out to be around two to three years and is not necessarily lengthened by not using as oxidation goes on in the form of self discharge even when stored. Now it is recommended that one stores the battery at about 40% capacity and in a cool place. The 40% capacity gives it the ability to self discharge slowly without going all the way dead (which is bad for these laptop batteries, if you recall). These batteries will oxidize more slowly in cooler temperatures which prolongs the life. These power cells are not meant for long term storage as already mentioned because the self discharge will drain it sometimes to the point of no return. The reason why these new laptop batteries are so much more expensive than they used to be is because they require an internal circuit that prevents it from overcharging. Overcharging can cause the battery to heat up and actually burst into flames.

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Why Are Many Colors Used With Myspace Layouts?

Myspace is the only online community, which offers various options for layouts. Since it is a very large community with millions of users, there are bound to be expectations for the kind of presentations with the layouts. Myspace layouts are available for free, and they are used by all members of the community. They are designed by various designers and the concepts vary, but they are all upgraded to the sites as often as possible. They are categorized according to the themes, so that it is easy for any user to pick the layout that he wants. Many hundreds of colors with various color combinations are used with Myspace layouts. This is because people want to break the monotony of the use of the same layouts again and again. Since most communities normally have default settings, users are bound to get bored with the outlook of the profile. With Myspace too, the default settings get boring for all the millions of users. This can be solved with the variety of the Myspace layouts. All the colors used with these layouts are versatile, and so are the combinations. The number of colors available is innumerable as well, and all users have a variety of choice. By using these various colors, the entire outlook of the profile will change. Colors are also picked according to the theme of the profile. Not only do they make the profile colorful, sometimes the colors will blend so well with the theme, that it makes the whole thing very interesting. Users will thus never get bored of visiting profiles. They will be offered a variety of colors to look at, and they will be pleasing to the eye as well. The various colors also offer a scope to be creative, and they can use them as they please. All Myspace layouts available on all sites are completely free of cost and will be of complete variety as well. There is also no end to the number of colors being used with these layouts. They will be of all sorts and shades, and will suit any requirement of the user. Members can pick themes with various colors, according to what they have written on the profile. For example, if they are fans of witchcraft, they may use foreboding colors, and if they are fans of cartoons, they may use peppy colors. All this depends on how they want to project the profile as well. The use of Myspace layouts is really exciting as there are so many to choose from. Members may keep changing every week if they want, or according to their convenience. This allows for a very interesting activity, as the profile gets different looks often. You need not be technical wizards to use these layouts.

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Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 3 of 4

Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 3 of 4 We are almost there, this is part 3 of 4. Actually it has somewhat more meat than Part 2, but once again starts trailing off towards the last few reasons covered by the Tennessee Mountain Man today. Computer man can't help but wonder if a third grader actually did prepare Microsoft's reasons to smile or upgrade to Vista. Enjoy. MS#51. "Because you live to play" The Tennessee Mountain Man actually wishes Microsoft had this one right for the average American. But, alas Americans play less than the citizenry of most other countries. Outsourced computer repair techs, unlike the money moguls at Microsoft, recognizes it now takes two people working not only full time but over time to feed and clothe the family. "Because we love to play", may have been more accurate; but living to play? Americans have long proven their propensity to live for work unfortunately. Remote helpdesk 1 is the proof in the pudding! Who has time for computer games? As to whether Windows Vista makes the games easier, faster, more fun....give me a break. MS#52. " Take control of game time" Kudos !! MS#53. "Because you can get more done when you work together" Microsoft's brain storming appears to have produced great and long followed general rules for success in any endeavor. "The house divided against itself cannot stand". Mutual cooperation on the job, in sports, or in family affairs goes a long way. As to inviting people to work with you on projects over the Internet, a company network, or an ad-hoc wireless network....We had been doing that for years... long before Windows XP was corrupted to come up with Windows Vista simply to enrich Microsoft coffers. MS#54. "Stay entertained wherever you go" Some of these remind old online computer repair geezers of some of the motel ads on TV. Come On!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Online helpdesk would have never thought of that little trick before Vista and without the help of Bill Gates! N E X T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MS#55. "Because success tomorrow starts today" Amen!!!!! Today is the first day of the rest of your life, but P L E A S E get a life. Hopefully not after Microsoft's blueprint. The rest of this reason, like most of their reasoning, appears to be little more than someone "making work" or needing to fill newspaper space. Speaking of needing to get a life! MS#56. "Print what you see" Hogwash!!!! Unlike the rest of mankind, apparently Microsoft never heard of Windows 3 or the "print screen" command. MS#57. "Because you don't need a PC to watch your home movies" Really? Can you say Kodak? How about Polaroid? Well, don't! Outsourced it services still needs the online pc repair work. MS#58. "Fill your home with music" Yes, please! Music soothes the savage beast! Maybe Microsoft needs something besides elevator music, however. We used to do that with a radio which had a red light that burned when the radio was on. As a lad the Tennessee Mountain Man used to set for hours with an eye glued to that light watching radio shows. Those were the days!!! Dacomputerman knows all about that! That was all before WMP 11 and Microsoft's control over his entertainment choices. MS#59. "Make a masterpiece" "Blend your photos and home videos into a rich movie experience, complete with soundtrack, titles and credits, and creative transitions." So Microsoft can report you! You do know, they know what you had for dinner last evening and whether you skipped breakfast this morning, don't you? Listen....sounds like they are the phone with an artist formerly known as Prince now. MS#60. "Because you want your video memories to stay true to life" "Windows Movie Maker lets you retain high-definition quality as you capture, edit, and publish movies from your HD camcorder." The remote computer repair folks told me this is "déjà vu all over again". Dacomputerman thought he was just getting old and senile. Oh, and don't forget this little ditty: "Some product features are only available in certain editions of Windows Vista and may require advanced or additional hardware". MS#61. "Stand strong against hackers" "The easy-to-use Windows Firewall with Advanced Security provides advanced protection to help shield you and your PC from malicious attacks." Come on...come on! Stop laughing and get back to work. MS#62. "Because it remembers what you like to do—and helps you do it faster" Please refer to MS#59 above! Then go immediately to the Prefetch File located in C:\\Windows and dump it's contents. Do this daily and note the improvement in OS response time. MS#63. "Help is always available" By now most people have learned to avoid the helpdesk of major computer companies including Microsoft...maybe especially Microsoft and certainly especially if your first language is English. Fortunately also most people ignore the recommendation in this reasoning. Otherwise a lot of us would be out of business. MS#64. "Keep your files confidential" Can you say, déjà vu once again? Swamp land, anyone? anyone? how about a bridge? MS#65 "Send a fax on the spot" "Windows Fax and Scan makes sending and receiving faxes directly from your PC as simple as using e-mail. With fax templates linked to your address book, it's easy to retrieve a fax number, attach your documents, and just click to send." Kudos!!!!!! someone caught sleeping?! MS#66. "Because everyone goofs sometimes" Never heard of restore points before Vista ,huh? MS#67. "Because e-mail is your lifeline" "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword". MS#68. "Stay on top of your family's schedule" The old magnet on the refrigerator didn't work, I doubt this will. But maybe it will work better for you than for the old da computer man, MS#69. "Because you want the quality of your printouts to match the quality of your work" O.K. Kudos!!!!!!!! MS#70. "Your PC is ready when you are" So is your significant other!! Right. Just keep the aspirin handy...headaches do happen! And, don't miss the standard little caveat at the end of the reasoning. MS#71. "Keep your favorite things at your fingertips" Favorite things have nothing to do with computers or Windows Vista. Please excuse the computer man while he day dreams a bit. Favorite things...O.K. unmentionable. So move on to Meerschaum pipe, BCA smoking tobacco, Scotch, T Bone, Lobster....alright...alright...moving along. MS#72. "Get the latest news delivered right to your desktop" schhhhhhh! Please don't tell Microsoft that these news tickers have been around forever. MS#73. "Because your photos and home movies don't have to be stuck in your PC anymore" ho! hum!! MS#74. "Because your memories need a little mood music" How many times and ways can we say, déjà vu? MS#75. "Because you want professional-looking photos from your own printer" And, How many times can you take, déjà vu? If only Microsoft had considered that question!! tmm

Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 2 of 4

Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 2 of 4 Having caught his breath and dispatched the laugh monster (just in time for Halloween) the Tennessee Mountain Man is ready to resume his look at Microsoft's 100 Reasons Why we should be using Windows Vista. In Part 1 of Why Change To Windows Vista, Remote Helpdesk 1, examined Microsoft's reasons 1 through 25. Today we will cover reasons 26 - 50 so lets get started. MS#26. "Because you're a multitasker" While Scientific studies reveal the hidden costs of multitasking as technology increasingly tempts people to do more than one thing at a time Bill Gates and Microsoft keep pushing for more. If anyone were tempting Microsoft employees to use anything other than best practices there would be one of Microsoft's infamous law suits. Aren't all of us forced to multi task toooo much as it is? Back off Gates! MS#27. " Because your computer can keep up with you while you're on the go" Lik e the pager and the cell phone, the curse of the hand held, laptop, note book and other portables is that all technology, including our computers, have kept up with us too uninterrupted vacations, dinners, shows, golf games, or romantic sessions. Get this contraption out of my bedroom! MS#28. "Enjoy your memories, larger than life" Sorry, The Tennessee Mountain Man finds nothing new here. MS#29. "Take the handwritten approach" O.K. Been around forever. Ever checked out at the store or used an ATM with a touch screen? How about Monday Night Football? Been there, done that. MS#30. "Restore your PC in an instant" Hello! I know I am not as smart as the Microsoft gurus but haven't that covered this already, in Part 1 maybe?! I guess that is why he is Bill Gates owning Microsoft and I own a remote helpdesk performing online computer repair services. In the army we taught by telling students what we were going to teach them, doing the teaching, and then reiterating what we had told them. But, we didn't try to cover it up calling it three different lectures. P.S. Don't miss their last caveat. MS#31. "Because your PC lets you know if something's wrong—and helps you fix it" Sorry, The Tennessee Mountain Man could find nothing new here either unless the user has been more lazy than most. It was all available with earlier, faster, less expensive, and less intrusive operating systems. Now the Tennessee Mountain Man is in danger of becoming repetitive, but Microsoft is not giving me anything to work with here. MS#32. "Streamline IT management across your business" Oh!!!!! So!!!!!!! It is actually just an upgrade Microsoft Server 2003 with all the patches and fixes included. MS#33. "Preserve a lifetime of memories" It has a back up feature!!!! Really? MS#34. "Connect to the network at work or school" Not to mention connecting at your motel, Mickey D's, your grand ma's, and a million other places. Kids and businessmen have been doing this for years...Next! MS#35. "Because you'll know it when you see it" And we haven't seen it yet....moving right along.... MS#36. "Get a "do-over" when you need it" And I have some swamp property I need to unload before you lose everything. MS#37. "Keep your info under lock and key" This may be the best reason so far. But, let's face it, if Microsoft and the U.S. Government can't keep hackers out of their own stuff do you really think you have a chance? On the other hand, have you lost the pass words to get into today's IBM laptops? MS#38. "It's the cure for red-eye" No, they were not brazen enough to say it would keep you from working nights. What they are doing is touting an existing technology. MS#39. "Relive your memories…each and every one" O.K. Microsoft likes to be redundant, remote computer repair services does not. MS#40. "Because you love what you do" Especially when the windows operating don't crash or lock up, and performs more reliably like Ubuntu. But watch Microsoft's caveat at the end of this reasoning. MS#41. "Because your PC will stay up to date, automatically" Has it not done that for years? Oh, yes, I'm sorry. The Tennessee Mountain Man almost forgot. This is apparently our warning that Microsoft will come through the back door and make any changes they want whenever they wish despite our desires and upgrade and maintenance settings. MS#42. "E-mail your photos without worrying about the file size" Oh, really? The ISP on each end of the spectrum may have different ideas. MS#43. "It's parent friendly" What is that supposed to mean? It is slow? Because it is! Oh, sorry they are referring to parental controls like the ones parents and bosses have used forever. Got it. MS#44. "Because you have a need for speed" "Need to speed up your computer? Simply plug a USB memory stick into your desktop or notebook computer and let Windows ReadyBoost do the rest." O.K., I could, but I won't. Kudos!!!!!!!! MS#45. "Because you hate all those boxes and wires" That is why we had already eliminated MS#46. "Your music can look as good as it sounds" At Branson maybe! Now just what does this do that is an improvement over XP? MS#47. "Let the fun start now" Are we having fun yet? No!!!!!!! MS#48. "Stay connected wherever you go" Duh!!!!!! We just covered this subject! MS#49. "Take your workspace with you" Although Microsoft remains redundant, I can't help but respond....The labor laws of the U.S. makes provisions for breaks and meal times. I want to get away on occasion and Microsoft wants a robot chasing me around demanding more...more...more...more! MS#50. "Get more out of the web" Watch the caveat as Microsoft makes a johnny come lately feeble attempt to catch up with other browsers. Is the Tennessee Mountain Man speechless yet? No, but we'll take another stab at it tomorrow with "Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 3 of 4". tmm

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Why Do We Even Need MySpace Layouts?

Imagine you are part of MySpace, and that you have plenty of friends. Besides having a lot of friends, there will also be new ones who might approach you. You can also meet a lot of acquaintances for various reasons. The profile will have to look interesting; else no one will be able to take any sort of interest in them. Imagine you have to look at the same settings for all profiles; it would be boring of course. This is where the MySpace layouts will come into the picture. You will need layouts to customize the profiles to a great extent. You can do a great job with the profiles, as there will be a lot of layouts to choose from. This will be exciting to do, as there are so many unique ones to pick from. This is not only the idea of layouts; it is also to make the concept of the profiles different. The layouts are needed for the profiles because the site is extremely popular. There are millions of users and if everyone has the same settings, it would become extremely boring. This is what the main purpose of the layouts is. You can also choose so many according to the themes that you have in mind, that there will be no shortage of layouts to choose from. Since there are bound to be millions of visitors on the site, having different layouts will make a huge difference. You can easily talk about your interests and specific likes through this. All you need to do is pick one, which would suit your requirements. It could be about a film star, or it could be about some sport that you are passionate about. Using specific MySpace layouts on the profiles will make you stand out from the crowd. This way, you will talk about yourself and you can also attract as many friends as you can. This will keep your profile very exciting, as the main purpose of you using the site is to network. You should not think much about using the layouts, as there will be easy options. Since there are so many themes and colors to choose from, there will be a lot of difference to the profile. You can also highlight a lot of things in the profile, by choosing the apt design as well as colors. This is what will make the profile unique. By being unique there will be so many things that you can do. You can create a number of networks based on the interests you are showcasing, using the help of layouts. MySpace layouts are needed for profiles, as no two profiles need look the same. When each profile looks different, the community will begin to take a new looks altogether.

Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Why Do We Need Myspace Backgrounds?

Everyone is aware that Myspace is a popular networking site, as there are millions of active users. There are many great features in this site, and this attracts many users. This is because they are allowed a lot of variety. When the user signs up there may be very few designs and choices. A user may thus want to customize the profile, and make it look better. There will be plenty of visitors to the profiles, and they must make the profile as interesting as possible. For this the use of Myspace backgrounds will come in handy. There are several thousands of backgrounds that will give a different feel and look to all the categories as well as entire look of the profile. The backgrounds can be very simple in nature, they may be of simple colors of they may have various designs. Whatever the design, there is bound to be variety, and users will never be short of backgrounds. This is because they are being updated every day. There are many contributions to these sites that have the backgrounds. There are several sites that are exclusively available for Myspace backgrounds and there will be many categories too. A lot of these designs can be mixed and matched as one pleases. They can be of various types, and it is up to a user to use his creativity and pick the best. If the backgrounds are chosen according to the profile, then it will make it more interesting. A lot of time may be needed to customize the backgrounds. This is because there are several thousands and there are also various categories, so the appropriate category must be chosen. Customizing the backgrounds is very easy as there is only a simple code that needs to be used. The user has to just copy paste a code into the home page or page where he desires to have the effect. Since this is a very popular site there are many people networking in these sites, and they will want to see different profiles. If they are very boring they are most likely to just pass it by. So if the user takes a little interest in using good and different backgrounds, they will bring a lot of visitors to the profiles. It also gives a chance for the user to be very creative. He may choose how to apply the backgrounds according to the nature of the profile. This will also reflect on the nature of the user, and how much care he takes about the presentation. Once this is done well, there are sure to be more visitors to the profiles. The use of backgrounds is also exciting, as there will be many to choose from, and there will be good experiences with the process. Since Myspace backgrounds are available for free, users may have fun with creating their profile with a better look.

Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Why is everyone on about xml?

In the traditional world, a telephone handset was a telephone handset. In the new world of IP, what looks like a telephone handset is in fact a computer. If it’s an Alcatel IP handset then it’s a dumb terminal driven by a presentation server and if it’s a Cisco IP handset, it’s more or less a PC. The only restriction is the size and type of the display. In both cases the telephone interface is a web browser and as fashion accessory the IP telephone can sit where you the PC can’t. We know all of this because Ghost Software, with its offshore software development resource, deals with a variety of IP platforms both in terms of Computer Telephony Integration and Voice over IP. This makes the IP handset ideal for retail, like shops in a shopping mall, in reception areas and banking foyers as well as in a ward in a hospital or a school library. What drives applications on these handsets is XML. So what kind of applications makes the purchasing of an IP handset worthwhile? In the early days of XML, people were populating browsers with Yellow Pages, stocks and share prices, news and weather updates. Sure, they look great but they didn’t justify the price premium of the hardware. Our research shows that what’s required are some traditional telephony orientated applications or specialist vertical market applications, the latter having its own set of unique problems. We have, we think, three and a half generic applications that are so compelling, that people will pay the hardware handset premium to have them. The first is the ability to send SMS messages from a landline either to one, or broadcasted to many mobile handsets. Whilst this application will work with any XML handset, it is particularly suited to the Alcatel IP Touch range, with its built in Qwerty keyboard, This allows for easy integration of SMS into the general portfolio of business communication. Anyone with an external sales force will have an immediate need. Next is an application called “XPOP” It’s a basic screen pop application that always resided on a PC, so you can see who is calling by capturing the caller’s number and querying the database. Now we can extract the information and populate an XML phone browser. It’s fairly straightforward to build a driver that integrates into the most common contact management databases and in most cases the interface will give you the ability for one click dial out by name. Last but not least is an outbound dialler. Some people in the world want a predictive dial solution, but we think that’s too niche. A general purpose low-priced dialer that allows people to log in and log out, that reschedules busy calls that gives you one round of call completion codes (Sale made; brochure sent and not interested for example) is good enough for most general businesses. And what about the “half!?” – well, that’s ShortEmail. That’s the ability to send and receive emails on the IP handset. It’s so simple it’s hardly an application, but it is ideal for places where you can’t house a PC, like a hospital ward where you might want to send a quick email “Bring food quickly!” Now, there are vertical market applications. The size, shape and composition of these is endless. Off the top of my head, here are three. (1) The books of a school library. –displayed on an IP handset. Students can see whether books are in or out and reserve them. (2) Lost case notes in a hospital. Patients go from ward to ward and often their case notes get left behind. An application which broadcasts to all departments with an option to reply if you have them is ideal, and (3) Hospitality software, where staff can enter a pin code when they have cleaned a room or you can order room service from your handset. The problem is, however, that if you go to a business and say what do you want? - The answer is invariably “we don’t know!” The solution is to build demo applications which have a feature set but they are hard-coded (this means they’re quicker to develop) and once you show it, everyone knows what’s wrong with it. And….hey presto, you have a brief. This is the way we have worked over recent months with some very good results. For any further information about what is written here, you can contact us on or contact Ghost Software at any of its local offices.

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Why It Is a Good Idea to Rent a Computer

There are lots of ways to buy anything you want, but if you need a computer, and can’t cough up enough money to get one, try a computer rental. Getting a computer this way has a lot of benefits, that you might be unaware of, so check out why it is a good idea to use a computer rental, even if it’s not your first time owing one. Many places on the Internet, and stores in your local hometown area, have the option for computer rental. In fact you can rent other things for your house, apartment or dorm, like furniture or even a clothes washer or dishwasher too. Benefits are numerous, and most people are surprised to find out why a computer rental is so popular. It never hurts to ask around on the different deals that each store front offers either. Almost all stores have incentives to use their electronics rental service. One of the best is that if you’ve got a few credit problems, or if you’re trying to establish credit, then this is ideal. There are no credit checks, and you don’t have to put up collateral to get it. You’ll need to supply a few personal references, and be employed at a job to qualify for a computer rental. 90 days same as cash is an option. Interest is not added because payments are not required; all you’ll pay is the tax on your purchase. The payment schedule is usually quite flexible. Stores will work with you to set a payment plan that’s right for you. Monthly, weekly, or even every other week is a viable payback schedule. Hidden fees are not included because they’re figured into the plan options for payment. It’s nice to know too that you can get with a computer rental a service computer if the one you’re renting goes down. Another benefit is that you get the computer the day you order it. Also, stores today don’t carry off the wall brands that don’t work half the time, if at all. All reputable stores offer a guaranteed satisfaction, or you’ll get your money back on the payments for the computer rental you’ve made. Make sure to look at how long the offer is for your particular purchase. Finally, the best thing about getting a home or office computer this way is that you can give a go at the policy of try it before you buy it. With a computer rental you can choose a certain type of computer, use it and if you fall in love with it, you can always purchase it. It’s certainly a better option than buying one outright, and then finding out that it’s not what you really need or want. A computer rental is a good option, no matter which way you go.

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Why Use External IT Support?

Large businesses require a lot of IT infrastructure and a department to look after it. Small businesses often can’t afford to have that sort of internal support in place, yet they need fully operational IT systems in order for the business to run properly. For businesses like these, external IT support can be a cost-effective yet vital resource. 1. Avoid IT salary bills Even one experienced, trained IT professional can cost a lot of money. Paying a salary, tax, National Insurance, pension and any other benefits can make a big difference to your bottom line. For small businesses, there just isn’t enough IT requirement to justify employing someone to run the system full-time. Instead, put your money towards your business, and pay a lot less for an external IT professional to help you when you need it. 2. Online and telephone support If you haven’t got support in the office, you need to know that there’s someone on the end of the phone that can help with any IT problems that arise. Most IT support firms offer phone and online support and, because many problems can be sorted out over the phone, you won’t have to wait for an engineer to come out to your office. 3. Security Some of the most important parts of your IT system are the ones that protect you from fraud, virus or other harm. Any software that’s protecting your system needs checking and updating on a regular basis, to make sure that your business is secure. Rather than scheduling this in for someone in your office to do, it’s much easier to arrange for an external IT company to come in to your office on an agreed timetable to keep your IT security up-to-date. Using IT support has many benefits, but for small businesses, the most important thing is that external IT support allows you to concentrate on your business, whilst retaining confidence in your IT systems – and at a much lower cost than employing your own IT expert.

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Why so many states are legalizing

There are currently 13 states that have legalized gambling and they have over 450 casinos between those states, and they bring in 72 billion dollars a year. From this money states get extra money for road repair, schools and many other things that a state needs money to fix and maintain. In the last 10 years there have also been a large number of Indian casinos being granted licenses in states that do not have legalized gambling, which means the only place t gamble in those states is in the Indian Casino, and they do not pay taxes on that money. Many states are waking up and realizing that there is a very profitable business out there that they are not getting any revenue from, and not only does it bring money into the state it also creates thousands of jobs for each casino that opens. So for a state with a high unemployment rate this means more people are working and less of the stats money needs to be spent on these people, again a win for the state and the people. It also means more money for the state to feed kids a hot meal at lunch and the money to put new books in the classrooms and maybe to build more schools. This money is also used in some states to hire more police officers. Legalized gambling besides bringing in more money to the government in taxes also brings money into the community gamblers will use services such as hotels, restaurants and other local attractions while they are in the area. This can bring a major boost to a small starving economy separate from that of the casino. Another reason why many states are pushing to make gambling legal is to attempt to wipe out the illegal gambling business. Many people feel that if gambling is legalized there is no reason for people to go to sleazy and dangerous back room casinos. These type of places are becoming harder and harder for the police to find and as soon as they do find them, they will either pack up and change locations or another will just take their place. Another bad thing about illegal casinos s that there is no one monitoring to make sure the casino is not cheating their players. In many cases police have raided illegal casinos and found that all the table and card games are rigged for the casino to win, and if this is ever discovered the casinos operators have in the past committed murder to keep their secrets, and most people fear for their lives and refuse to cooperate with the police. Legalized gambling is monitored to make sure both the player and the house are playing an honest game. Do not let all of this make you think that gambling has no downside. A lot of this money has to go to treatment for people, who develop gambling addictions, and most cities with a casino do usually see a rise in crime in those areas, so more police officers are not just a luxury it is a necessity.

Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Why Should A PC Be Valeted?

So we'll start with the Mechanical Element. On every PC, there are air vents and cooling fans. The area within the casing of a computer gets hot, so fans are used to suck cool air into the machine to keep the temperature low. This prevents overheating. However, the problem is this: when the fans breath in cool air, they are also breathing in the dust and paper particles that are all around us - and more so if we work in an office. These particles settle on the fan itself, and other vital components. The dust and dirt build up, and start to clog the fan, reducing its effectiveness and creating noise. This means that vital components - such as the processor - the brain of the PC - are subject to overheating. Not to mention the possibility of the buildup of dust causing components to short out by static electricity. In essence, the procedures in place to protect the PC are slowly destroying it... We'll move on to the Human Element - you and me. Right now, you are at your machine, perhaps with one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse. Or perhaps holding a bag of crisps, or an apple if you are healthier! But think of the germs that are currently on your hands. The crumbs that slip between the keys as you type. The apple juice residue that clings to the keys, making them sticky. These become breeding grounds for germs - so much so, that research has proved that there are 400x more germs per square inch on your keyboard than in your toilet bowl. Disgusting! But think about it. How often does your toilet bowl get cleaned? Regularly. How often does your keyboard get cleaned - but not just cleaned - sanitised? Now there's food for thought. Not to mention the swabs that have been taken from computer keyboards that have shown up hair, skin and nail particles, food remnants and insects! All lurking and rotting half a centimeter below where your fingers are now! Yes, right now, the PC that you are working at now could be an overheating, germ infested, food riddled machine on the verge of mechanical breakdown! It is for this reason that CompuClean offers commercial and domestic customers alike the Full System Valet. A comprehensive, all inclusive system 'makeover', getting to the root of the problems - completely removing the dirt and dust build-up from within the PC's casing. Meticulous cleaning of the keyboard - not just on the surface, but underneath too. Complete removal of the greasy fingerprints that mar the screen that you are looking at. And finally, sanitisation of the mouse. Is this a necessary service? Well, think of that word – service. Do you service your car? Yes. Why? Not because it is broken – no, but to keep it in good working order, and to prevent it from breaking down. The same is true with computer valeting – it’s all about preventative maintenance. Regularly valeting your PC so that it doesn’t break down. You service your car regularly. Why neglect your PC? For more information, and prices on Computer Valeting, please visit our website

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Why Pay For A MySpace Layout? Get One Free.

You have an account on MySpace, and everyone is talking about using different MySpace layouts. You are wondering whether you need to pay for them or not. Well, you can be happy because there are many free MySpace layouts available on the net. When we talk about free layouts, you should know that there are thousands available for use. And you do not need to pay a single penny for using them. Free MySpace layouts came into being because there were millions of users on the networking site. Since everyone was getting bored with the same default settings, these layouts provided some fresh air for all the users. If you are looking to customize your profile, then the process is not at all difficult. There are thousands and thousands of free MySpace layouts that you can choose from. All you need to do is look for some good sites with the help of search engines. Using this list, you can browse through all the layouts, which are being uploaded on the site. All you have to do is look for the code related to the layout, and then just apply the code on to the profile. The layout will be immediately uploaded on the profile. Using free MySpace layouts will not cost you anything at all, as there are plenty of designers out there uploading new ones every day. And then you have the option to create one if you want as well. By using the help of generators, you can create a layout of your choice. This will not cost you anything as well. All you have to do is get an image of your choice, and then apply them to the layout space available. The image can be of anything that you like. Both choices can be done for free, and they are available with a great variety. Free MySpace layouts are popular because of the great features that they have. Since there will be no need to pay for them, almost all users have them on their profiles. Though there are plenty of free MySpace layouts on various sits, there will be the need to pick the right ones. The right sites will also have to be accessed. There will be many designers who are uploading new layouts almost every day, and thus it is imperative that you check before using the free layouts. Access to all sites will be free as well. Because these options are free, there will be the need to keep looking out for the one you want, as there will be plenty to choose from. You can have a lot of fun with the layouts, as there is a great variety. You can begin to choose with what particular tastes you have. Free MySpace layouts do not mean that you will get only specific designs.

Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Why Outsource Work?

Why Outsource Work? Because you don't have the time to do it yourself. You've got a product to develop and you've got to get it into the market before your competitor does. Because you don't have the money to do it yourself. Your business is growing exponentially but your resources can't cope with the growth. Because you'd rather focus on mission-critical issues. You're not interested in frittering away time and energy on non-core functions. Because you don't have the skills to do it yourself. You need the best talent in the world, but it's scarce out of reach just not available in your country. In today's globalized and networked economy, outsourcing has never been so easy or made so much business sense. The question is not "Why outsource?" but rather, "Why not?" The convergent economy Converging technologies of telecommunication, information technology and media have redefined the way we do business, with electronic commerce and enterprise systems becoming a way of life. Correspondingly, there has been a sharp increase in the need for qualified software professionals to manage these functions. Demand exceeds supply, and the dearth of human resources has resulted in increased personnel costs, longer time to market and longer product development cycles. Chances are, you won't find these highly skilled people in your own backyard. Yet you need them more than ever, now that competition is swooping down faster than business opportunities are taking off. And you realize that without them, your big dreams for a flourishing enterprise could rapidly go up in smoke. But you don't have to manage all business functions in-house. Outsourcing provides a neat solution to several of your business problems. 25 reasons why outsourcing makes business sense When you consider the advantages of outsourcing, you'll realize there's a lot to gain by using it as an intrinsic part of your business strategy. By outsourcing, you can: Reduce overheads, free up resources Avoid capital expenditure Improve efficiency Offload non-core functions Get access to specialized skills Save on manpower and training costs Reduce operating costs Improve speed and service Establish long-term, strategic relationships with world-class service providers to gain a competitive edge Enhance tactical and strategic advantages Focus on strategic thinking, process reengineering and managing trading partner relationships Spread your risks Provide the best quality services, products and people Be reliable and innovative Provide value-added services Increase customer satisfaction Avoid the cost of chasing technology Leverage the provider's extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people Benefit from the provider's expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar requirements. Focus scarce resources on time-critical projects such as application reengineering Obtain needed project management and implementation consulting expertise, along with access to best practices and proven methodologies Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence and increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards Extend the reach to more trading partners quickly and efficiently Reduce the overall IT management burden while retaining control of strategic decision making. The Outsourcing Institute finds, "Outsourcing is rapidly becoming an accepted management tool for redefining and re energizing the corporation. It challenges today's executives to rethink the traditional, vertically integrated firm in favor of a more flexible organization structured around core competencies and long-term, outside relationships." Highlights: Global giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, AT&T, Fujitsu, Motorola, Digital, Hewlett-Packard Philips, General Electric, IBM, Reebok, Fujitsu, British Aerospace, General Motors and Sears are keeping ahead of their rivals thanks to the competitive advantage conferred on them by some of the best software companies in India . You too can benefit immensely from a successful outsourcing strategy. Several convergent forces like an exponential increase of technology in the workplace, electronic commerce, enterprise systems and a sharp increase in internet related new entities are resulting in an increased demand for software professionals. The need is further compounded by the lack of trained programmers in the developed countries, especially United States , Western Europe and Japan . Demand exceeds supply, which has led to increased labor costs, longer product development and even longer time to market. A recent Wall Street Journal article related a greater willingness on the part of CIOs to outsource software work that is not mission critical. Reduce your marketing and software delivery costs Gain access to global buyer base needing software development Manage your projects online with buyer participation Neutral marketplace with global choices Economies of 24 hour X 7 days a week low-cost software development with access to global consulting firms. For instance, Advanced communication technology has allowed global software teams to become commonplace. Some software companies are organizing global software teams to employ the best talent in the world.

Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Why Open an Online Casino Now?

