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PC Purchases: The Benefits of Adding CD-RW Drives

Regardless of whether your clients are considering PC purchases of desktops or notebooks, they need to consider compatibility issues with a CD-RW drive, the accompanying operating system and other hardware components.

With a notebook, you’re generally restricted to proprietary parts that only work with a particular brand, make and model of notebook. So if your clients want internal CD-RW drives, they’ll probably need the sole supported brand and model from the notebook manufacturer.

With PC purchases of desktops, your clients have many more options for adding a CD-RW drive. While they could purchase internal CD-RW drives later and have your firm install the devices, it’s much simpler to get the CD-RW drives bundled with PC purchases.

Foreward Thinking

Even though your firm could be forfeiting some short-term revenue by recommending hardware bundled component PC purchases, your clients will be much happier paying your hourly rates for high-level consulting work, as opposed to turning screwdrivers and connecting up ribbon cables.

By having CD-RW drives factory installed, you and your clients know the drives will work with the PC and operating system. No guesswork. No tedious calls to technical support. Minimal, if any, frustration.

Tech Support and Warranty Benefits

The PC vendor who bundled the CD-RW drive with the desktop notebook or PC purchases should stand behind the configuration as "supported," if and when you or your clients need to call for assistance.

This one-stop shopping approach also can prove invaluable, as your clients won’t be subjected to the all-too-typical finger-pointing and accountability shirking between a component manufacturer and a PC vendor.

The bundled CD-RW drive will be covered by the PC’s warranty.

The incremental cost of upgrading from a standard CD-ROM drive to a CD-RW drive at time of PC purchases is usually minimal.

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