Senin, 04 Juli 2011

How To Save Money On Ink And Refill Ink For Printer Cartridges

Wherever you look and wherever you go, you will find that people are striving hard to save money in whatever ways possible. Hence, it comes to no surprise that refill ink kits are so popular since they are the most economical way of printing today. There is no difference between the normal ink and refill ink for printer cartridges which is found in the re-fill kits. How Ink and Refill Ink For Printer Cartridges Kits Can Save You a Pretty Penny In order to get the best of the ink and refill ink for printer cartridges from the re-fill kits, the following measures should be followed: 1. Take the ink of all the colors you need and then draw it out with the help of the syringe which comes with the re-fill kit. When you do this procedure be sure you are over the sink or a big stack of newspapers, lest you will stain anything when and if the ink drips out from the syringe. Check very carefully from the instruction given with the kit, exactly how much ink will be required so you can draw the right amount of ink for the re-fill. 2. Make a tiny hole near the label of the ink and/or refill ink for printer cartridges where you will have to inject the ink you drew from the re-fill kit. Depending on the amount, inject the ink slowly into the empty chamber. It is very important that when you push in the ink and/or refill ink for printer cartridges that this is done with utmost care and patience; otherwise the ink will get bubbles; and if bubbles are formed, then the cartridge will not print. 3. In case the ink and refill ink for printer cartridges gets dried up and clogs the cartridge, then you should hold it upside down and swing it abruptly a few times. This should get the ink flowing again. If this does not work still, you should clean the clogged heads with a good cleaner by soaking the heads if necessary. This would ensure that the clogged ink is removed and the ink flows freely again. 4. Once the ink cartridge has been refilled, you should run the cleaning cycle a couple of times so that if any gap that was left in the cartridge while filling it up can be found and rectified.

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