The USA has banned online gambling. Or has it? Reading the Post Authority Law, I have found that what they have banned is financial transactions between US financial organizations and online casinos. Why? They cannot ban online casinos because these are not under their jurisdiction. So, have online casinos complied? Some. The large ones have such as Party Gaming and 888, but an American player can still play. So what does that tell us? That gambling is at an all time high in the US and across the world. People like to play games for cash because they love the adrenalin rush they get when they bet money on the outcome of a game. A law, that refuses to acknowledge this is doomed to fail just like a law disallowing people from crossing the road when the signal light is red. What About the Online Casinos? Some, like Golden Casino, use a different name as their financial entity and ,thus, effectively bypass the US law. It pretty much works like this: the online casino does not allow US players but they leave it up to the players to stop playing. In other words, they do accept them, but are legally not liable for them. So Why Should You Open an Online Casino NOW? The US is bubbling with online players anxious to find somewhere or some casino that will accept their cash and allow them to play there. You can take advantage of this gap and this urge and place your casino in that location. Mind you, this is not unique and many online casinos are trying to think of ways to serve the US crowd, but it still is a budding industry because the big players like Playtech and BetonSports have left. Why not get in there and take up that gap? Lets discuss this in financial terms. People are looking for this product and are scouring the city to find it. Why not open an online casino and offer them what they want? The initial costs are high, but the return on your investment will more than justify spending such large sums on purchasing the software. Note that running an online casino is not that difficult once you have bought the relevant software. Then, you have to spend on marketing this product. Use the relevant internet sites, and voile, players will start dropping in at an alarming rate. Another reason to buy or open an online casino is that the law will take a while to take effect. This means that people can still play at casinos without any fear of prosecution. So why not take a plunge? How Can I Open An Online Casino? Contact one of the many software companies dealing with gaming such as MicroGaming, OddsOn and many others and ask. Some of these will even allow you to use their services such as customer and technical services while you just sit back and watch the money grow in your account. Is that something or not? Conclusion: Opening or buying an online casino now is still if not more profitable than before. But do not take my word for it alone. Look up google or yahoo and research this for yourself. You will be surprised at the number of new casinos coming up. Join this rush for cash too or be left behind.

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Why You Need To Find Out More About DVD Rental By Mail

Going out every time you want a DVD rental can be so taxing, that is why it is so fantastic that there are places where you can get a DVD rental by mail. These guys make renting movies almost too easy and fast, who needs brick and mortar movie stores now? Not me that is for sure! I don’t know about you but the late fees are what get me every tie I try and go to a movie rental store in person. It is so hard to remember that you have a movie due back. I mean, how often do you have them tot take back and we are all so busy and we all have so many things on our minds. That is why I do all my renting from online movie rental places. This way I never have to worry about late fees and I can take my time watching the DVDs. That takes such a load off of my mind! And I can actually enjoy the movies now. When you are an online movie rental membership that allows you to take part in DVD rental by mail you will be able to rent as many movies as you want each month and you can send them back whenever you get around to it. There is never anything to rush about and never any worries because you didn’t get to watch the movie yet. If you have a hectic schedule you will be able to relax and take your time because there are no penalties for sending your movies back weeks from now even. You can put off your watching for a couple of weeks and that won’t matter either. No matter what you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have no deadline to stick to, your time is your own again. And look at it this way: Blockbuster and those other regular DVD rental stores are not ever going to bring their movies to your door. They expect you to get in your car and pay the zillion dollars for gas to drive there even though it is out of your way. Getting DVDs by mail is much easier because you get to choose your shows online and then have them shipped right to you. The farthest you will ever have to go is your front door! Things don’t get much more convenient than that. Don’t you love what you can do with the Internet? I know I sure do! When it comes to getting your rentals by mail it doesn’t matter if you watch two movie a day or one every 6 months you are still going to love being a member of an online movie rental store. They are cheaper and easier to deal with and they won’t run your life like those other stores will. These types of rental services will change your life and make it a whole lot simpler not to mention way more fun.

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Why You Need To Clean Your Windows Registry?

Registry is the database where data of programs and windows is stored. Registry cleaner is software, used to run your computer faster and smoother. Registry cleaning is very important for a smooth running of your computer system. Whenever you delete a file form your system, the registry does not remove this data. Thus, a reference to the deleted file remains in the registry. Gradually as the registry gets filled up with these databases, the computer gets slower and slower in its functioning. If the registry is not cleaned up regularly, severe damage can be caused to your computer. A registry cleaner scans the windows and finds out the outdated and incorrect information stored in your computer’s registry. The software fixes this improper information enabling your system to be error free and run faster. The software is enabled with advanced features that make your computer run smoothly and efficiently. Registry cleaning makes your computer run very quickly and also safely. There are many advantages for registry cleaning. Your computer will have a cleaned up registry and no information in the registry will be cluttered. You can regain the lost disk space and use this for installing new software. Registry cleaning will also block the installation of spyware and adware in your computer. If your computer was having any application errors, you can see that this has been fixed after you clean up your registry. Your system will be maintained as it was in its initial stages and you can also understand your computer much better. If you do not clean up your computer’s registry timely, you can face different types of problem while using the computer. When you are in the midst of doing important work related activity, your computer can suddenly crash or the system can get stalled all of sudden. This can have damaging impact on your work. Timely cleaning up and fixing of the registry will prevent you from facing such crisis. There are different kinds of registry cleaner available. You can use the best registry cleaner available in the market to maintain the registry of your computer. Keeping your PC clean is very important if you want it to run efficiently all the time. The registry cleaner software will help you in repairing some applications that are not working in your computer. The software uses speed detection techniques to very quickly identify the missing and invalid reference from your windows registry. After identifying the problems, the software with the use of its advanced technology can easily clean your registry. After this your computer will start functioning, like a new PC. After installing the software you can customize its different options according to the requirements of your computer. Many online sites provide registry cleaner software for its customers. Before you buy a registry cleaner, make sure that you are aware about its different features. This will help you in customizing the features of the software according to the needs of your computer. Buy the best registry cleaner that is available for your computer.

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Why Would You Want To Use Perl Scripts?

First let me tell you the history of Perl scripts and then I will go into why I think Perl is the best overall programming language that there is. Perl is a programming language created by Larry Wall in 1987. It is based mainly on the programming language C but also borrows features from many other languages. Many people new to this language think that it is written PERL and is an acronym but that is not the true name and is a way that “insiders” identify “outsiders” in this programming language’s world. Perl was originally named “Pearl” after the parable of Jesus Christ in the Bible that talks about a man who found a pearl in a field and immediately went and sold all that he had in order to buy the pearl. Otherwise known as the story of “the Pearl of Great Price,” the pearl originally was a symbol for the kingdom of heaven something obviously of great value and it was this idea of great value that Larry named his language. Unfortunately Larry found that there was already a programming language named “pearl” and so he shortened the name to Perl. The original manual had a camel as the cover picture and the symbol of the camel has becomes Perl’s official symbol. Although it is not an acronym it has become known as Perl – practical extraction and report language. This is a good description of the tasks that Perl scripts are good for that is data in the form of text that are found in lists, programs, etc. Because it is good at these things it has widely been used like glue in the programming world, that is it can be used as an interfacing language to run programs together that were not originally designed to be compatible. Its use on the popular LAMP platform for web development is an obvious application for these abilities to interface. This is a main reason why this should be of interest to you, the ultimate internet marketer. Other popular applications or in the informatics world where it can be used to manage large and complex databases. Perl is either loved or hated. Those who hate on Perl scripts cite their ugly and “write only” format. This references the programming language’s complex use of punctuation and symbols, making its readability not the greatest and often such that you can’t go back and look at the code and easily understand what the programmer was intending. Those who love Perl talk of its ease of use and its wide range of application.

Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Why we Need to Take Risks

It does not matter if you are a Doctor, a Lawyer or an infantry soldier in the Army if you want to be the best and get ahead, you will need to take risks. A doctor may have to take risks when working with a patient. The Doctor may have to experiment with different forms of medications or new surgical procedures when all else has failed in an attempt to help the patient. A lawyer may have to argue a case in an unorthodox manner to win the case, but if the lawyer wants to become the top lawyer and make millions of dollars fighting high profile cases lots of risks have to be taken. A soldier may have to take a risk and run thru gunfire to save another injured soldier, to complete their mission, or just to secure an area from being overrun by enemy troops, after going days with little to no sleep, but if a soldier wants to get promotions and eventually lead men into battle they also need to take risks. These risks are not unlike someone looking to get rich in a casino, they have to be willing to risk everything they have to get that million dollar payoff. If you play it safe in a casino you may get lucky and win a big jackpot on the slot machines, but if you want to make millions you are going to have to play games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps . These are the games that with some skill, some luck and a lot of risk taking you can retire off your winnings. The same can be said about life in general. No one gets ahead in life from playing it safe. You will not meet your special someone if you are too afraid to risk getting rejected by someone, you will never get that big promotion unless you take risks at your job. It is very important to continue to take risks in life. To stop taking risks means to stand still in life. Standing still in life is one of the main causes of depression. These are usually the people afraid to confront the boss and tell him that they demand a raise; they are the ones that allow life to pass them by out of fear. The entire purpose of fear is to stop you from taking a risk. Fear is nothing more then the unknown. If you have always wanted to quit your job and open a shop but you are too afraid to do it, this is because you are afraid of failing and risking what you already have. It is important to learn to take risks in life if you want to be happy, you may not always get the things you risked for, but you will know that you tried, and in the end it does not matter in my opinion if you succeed or not it is how many risks you try to make that is the real test of how successful you are. Just remember if no one took risks we would be a world without flight and probably no automotive vehicles at all, maybe we would have no electricity. So risk truly is needed to improve the world.

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Windows Vista - Clean Install Tips

Windows Vista - Clean Install Tips Perform a clean installation of Windows Vista A couple of weeks ago I released an article entitled ,"9 Tips To Keep Windows XP Running Smooth". After that I published a lengthy (by necessity) article covering, "Upgrading To Microsoft Windows Vista Tips". I have since received several e-mail requests for pointers on clean Vista installs so I have compiled those conversations and am disseminating them for wider use. This will be much shorter and easier. There are no secrets here. Everything I cover is published in the windows help files or scattered across the Microsoft website. Perhaps it is compiled in a somewhat more usable form here. At least it will keep you from having to do the searches, from sifting out the chaff, and from sorting the usable data. Do you remember the PC and MAC ads? You might want to watch this one again Don't let it scare you off. Just know there are often major changes in what a computer will have and what Vista requires. Another warning to run the windows Vista Upgrade Advisor before doing anything else is in order. It is located at First, Please understand that this information pertains to a clean install....It will not work for an upgrade! If you need upgrade help please refer to my article on upgrading to Vista at Second, APPLIES TO THE FOLLOWING VISTA EDITIONS (YOU WILL FIND VERSION COMPARISONS AT ) • Windows Vista Home Basic • Windows Vista Home Premium • Windows Vista Ultimate • Windows Vista Business • Windows Vista Enterprise • Windows Vista Starter Warning: In a clean installation, existing data is removed - that includes documents, pictures, movies, music, downloads, etc. This data includes personal data and settings. Please back up or make copies of any and all data you wish to keep to another hard drive or computer before proceeding any further. After you install the Vista operating system, you must also reinstall all programs and restore any data you moved in the previous step. AGAIN!!...Make sure that you back up your personal and business data before you perform a clean installation. To perform a clean installation of Windows Vista, use one of the following methods only after (I can't say it enough) running the upgrade advisor, it is located at Most people don't read the fine print: There are 23 (count them 23) warnings and exceptions hid behind this little ditty (Some product features are only available in certain editions of Windows Vista and may require advanced or additional hardware) hid at the end of Microsoft's 100 Reasons why you should upgrade to Vista. RUN THE UPGRADE ADVISOR FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.K....Cleared that hurdle? Lets get started: Method 1: Run the Setup program after you start the computer by using the current operating system 1. Start the computer by using the current operating system. 2. Insert the Windows Vista DVD in the computer's DVD drive. 3. Use one of the following procedures, as appropriate: • If Windows automatically detects the DVD, the Install now screen appears. Click Install now. • If Windows does not automatically detect the DVD, follow these steps: a. Click Start, click Run, type Drive:\setup.exe, and then click OK. Note Drive is the drive letter of the computer's DVD drive. b. Click Install now. 4. When you reach the Which type of installation do you want? screen, click Custom (advanced), and then follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen to install Windows Vista. Method 2: Run the Setup program after you start the computer by using the Windows Vista DVD 1. Start the computer by using the Windows Vista DVD. To do this, insert the Windows Vista DVD in the computer's DVD drive, and then restart the computer. Note To start the computer from the Windows Vista DVD, the computer must be configured to start from the DVD drive. For more information about how to configure the computer to start from the DVD drive, see the documentation that is included with the computer, or contact the computer manufacturer. 2. When the "Press any key to boot from CD" message is displayed on the screen, press a key. 3. Follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen to install Windows Vista. Much more information at tmm

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Window-Dressing: How to make your own wallpaper

Gone are the days of limited mobile phone customisation, when all the possible modifications come with the cellular phone package as it is bought, or have to be bought separately at the store. Aside from the many stylish accessories out in the market, such as cellular phone covers, casings, and straps, you can also make use of ring tones, screensavers, and wallpapers to personalise your phone’s interface. Due to the increased connectivity and additional functions of newer models, it is quite easy to make your cellular phone screen appear just the way you like it. Nowadays, your cell phone wallpaper can match your every mood. To personalise the look of your phone screen, the wallpaper in particular, you can choose between the files already provided in your cellular phone, and the many phone wallpaper size photos found on different Internet sites. One such site is, where you can find wallpapers of popular animation characters, celebrities, sports cars, athletes, movie stills, and more. Of course, you can also make your own, and it should not cost a lot. After all, it’s the best way to guarantee that your mobile looks as different as can be. Ready to make your own customised wallpaper? Here’s how: If your cellular phone is equipped with a camera, the pictures taken with it are often ready to use as wallpapers. Therefore, the most up-to-date wallpaper is merely a click away. Take pictures with it—lots of pictures! Not only will it provide you with a wide selection of wallpaper images, the practice will also help develop an artistic flair in you. This way, you will be able to take better pictures and find better subjects to take pictures of, whether or not you have had training in photography. You can also make sure of it by finding simple photography tips from online sites and forums, and applying a certain style that you find interesting. You can keep the photo wallpapers interesting by using the pictures you took during rare trips or a vacation in a faraway land. Some exciting subjects are festivals, odd-looking animals, extreme games stunts, and maybe your first hot-air balloon ride. On the other hand, you need not look farther than your very own backyard to be able to take worthy photos. Some examples are pets, the sunrise or sunset as it is seen through your window, portraits of your loved ones, a flower blooming in your garden, and your favorite food served on a decorative plate. Meanwhile, for the most unique wallpaper, you can just go ahead and take pictures of yourself. For those who are more skilled in design and the use of design software, you may also try drawing your own wallpaper using your computer. Be sure to check the image size and type of file that is compatible with your unit. You can then upload it to your mobile phone using Blue Tooth or a USB connection. While your phone screen is quite small, remember that there are no limits to the modifications you can do. All you need to do is imagine, then create the picture.

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Will the Democrats be able to Reverse the Online Ban

Many people were hoping that if the Democrats won control of Congress they would reverse the online gambling ban, but experts doubt they will even try or that if they do that the will be successful. Once the bill was passed and signed into law by the president, it became much harder to reverse the law. The democrats would need to bring up the law and get it to a vote, then after the vote passed it needs to go to the president for his signature. The problem with this is that the current president is the one who signed the bill into law in the first place. Another problem is because the gambling ban was attached to another bill, it means that to reverse the law the entire bill needs to be reversed, but the other part of the bill is for an increase in port security, so any congressmen who recommends reversing this law, will be going on record as trying to reverse the increase in port security. Because of this trying to get the law reversed could ruin a congressman’s chances of ever getting elected to public office again for the rest of their lives. It is more likely that it will have to wait till the end of George Bushes term in office and then get an amendment to the law that reverses only gambling ban part of the law. So if you are on Online Gambling enthusiast and you were hoping that after the election the online gambling ban would just disappear I am sorry to say you were mistaken and that you are going to have to wait a little longer, but that does not mean you need to sit quietly by. The key is to make sure that you are heard, write letters to congressmen, and attend protest rallies anything that will keep this issue in the front of the minds of the politicians so they know that just as the Republicans lost the house so can they. The republicans used the online gambling ban to try to gain votes for them in the last weeks before the election, but it backfired on them and lost them more votes then it brought in. Hopefully the Democrats will learn from the mistakes of the Republicans and will understand that banning something never works, and that it is only thru regulating the online gambling industry that will ensure that it is safe and honest to play and that no underage children manage to play. Other wise I am sure that the Democrats will also see the wrath of the American voters when it comes time for the next elections. The American people are tired of having the government controlling every aspect of their lives and I think this election may have made their point for them. So if the question is will they try to reverse the law I am sure they will try, but how successful they will be is still up in the air, and no one can really know what the outcome will be.

Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

Will New Batteries Make Laptops Truly Mobile?

Copyright 2006 Titus Hoskins Current laptops or notebook computers have one major obstacle to overcome: short battery life. Despite their sleek style and ever increasing higher performance levels, laptops have never been truly mobile. With batteries averaging around 3 to 5 hours of usable power, most laptops are limited in the amount of time they can spent away from the warm electrical embrace of a wall plug-in. As most laptop owners will attest, running out of power when you're sending that all important business email or watching your favorite movie has always registered high on the annoyance meter. In today's lingo - it sucks big time! Sure, things are improving, as new technology come on stream (dual-core processors, hyper-threading) users are getting longer battery life from their laptops. But even as laptops become smaller and more efficient, short battery life is still a limiting factor for most laptops. Fully loaded power sapping gaming laptops have been hardest hit by this problem. Try playing a game or watching a movie on battery power at your favorite beach for any extended time and you will see why laptop batteries are in dire need of an overhaul. Laptop manufacturers are no doubt aware of this issue and may be relieved help is on the way. Actually, the solution to the power-challenged laptop is already here. Once more, new technology comes to the rescue. Short battery life for laptops and for all handheld electronic devices will probably be solved by two new energy sources: micro fuel cells and printable solar cells. Micro fuel cells can use such fuels as alcohol or methanol and offers ten times the power of conventional batteries using only 1/20th the weight. Perfectly suited for laptops or notebook computers. It actually burns fuel which can be quickly replenished by merely refilling its reservoir or replacing a fresh fuel cartridge. As everyone knows, recharging a conventional cell battery takes hours, this new battery will only take seconds to recharge or rather refuel. One of the major leaders in this new technology is MTI with its Micro's Mobion® cord-free power pack which will probably replace lithium ion batteries. These use direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC). Expect these creatures to be in almost 22% of all of handheld devices by 2011. And if these new micro fuel cells are embraced by the buying public; you can kiss your lithium ion battery goodbye long before that date! Read more info on Micro Fuel Cells here: Even more promising is printable solar cells that folds out or can be wrapped around or built into a laptop, giving them a renewable energy source and power. One of the leaders in this new technology is Konarka. They produce a flexible lightweight photovoltaic plastic material that will give any device solar energy. As sunlight is not always available, Konarka technology uses all types of light, including indoor light, to produce electrical energy. These inexpensive printable solar cells could have many applications, including a source of power for laptops. Cheap, renewable and plentiful. Read more on Photovoltaic Solar Cells here: What we will probably see in the future is a hybrid of the two technologies, micro fuel cells and photovoltaic solar cells, working in tangent to give laptops an energy source that never runs out. Unlimited power available anywhere, anytime. Micro fuel cells and printable solar cells will give laptops the freedom and power they need to be used anytime, anywhere. These new energy sources will finally make the laptop truly portable. It will also make the Internet truly wireless, mobile, and available everywhere. Perish the thought!

Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Will Firefox Win The Browser War?

For as long as you can remember the basic Internet browser was Internet Explorer. Of course, there was a moment in time when Netscape was trying to get that market share, but Internet Explorer won out and there are many people that don’t realize Internet Explorer is only their browser and they can change if they like. In fact, most folks believe Internet Explorer is the only option for reaching the Internet. However, this is not the case and there is a new kid on the block that is taking advantage of the security issues Internet Explorer has experienced and pulling a significant amount of market share in a short period of time. This newcomer web browser is Firefox. Firefox is a browser that focuses on opening web sites rapidly while keeping those nasty pop-ups and spyware at bay. Firefox was in its final stages last summer and fortunately for the up and coming browser two federal agencies recommended Internet surfers choose a different browser than Internet Explorer due to security issues IE was facing. This timing was perfect for Firefox and when it was placed on the web for download there were so many people trying to download at once the server almost could not handle all of the requests. However, Firefox came through and many web surfers switched from Internet Explorer. In fact, Internet Explorer held the market share for web browsers at 95.5%, but has slipped to 92.9% in just the few months Firefox has had its test version on the market. This might seem like just a few percentage points, but these percentage points represent millions of individuals who have switched from IE to Firefox. In fact, approximately 23 million preview copies of Firefox have been downloaded. So, what does this mean for IE and Firefox? Who will win this browser war? If Firefox continues gaining market share as it has then Firefox might come out on top. However, if IE works to fix its security problems it can probably hold onto its 90% plus market share. Only the future has the answer, we will just have to wait and see.

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

Wireless Networking: Do You Need It?

There has been so much hype about wireless networking that it is sometimes hard to get to the important question: do you need it? To determine whether your notebook computer needs to have wireless networking capabilities, you need to understand what it is first. WLAN WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network or Wireless LAN. Wireless network cards use the IEEE 802.11 standard of wireless transmission. There are other wireless networking standards, such as Bluetooth, but the 802.11 standard is the preferred networking solution. The Wireless Network interface was developed originally for interfacing among computers connected through a local area network, but it is now also being used for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and internet access, just like the standard Local Area Network interface. A Wireless Networking environment has no need for complicated wiring to accommodate data sharing and internet access. The wireless network uses one or more Wireless Access Points or Wireless Routers to transmit the signal. An Access Point has an antenna and an Ethernet port, which must be connected to a broadband modem for internet connectivity. A Wireless Router adds several more Ethernet ports to allow a combination of wired and wireless connections. The Access Point or Router acts as the radio frequency transmitter and receiver (radio frequency electromagnetic waves are the medium through which data packets are sent and received). This Access Point interfaces with devices (computers, PDAs, IP Phones, and other Access Points) which use 802.11 wireless adapters. Wherever there is an 802.11 wireless access point, a wireless networking-capable device can access that network and, generally, the internet. Do You Need Wireless Networking in Your Notebook Computer? Whether you need wireless networking depends entirely on you. Wireless networking capability is always a wonderful feature to have in a notebook computer, but there are scenarios where wireless networking is definitely necessary. If you want to have a tidy office or home network, wireless networking is for you. Moreover, if there are many users in your local network or if the number of users is expected to increase, a wireless router is not limited by the number of Ethernet ports on the router. Please note, however, that a wireless network connection is not as reliable as traditional Ethernet connections, and wireless connections are susceptible to radio wave and electromagnetic interference. If you are a freelancer, a reporter, or in another position where you frequently travel, Wireless Networking is invaluable. Wireless Networking is the most widely used form of public internet access all over the world. With a wireless networking card, you are guaranteed an internet connection, as long as you can find a wireless hotspot. For interfacing with personal devices like PDAs and cellular phones, Bluetooth is a more common option, but Wireless Networking is absolutely necessary for wireless internet connections. This article may be republished freely as long as this copyright notice and box of resource links are included at the bottom. Copyright © 2007 MALIBAL, lLc

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Wireless Internet Terminology - Confusion Or Clarity?

Wireless Internet Terminology, like many things in life, especially those that have anything to do with computers is filled with terminology. But like most things, once you learn a few of the basic terms, understanding will come quickly. So don't be confused get informed and to help clarify, I've put together a basic wireless "internet-to-english" guide to help you along. IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers The IEEE is in charge of the wireless networking standard, as well as many other computer-related standards - including the Ethernet standard. They ensure that computer equipment made by different manufacturers can work together. PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association Simply another standard for how to plug credit card size devices into a laptop computer to boost it's capabilities. It's been suggested by some that it should stand for "People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms". PCMCIA is a great way of adding wireless networking to your laptop as easily as inserting a disk. PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect Used to install devices like graphics cards and network devices inside your computer. You would be using a PCI, if you wanted to install a wireless card inside your computer. 802.11 Set by the IEEE, it's the current wireless networking standard. It helps ensure that wireless devices can communicate with one another or in other words - they are interoperable. Interoperable Simply means that two different pieces of equipment have the ability to speak to each other or another way to put it - they are compatible. They can use them together because they were designed using the same standards. Because of the IEEE and the principle of interoperability, all wireless equipment you purchase should be compatible. Driver Not a piece of golf equipment but computer software that informs a computer how to talk to devices that plug into it. Most wireless networking drivers come on a CD-ROM. You then download the drivers from the CD onto your computer. Ethernet Currently, the most common way of connecting to a LAN or Local Area Network. Most wires connected to your computer today are ethernet and if you have a cable internet connection an ethernet wire is in all likely-hood, what is being used to connect to your modem. USB - Universal Serial Bus A port used for connecting all sorts of devices to a computer, including keyboards, a mouse, printers, external hard-drives and basically anything else you can think of. If you don't have a laptop or want to open up your computer you can get a USB wireless device. WEP - Wired Equivalent Privacy No longer used because in 2001 it was found to have security issues. As a result, it is now the old standard for encrypting wireless networks. WPA - WiFi Protected Access The new standard for encrypting wireless networks. An upgrade of WEP to fix security issues. To avoid becoming vulnerable, a WPA encrypted network changes encryption methods often. In addition, if an attack is detected, it has the ability to shut itself down for thirty seconds. PAN - Personal Area Network A network of devices connected together in one small area. A simple example of a PAN would be your computer, USB keyboard and mouse. Using a technology called Bluetooth, a PAN can be wireless. LAN - Local Area Network Briefly mentioned above, LAN is a computer network that... generally speaking is confined to one building, such as a home or office. A wireless LAN is also known as a WLAN. MAN - Metropolitan Area Network A network that covers a larger area, like a city or town. They are expensive but a wireless MAN has the capacity to spread Internet access across a wide area. Many college universities set-up a MAN to connect the entire campus. WAN - Wide Area Network A network that covers or connects to more than one physical site. A simple example would be a business that has locations in different cities, states or countries and they need them each location connected on the same network. The Internet itself is a WAN... the biggest WAN in the world. Mbps - Megabits Per Second Not to be confused with MBps, megabytes per second. Mbps is measurement of connection speed. There are eight megabits in a megabyte. GHz - Gigahertz One gigahertz is one billion cycles per second... it's a measurement of frequency. If the term sounds familiar it's probably because it's also used to measure the processing speed of the CPU on your computer, which is also measured in gigahertz. Linux A popular and growing alternative operating system to Windows. Linux is a less bulky, more efficient operating system in many ways than Windows and not to mention - it's free. Many servers run Linux for this reason. Computers running Linux can run many programs and connect to the Internet without needing Windows. Many wireless devices run Linux or are compatible with it.

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Wireless Barcode Scanners: The Next Generation Gizmo

Wireless barcode scanners are a clear example of the best just having got better. Much like Alexander Graham Bell’s wired telephone that got eclipsed by the cordless phone which became a craze across millions of households, wireless bar code scanners have become a mega-hit with an ever-increasing number of business entrepreneurs making the upward shift to realize greater productivity day in day out. To put it simply, wireless barcode scanners offer you all the benefits of your regular barcode scanner or barcode reader and then, some more! But hold on just yet, while wireless barcode readers and scanners are blitzing the market, you still need to which type of the device you need to best suit your business needs before going ahead and making a purchase. You need to very clearly articulate the reason for wanting to move into the wireless barcode scanner space and the plausible reasons for wanting to go wireless could be any of the following:- * You need the freedom of mobility to be able to capture information away from your computer because of the spatial location of your tagged products * You might want to collect the data away from your computer but be able to sync it or upload it once you get back to the origin i.e. the computer * You might not only want to collect data away from the computer but also be able to log on via wireless networks to a database and post the captured information Thus simply put, do you need a simple barcode scanner with a really long cord or do you have a genuine need for a wireless barcode scanner? And once you do a cost comparison on the various types of the barcode readers and barcode scanners, both wired as well as cordless, you will know exactly how much you are paying for what, and how much you are likely to benefit from the application of the device. Accurate information capture, ease of the information capture, speed at which different materials can be barcode registered and tagged, exquisite levels of data control are just some of the innumerous benefits that this technology promises for the user! Finally a key thing that you need to keep in mind is that implementation of a new technology by itself does not guarantee success. You need to handle the change from one level to the next very well and proactively too, as in the case of wireless barcode scanners too. People management as part of change management is crucial to the success of your business and this should be given core focus. New technology is useless unless its espoused as a unifying cause by all in the work force. Once you have mastered the change in people, you have truly put yourself on the road to progress. Experience the wonders of wireless barcode scanners and be awestruck!

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Wireless - The Future Of Connecting To The Internet

What is WiFi? Wifi or Wireless Fidelity, allows you to connect to the internet from virtually anywhere at speeds of up to 54Mbps. WiFi enabled computers and handsets use radio technologies based on the IEEE 802.11 standard to send and receive data anywhere within the range of a base station. Wireless is a technology that's inexpensive, easy to use, and practical and yet... it's a technology that's still very young. Here's a quick look at what the future could hold for wireless. The Radio and the Phone Wireless networks will always win over wired ones, if for no other reason, simply because it is much cheaper for signals to travel through the air than it is to install and maintain wires. For example... consider that telephones were originally used for sending and receiving news reports. When radio was invented, this stopped almost overnight - why bother going to all that expense when it's free 'over the air'? The same principle applies to computer networking. Imagine having a choice between a wired Internet connection and a wireless one. The only reason to choose a wired connection would be cost because currently it's cheaper? However, that will change soon. Wireless is also easier. Once the cost gap closes, if given the opportunity, there's no logical reason why anyone wouldn't switch to a wireless connection. WiMAX WiMAX is the next generation of wireless. It will use a standard called 802.16. The current standard is 802.11. It's still a work in progress, but the possibilities are exciting. WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is designed to complement existing wireless equipment... rather than replace it. The big advantage of WiMAX is that it greatly increases range. Rather than being measured in square meters, which is how the current standard is measured in, WiMAX ranges will be measured in square kilometers. Some estimates say the best WiMAX stations will be able to transmit up to 50 kilometers or about 30 miles! Clearly, this opens an incredibly wide range of possibilities. Wireless access would move from LANs (Local Area Networks) to MANs: (Metropolitan Area Networks) covering a whole town or city with wireless access. The question would no longer be if you could connect via wireless, but what WiMAX network you wanted to connect too. Other benefits of WiMAX include speed of up to 70Mbps (almost 10 MB per second) and better security. Imagine a future where ordering Internet access is as simple as connecting your existing wireless equipment to the network, opening your web browser and buying a low cost subscription. That's it - done. No more access points, no more routers, no more configuration... just wireless Internet, anywhere and everywhere at broadband speeds. WiMAX is in the process of taking the world by storm. For the latest news on WiMAX visit the WiMAX Forum (a non-profit industry group set up to promote WiMAX) at WiMAX has been in development since 2001 and the first WiMAX equipment is expected to hit the market in late 2005 or early 2006. What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a new standard for short range radio connectivity. It is the new and promising field in the wireless communications standardization activities, which will profoundly affect the operation and applications of electronic gadgets of the future. The most obvious purpose of Bluetooth technology is to replace USB and it's designed to eventually replace almost every wire there is… except power cables. What does that mean? It means that someday your TV could be connecting to your DVD player via Bluetooth or your speakers could connect to your radio with it, and so on and so on. As you get older, expect to see fewer and fewer wires. I know… people said the same thing about paper but it turns out that people like paper and don't want a 'paperless society'. On the other hand, how many people do you know who have cable or wire fetish? The biggest remaining article is reliable wireless power. When they figure out how to provide reliable wireless power (i.e. better batteries)… look out because the flood gates will really open up. A Simpler Life Convenience... the first benefit of wireless technology that comes to my mind. Wires have so many flaws, especially when they go long distances and the overall wireless project is to remove the vast majority of them from our lives. Of course, another nice benefit will be cost because once wireless if up and going full-bore it will cost less than wire based transmission. My prediction... within 10 years, wireless access will be making everyone's life much easier and it will be the norm. The future is wireless!